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Abortion is a topic that has long been debated and discussed in various communities, particularly in the United States. It's a contentious, profoundly polarizing issue, with passionate opinions on both sides. However, this topic is significant to many people, and it's essential to have informed discussions about it.

Regarding the abortion debate, some argue from a moral or ethical standpoint. At the same time, a few focus on practical or policy-related considerations.

In recent years, the issue of abortion has intensified, with many states enacting restrictive laws that limit access to abortion services. This has led to legal challenges and court rulings, generating controversy and heated debates.

Many people feel that the issue of abortion is being decided by unqualified judges trying to legislate from the bench rather than by elected officials who are accountable to the people.

In this video, Tom Hartmann breaks down the latest ruling on abortion and sheds light on what is hidden in plain sight. He examines the legal implications of the ruling. He also provides insights into the practical and policy-related considerations involved in the abortion debate. His informative and thought-provoking analysis offers a fresh perspective on this complex and emotionally-charged issue.

Constitutional Change Buried In Mifepristone Ban May End It All

The Mifepristone ban is more dangerous than it seems and if progressives don’t terminate the seeds of a national abortion ban before they come to term in 2024, we may not have a plan B.

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