What is a heat dome?A meteorologist explains the weather phenomenon baking the northeast quarter of the US

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Centenarian blood tests give hints of the secrets to longevity

Take my bad breath away – causes of halitosis and how to check whether you have it

Is Earth really getting too hot for people to survive? A scientist explains extreme heat and the role of climate change

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Low-frequency thoughts pull you down into the low-vibrational levels of the third dimension of consciousness that still partially exist on this planet.

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R Jennings
Sleep is an intricate and essential process that our bodies undergo to restore, rejuvenate, and maintain optimal health.
Have you ever wondered if your diet could be the key to living a longer life? It's a common belief that what we eat plays a significant role in determining our lifespan. But what if that isn't true?
The United States has had many periods of moderate inflation, punctuated by hyperinflation and deflation, each profoundly impacting the economy and society.
In the current political landscape, a concerning revelation has emerged regarding the Republicans and their alleged three-step plan to establish a fascist regime in the United States.
A recent study found that the combustion process in gas stoves can significantly raise indoor levels of a carcinogenic chemical called benzene, which is linked to a higher risk of blood cell cancers,...
Everyone wishes they had a superpower. Well, you’ve had a secret power since childhood; you just don’t know how to use it yet. That’s the power of language.
I am making a juice that combines, beet extract, cranberry extract,pomegranate juice powder, woolfberry extract, maqui extract, taurine, vitamin c and Saccharin for sweeter. Explain the pros and cons...
Death, an inevitable aspect of life, is perhaps one of the most complex phenomena we encounter. It stirs profound emotions and existential questions, not just in humans but in many animals as well.
Through extensive research, scientists have discovered that mindfulness training induces notable transformations in brain patterns, offering us a window into the profound interplay between our mind an...
Dr. Robert Lustig is a pediatric endocrinologist and a true visionary in the realm of metabolic health. When it comes to cholesterol, many of us have been fixated on the total cholesterol number, beli...
To comprehend El Niño, we must first acknowledge its counterpart, La Niña, and their intricate relationship as part of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) system.
In an era where democratic norms are under considerable stress, the state of U.S. democracy raises profound questions about its future.
We often rely on doctors as trusted partners in our healthcare journeys to guide us toward better well-being. However, a recent personal experience highlighted the importance of involvement in healthc...
With a careful eye, the video unveils the harsh reality of a region that stands as a chilling testament to the decline of the United States.
Free speech has long been a cornerstone of democratic societies, allowing individuals to express their opinions and ideas without fear of retribution or censorship.
Self-deception, a fascinating paradox of the human mind where we trick ourselves into believing something contrary to reality, is more common than we might think. This psychological phenomenon permeat...
False equality refers to the misleading notion of treating two opposing viewpoints as equally valid or equally deserving of attention, despite substantial differences in credibility, evidence, or fact...
10 simple tests you can perform at home to check if your honey is genuine. Ensure you're buying authentic honey with these helpful tips.
This article offers a fresh perspective on the pursuit of happiness, highlighting the benefits of both seizing happiness in the present and delaying it for future rewards. Understand how your beliefs...
Delve into the power of mindfulness meditation and its profound impact on decision-making abilities. Enhance your mental clarity, emotional stability, and navigate life's choices with newfound insight...
There are multifaceted benefits of qigong, yoga, mindfulness, and tai-chi. These practices can aid fatigue, manage pain, and improve overall well-being, especially for individuals recovering from seve...
Understand the potential environmental impacts of the Supreme Court's ruling on the Clean Water Act. This decision could exacerbate climate change, harm public health, and increase the risk of floodin...
When discussing economic prosperity, the conversation often revolves around 'how much' we're spending. The familiar Gross Domestic Product (GDP) metrics, employment rates, and consumer spending domina...
Explore Chris van Tulleken's journey into the world of ultra-processed foods & their impacts on health & the environment. Change the way you eat today!
Humans have an incredible capacity for learning, adapting, and developing expertise in various fields, including technology, music, and academic subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, and s...
Keith Olbermann discusses how Republicans in America are treating mass shootings like bad weather, as if it's inevitable and cannot be prevented.
Do you need help in your personal or professional life? Do you need help keeping up with the modern world's ever-changing demands? If so, you're not alone.
Do you want to avoid flipping through countless diet books that lead you to feel more confused than ever? Have you just been stuffing yourself with quick and easy processed fast foods?
The Republicans in Congress are threatening to make the US default on its obligations, and this action would have severe consequences.
The United States has a higher rate of poverty than other advanced democracies . This has led to a situation where many people struggle to make ends meet, despite working and living in a wealthy count...
The release of the RNC's AI-generated video attacking Biden's announcement is just one example of the new tactics the GOP is using to win elections.
Earth Day is a day that holds a special significance for environmentalists and nature enthusiasts around the world.
Breaking habitual behavior patterns requires self-awareness, courage, and a willingness to challenge our own beliefs and assumptions. It can be a difficult and sometimes painful process, but it is nec...
The latest on Clarence Thomas's financial ties to right-wing donors is that the Supreme Court Justice has refused to recuse himself from cases involving his financial backers.
Many remember watching "The Wizard of Oz" as a child. We were captivated by the magical world of Oz and the characters who roamed its colorful countryside.
Abortion is a topic that has long been debated and discussed in various communities, particularly in the United States.
As humans, we tend to see things in extremes. We think in black, white, hot, cold, simple, and complex.
When political parties become increasingly divided and refuse to work together, it can make it difficult for the government to function effectively.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her decision to resign in January 2023. According to various news articles, Ardern cited a lack of energy and motivation for her resignation.
* Finland has consistently ranked as the happiest country in the world for the past six years, according to the World Happiness Report
Decisions often involve trade-offs between competing priorities. Weighing the pros and cons of each option can be challenging.
While driving around town the other day, I saw a car that caught my eye. It had a plethora of bumper stickers plastered all over the back, one of them stating that the driver was a Vietnam vet. As I g...
Holding a country's leader accountable for crimes committed in office is crucial to uphold the rule of law, maintaining public trust, and serving as a deterrent for future officeholders.
While the style of assault weapons is not immaterial to their actual use, two other factors relate to using these weapons and others with similar capabilities
Ever wonder why your dog-loving friends can't stop talking about their four-legged, drool-producing fur balls?
In a recent Quinnipiac University poll, most Americans expressed concerns about democracy being in danger of collapse.
The Federal Reserve has come under closer scrutiny as of late in our battle with inflation. And politicians left and right love to pick on the Fed.
Since I am gone for six months in the summer, the dirt, mildew, and mold can build up. And that can be quite a chore to clean.
In recent years, the debt ceiling has become a contentious issue between Congress and the White House. It has resulted in multiple showdowns and a threat of default by the US government.
If left to whim, we will mostly be driven by our biases and we have lots of them. One that most of us have is an optimism bias.
We live in a era ripe with political polarization, disagreement and anger towards each other. It is no accident we are here in this moment in time.
The election in the US is over but the results are not known -- and won't be known for 4 weeks as the control of the Senate comes down to a runoff in Georgia AGAIN.
The American election is just 7 days away. The intensity is building. One has to ask oneself are we looking at a bygone era? Is this a historical turning point in the grand American experiment?
The right-wing in the U.S. has done an excellent job of scaring the crap out of everybody with mostly nonsense and made-up scare tactics these past 50 years.
In this age of too much political negativity and price gouging it is sometimes difficult to find and see the positive. But here it is staring out at me from my kitchen window.
Turning people against each other has essentially been the stalwart method of gaining political power by the unscrupulous small men speaking from a balcony
In 1986 David Stockman who was Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan sold everyone on supply-side economics. It has been a disaster for the middle-class.
In June I went shopping in Orlando for a new car and it was obvious that the dealers were charging what the market would bear.
Starting Today's Uptake for Sept 19, 2022 on a HAPPY note. Some say money can't buy you love. Others say you can't buy happiness.
Clearly less than 10% of the population has already moved to the darkside. And another 20-25% quietly support them and 20-25% openly oppose them. That leaves roughly 30-40% who don't participate.
The Supreme Court has just, by all appearances, intentionally turned America into an armed camp.
There have been some standout successes for some countries dealing with this Covid pandemic.
Millions of Americans have no health insurance and even if the do they live in fear that one illness could bankrupt them.
The means to achieve quality healthcare for all is there. All that is lacking is the people's will and demand. But how?
The means to achieve quality healthcare for all is there. All that is lacking is the people's will and demand. But how?
We are almost all lucky to have someone in our lives to encourage and motivate us and try to show us the way. But ultimately we have to live the choice.
We are almost all lucky to have someone in our lives to encourage and motivate us and try to show us the way. But ultimately we have to live the choice.
A testament to never giving up. An incredible story of a kid who left school at 14, dogged by the crushing assessment from teachers of being of the lower level of the dull range
Nova Scotia is a Canadian province of around 1,000,000 people and our home county in Florida has half that. But it is the public behavior in Florida that left much to be desired this time around.
The fact that humans contribute to the warming of our planet is nothing new. Scientists have been telling us about the human-climate change connection for years, but now they can say for certain that...
My wife Marie and I are a mixed couple. She's Canadian and I am an American. For the past 15 years we have spent our winters in Florida and our summers in Nova Scotia.
Have you registered to vote? Have you voted? If you are not going to vote, you will be part of the problem.
The Republican party is no longer a pro-America political party. It is an illegitimate pseudo-political party full of radicals and reactionaries whose stated goal is to disrupt, destabilize, and cause...
Updated July 2, 20020 - This whole coronavirus pandemic is costing a fortune, maybe 2 or 3 or 4 fortunes, all of unknown size. Oh yeah, and, hundreds of thousands, maybe a million, of people will die...
We have had important US elections but this one in November 2020 is undoubtedly the most important. Why? America and the values by which it was created, and the world, are teetering on collapse
Make no mistake, how we pay for healthcare in the US is broken for many individuals and for many communities. Like a tire with a slow leak, without immediate repair, the outlook for the largest indust...
Can the future be predicted? Most certainly. Can anyone or anything predict the future with any certainty?
This interview is indicative of now how valuable Colonel Wilkerson's counsel is to the peaceful loving world.
This election in 2020 will undoubtedly come down to the turn out and the voting pattern of women.
In a shocking report the US Army's assessment of its future under the unfolding climate crisis, every American should pause and so should other countries' military.
The livability of planets is most likely dependent on an atmosphere of a fine balance of heat trapping greenhouse gasses.
Ice on Fire is an outstanding documentary presented by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is equally as important as An Inconvenient Truth, the Academy Award winning film by Al Gore.
The idea that has been passed around by most conservative and liberal government leaders and representatives is that little can be done for the people because "money" is in short supply.
I spend many hours working on my computer while sitting in front of sliding glass doors so as to be part of nature.
It seems every election is the most important. Why? Because every election has been. Why? Democracy is a very young form of governance. Those that seek power also seek to dismantle it.
I was recently sent a slick piece of fossil-fuel-propaganda that was mostly full of half-truths to tell a lie. If nothing else, it does make one listen to arguments on possible needed limits to free s...
For better or worse the radical remnants of the Republican party have now captured the American government completely. Whether they can hold it more than a month is all that is left to be seen.
Now it's so hot in Europe that dogs are having to wear shoes. While a nice sunny day may seem like the perfect time for a stroll with your pet pooch, Swiss police are urging dog owners to cover their...
It seems that extreme weather is becoming more extreme and increasingly common. We can't pick up one of the few remaining papers, visit a news website, turn on the radio, without hearing of another hu...
The opioid crisis in the US is a near perfect example why the current push for unregulated free markets is mostly nonsense. That said the idea that full government regulations and control of markets i...
When comparing notes with a neighbor I stated we are ordering more and more from Amazon. She on the other hand ordered from Walmart.
Recently Donald Trump stated, "Who knew healthcare could be so complicated." Democrats and most everyone else laughed and made fun of him. Healthcare for the US is actually not that complicated.
That the American electorate is fed up with business as usual is not in dispute.
I haven't bought products from Exxon knowingly in nearly 30 years except for a couple times for fear of running out of gas. My personal boycott of Exxon was proven correct when it was disclosed they w...
The idea of resistance to an authoritarian regime is long, proud, and ultimately successful.
Americans and the world should count their blessings that Donald Trump is the new President It could have been worse. A lot worse.
The media and the general public usually pay little attention to this climate event that occurs around mid March every year.
While discussing the poor potential of the incoming administration recently, a friend expressed hopes that they would shake things up.
America today is a very different country than in my youth. I attended a segregated high school. We had separate drinking fountains for blacks and whites at the Greyhound Bus station.
The approval rating of the US Congress hovers persistently between 5 and 15 %. It has been stuck there for as long as most anyone can remember. Yet the voters keep returning many of the same scoundrel...
I am fighting a hacker on the site that handles my email. That reminds of this ridiculous Russian Hack allegation.
Nothing shocks me too much anymore about online abuses of privacy. It is hard to know just who you can trust online these days. We are being asked "Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes"...
Make no mistake you are under siege on the Internet, be it big government, big data, or your favorite smartphone application. Your government on the other hand stands idly by ready to turn you over fo...
Pete Seeger has been called many things in his decades long career but no one can dispute that he was the consummate American musician activist. In both his music and his activism Seeger was a purist....
The GOP has long advocated the trickle-down mantra, which suggests that by providing tax breaks and other benefits to the wealthy, prosperity will eventually "trickle down" to the rest of the populati...
Student Loan interest rates are set to double on July 1st unless the Congress steps in... Sign the petition to send to your representative in Congress and then watch the video of President Obama as he...
Many of us can hardly believe the disrespect that is sometimes shown to President Obama. Not only has he been portrayed as un-American, but even as "not-an-American".. I understand how the right could...
There are a couple of problems that affect people when it comes to exercising for health. One obvious problem is the amount of time it takes. The other is boredom. Many people just don't like to exerc...
As with most technologies it is the limitation of human imagination, the need to overcome conventionalism and fend off of those with a vested financial interests in doing it the old way, that often ho...
There were no parades, no celebrations, and few paid much attention as the Iraq War came to an end. One thing clear now to most is that the Americans and the Brits were hustled into war. Many of these...
Like the swallows of Capistrano, the harbor porpoises of San Francisco Bay have decided to come back. The question everyone is asking is why now after all these years? You can research it and study th...
As of the end of this year, the number of Americans traveling by road has increased and air travel has decreased. There is a higher fatality rate associated with traveling by car while this year is sh...
Last week, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards was finalized and will protect millions of families and, especially, children from air pollution. Before this rule, there were no national standards tha...
How boring was it? John Huntsman made the most sense. Maybe it was because the candidates hardly had time to get to South Carolina from the last debate. I hardly had time to rake my leaves.
You would think that food safety would be a top priority since much of our food is grown somewhere else and most of us have to eat out of the grocery stores. But it seems that is not the case. For ins...
2011-2012 Forecast: A winter like last year is predicted for the US. La Nina will make it a cold and snowy winter in most parts of the country
Researchers from Lehigh University have developed a new quantum material that could significantly revolutionize the efficiency of solar panels.
Learning a new skill usually requires actively practicing it through trial and error while getting feedback on your performance.
The scent of a fresh, ripe mango can be intoxicating. The sweetness of its nectar beckons you to savor its rich flavor. Yet, the simple act of eating a mango is not as straightforward as one might thi...
"The times they are a changing", so wrote Bob Dylan in the early '60s. The title had its meaning to the young people of the period, but it has always had a universal meaning. The times have always cha...
Ever heard the saying "3 steps forward and two steps back"? Of course you have! Well there's more than that. All universal activity, including human endeavor, occurs in excess and must be corrected.
What does it mean to have hope? For some, it means faith in a higher power. For most, I think, having hope as to some outcome is passive, as in delivering me.
As we confront the daunting challenges of our time, such as the threat of nuclear war, the impacts of climate change, the erosion of democracy, and economic instability, there are three psychological...
Volunteering in late life may be more than just a noble act of giving back to the community; it could be a critical factor in safeguarding the brain against cognitive decline and dementia.
There is hope in the form of purpose. A sense of purpose can be a powerful antidote to loneliness, providing a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Arriving at our summer retreat in Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia, on Cape Breton Island, after a long drive from Florida, I anticipated the serene beauty of Big Brook and the majestic expanse of the Cabo...
Very few names carry as much infamy and intrigue as Joseph Goebbels. As the mastermind behind Nazi Germany's massive propaganda machine, Goebbels was a master at manipulating media and waging psycholo...
As the world grapples with climate change, a looming crisis is unfolding in the United States housing market.
The political boundary that separates unity from division today isn't sketched with the definitive lines of truth; rather, it is shaded with the elusive techniques of manipulation and misinformation....
Tim Alberta has stared into the abyss of extreme partisan Christianity in America - and somehow still sees light at the end of the tunnel.
As the 2024 presidential election approaches, there are troubling reports of a coordinated plan by far-right groups to deliberately undermine the integrity of the results in key swing states.
Zen Buddhism presents a path of enlightenment that digs deep into the art of mindfulness, compassion, and a profound bond with the surrounding world.
Pause for a moment and truly appreciate the mind-blowing phenomenon of human memory.
The saying "you are what you eat" has a deeper meaning when considering how our daily habits affect our overall health and how long we live.
You've probably heard the saying "the rich get richer" before. But have you ever stopped to wonder why that tends to happen?
We've heard plenty about how plastic is choking our oceans and endangering marine life.
Diet books and fitness circles commonly promote protein as a magic bullet for weight loss, muscle building, and athletic performance. But what are the unintended consequences?
For decades, America's national debt has grown steadily, almost silently, in the background of society. But in early 2023, that accumulation suddenly accelerated into shocking territory.
Humans tend to craft tidy narratives to explain history and current affairs as if events unfold predictably due to understandable causes and effects.
A new study finds that growing up around community violence changes brain development in kids and teens. Specifically, it makes the amygdala overly reactive.
Have you ever chatted with an AI program and left wondering if it was actually a real person?
The COVID-19 pandemic exposed significant flaws in America's healthcare system. With costs already sky-high, budgets are strained to the breaking point.
Hitting the gym to lift weights provides visible results - bigger biceps, firmer glutes, and more defined abs.
Navigating life can be likened to moving through a complex maze of decisions and challenges that test our resilience and adaptability.
In today's ever-changing online dating scene, crafting an engaging profile has become more than just showcasing good looks or clever quips.
The prevailing belief in free will, deeply embedded in our psyche, convinces us that we are the architects of our decisions and, consequently, bearers of the outcomes.
The belief that America is a land of opportunity where hard work pays off used to be a virtual article of faith for most citizens.
Ah, the holiday season is when our hearts brim with anticipation, and our spirits soar with expectations.
The migration crisis, which has become increasingly visible through heart-wrenching scenes at borders and dangerous journeys undertaken by individuals seeking a better life, is deeply intertwined with...
In a world where the quest for quick solutions often overshadows the journey towards sustainable health, the conversation around weight loss drugs like Wegovy offers a crucial opportunity for introspe...
Amid a complex political landscape, three stories emerge that shed light on critical issues of our time.
In today's edition of "Today's Uptake" we present a trio of critical analyses on contemporary political issues.
Why the 14th Amendment bars Trump from office: A constitutional law scholar explains the principle behind the Colorado Supreme Court ruling.
A little over a decade ago, the United States transformed seemingly overnight from a significant oil importer to a leading world producer.
The decade of the 1930s was a tumultuous period that shaped the course of modern history, marked by the ominous rise of fascism. It is a common belief that the tendrils of this political ideology were...
We live in a world that urges us to pick a side and see things as good or bad, right or wrong.
In today's intricate food landscape, sugar, with its many guises, emerges as a particularly misleading protagonist.
When discussing pollution, our minds often drift to images of smoggy cities and factories belching smoke.
Articulation is more than just an assembly of words; it manifests thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
As the world steers its way through the unprecedented changes of the 21st century, there is a recurring echo from the past that many are turning to – the New Deal.
There is no denying the turbulence that American democracy has endured. Historian Heather Cox Richardson, in her conversation with Michelle Martin, discusses the deep-rooted challenges that the nation...
Dark Money I often think democracy is like the foundation of a house, meant to give everyone a say in how things are run.
Have you ever wondered where all the stuff we buy comes from and where it goes when we're done with it? We live in a world where buying and throwing away is what we do. It was once different.
Mindfulness is a concept that most of us may have heard of, but few have fully grasped.
Tobacco companies have manipulated people's health with tobacco products, causing immeasurable harm and leading to countless preventable diseases. But...
Music has an extraordinary power to captivate our minds and move our souls. It has the ability to transport us to different emotional landscapes, evoke memories, and inspire us to dance.
In an age where convenience often takes precedence over concern, plastics have nestled themselves comfortably into nearly every corner of our lives.
In specific distinct locations worldwide, individuals enjoy extended lifespans that frequently reach well into their 90s and beyond.
In their 1997 book, "The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy," authors William Strauss and Neil Howe introduce the idea that historical events follow specific patterns called "saecula."
Amidst our busy lives filled with work deadlines, family gatherings, and the latest binge-worthy TV shows, an urgent whisper grows louder each day: the call to action on climate change.
Arthur Conan Doyle's famous line about "The dog that didn't bark" from Sherlock Holmes has unexpectedly been a great way to describe what's happening now.
There's a popular meme circulating highlighting some startling statistics about America: millions uninsured, dire poverty, high illiteracy rates, untreated mental illnesses, and frequent gun violence.
Not all that glitters is gold. In a world driven by consumerism, understanding the price of products is paramount. But what happens when the price you see does not reflect its true worth?
As Maui's fires raged on, fueled by a combination of drought, intense winds, and climate shifts, the reality of our times became inescapably clear: we are living the climate crisis.
Government debt, often called public or national debt, bears little resemblance to the debt that concerns us personally.
In the teachings of Buddhism, "hungry ghosts" are ethereal entities that exist within the cycle of rebirth, notably as one of the six realms of existence.
In 2021, the United States witnessed the impact of natural hazards on nearly one in 10 homes. As climate change continues to shape our environment, it becomes imperative to identify the riskiest regio...
Recent events paint a dire picture for state Republican parties across the nation. Financial ruin, chaos, and an overwhelming burden of debts cripple their operations.
Climate change has emerged as one of the most pressing challenges of our time, bringing with it a cascade of consequences, including extreme weather events that wreak havoc on communities and infrastr...
At the heart of the United States' foundational document, the Constitution, lies the Preamble - a concise yet powerful statement that sets the course for the nation's journey toward democratic perfect...
In our pursuit of better health and well-being, we must equip ourselves with the knowledge that can potentially enhance our lives and those of our loved ones.
The world faces an unprecedented climate crisis as temperatures soar and heat records are shattered across the globe.
Baseball, often dubbed America's pastime, carries a rich and diverse history that has shaped the nation's identity.
Beavers are the unsung heroes of our ecosystems. These industrious creatures, often overlooked, play a critical role in maintaining the delicate balance of nature.
The Unseen Tipping Point: Understanding the Potential Impact of an AMOC Shutdown Have you ever heard of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation or AMOC? Don't worry if you haven't! It's not a...
Imagine a world where extreme heatwaves scorch cities, wildfires consume forests, and hurricanes wreak havoc on coastlines.
Do you know why junk food is so addictive? Are you craving sweets yet? If you've ever wondered why junk food can be so addictive, you're not alone.
Loneliness can profoundly impact our physical and emotional health, and a new study from Tulane University has shed light on its significant role in the development of cardiovascular disease among peo...
In the complex landscape of American healthcare, a critical issue continues - the denial of Medicaid expansion by the GOP.
Over the years, the United States has been a beacon of democracy, embracing values like voter engagement, checks and balances, and impartial administration.
Are you seeking a gentle yet powerful practice that balances your body and mind? Look no further than Tai Chi.
As the world grapples with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge of interest and concern regarding vaccines. Vaccines are crucial in preventing infectious diseases, but misinformation...
Global warming is a pressing issue that poses severe threats to our planet and all its inhabitants. In recent years, scientists have warned about the potential consequences of reaching a 3°C increase...
As the temperatures rise during the summer months, it's important to be aware of the risks associated with extreme heat.
The Real Economic Purpose of Taxation: Shaping a Stable and Fair Society Taxation is a crucial aspect of shaping modern economies, playing a pivotal role beyond mere revenue generation. In this articl...
If there's one thing we all desire, it's good health. Yet, in our fast-paced modern lives, it's easy to neglect the most important aspect of our well-being: the food we eat.
As we gaze upon the horizon of the 21st century, the realities of climate change are becoming increasingly clear. Our world is experiencing rising temperature trends - an ominous signal of the severe...
(Updated 4-26) I have not been able to right-write a thing I am willing to publish this last month, You see I am furious. I just want to lash out.
While urban farming is not a new concept, it is making a modern comeback. The benefits of urban farming well surpass the nutrition aspect, though of course, that is a major part of it.
Will an obscure paragraph dispatched to the London Times by reporter James Hider in Baghdad prove a knockout punch to John McCain's presidential bid? If true it is a indictment against further similar...
Public Citizen, a non-profit consumer rights group, celebrated 40 years of progress with a festive gala on Thursday, October 20, 2011. Nearly 600 friends and supporters shared the night as PC reflecte...