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a woman sitting at the end of a bed with two dogs behind her and one dog at her feet
How Your Dog’s Behavior Can Impact Your Quality of Life
by Renata Roma
Behavioural issues in dogs can cause distress by requiring extra time for training, issues when…
woman in pain
Can Making Friends with Your Pain Erase the Suffering?
by Wes "Scoop" Nisker
The first instruction for participants in pain management clinics is to begin to experience their…
a wild rabbit or hare
What Is Life Like for Wild Animals?
by Heather Browning and Walter Veit
If you know anything about the experiences of animals reared in captivity for food, fur or human…
an older couple with binoculars
The Horrors and Gifts of Growing Older
by Hugh and Gayle Prather
I’m beginning to notice a few unexpected benefits from looking my age.
toxic cleaning supplies 5 10
Toxic Disinfectants and Cleaning Products in Your Home and Office
by Courtney Carignan
Concerns about unnecessary use of a common class of antimicrobial chemicals used in disinfectants…
a group of gen-Z and their fashion choices
The Rise of Gen Z Fashion: Embracing Y2K Trends and Defying Fashion Norms
by Steven Wright and Gwyneth Moore
Have you seen that cargo pants are back? Young people are once again swishing down hallways and…
male relationships 5 10
Friendships between Men Are More than Just Beers and Banter
by Damien Ridge and Alex Broom
Male friendships are often presented in the media and popular culture as relatively superficial,…
beauty ideals 5 9
Beauty Ideals Were as Tough in the Middle Ages as They Are Now
by Laura Kalas
After turning up at this year’s Grammys, Madonna was subjected to a vitriolic online attack over…

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