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a tv screen in the desert with a woman standing in front and another half-way out of the screen
Is Our Modern World Really Unmagical?
by Julia Paulette Hollenbery
In modernity, magic has often been dismissed, ridiculed and banished as suspect, woo-woo nonsense.…
clinical depresson 3 1
When Does Depression Become an Emergency?
by John B. Williamson
Clinical depression, or major depressive disorder, occurs in 20% of the population over the…
second cat
Getting a Second Cat? How to Make Sure Your First Pet Doesn’t Feel Threatened
by Jenna Kiddie
Many people choose to live with a cat for companionship. As a social species, companionship is…
Benefits Of Group Exercise For Anxious Dogs
How Anxious Dogs Can Benefit from Group Exercise
by Amy West
Humans weren’t the only beings doing it tough with mental health issues during the pandemic. Our…
metaverse and things 2 27
What Is the Metaverse, and What Can We Do There?
by Adrian Ma
You’ve likely heard recently how the metaverse will usher in a new era of digital connectivity,…
positive affrimations3 3 2
Can Affirmations and Talking To Yourself Let the Light In?
by Glenn Williams
Despite being a source of constant bad news, the internet is also awash with attempts at countering…
rejecting science 2 26
Rejecting Science Has A Long History
by Katrine K. Donois
Fear engulfed everyone during the pandemic. Yet when a vaccine became available, it was met with…
protecting gun culture 3 4
How American Gun Culture Is Based on Frontier Myth
by Pierre M. Atlas
70% of Republicans said it is more important to protect gun rights than to control gun violence,…

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