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The election in the US is over but the results are not known -- and won't be known for 4 weeks as the control of the Senate comes down to a runoff in Georgia AGAIN. Incredible! Herschel Walker got nearly enough votes to win. Frankly I am embarrassed for my co-home state. You would think republican voters in Georgia would have settled for at least a wheelbarrow instead of a has-been footballer. Well I take that back! A couple hundred thousand republicans did vote for Kemp and didn't vote for Walker.

The control of the Senate is most important as it keeps the likes of the undemocratic senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, from illegally packing the federal courts any more than he has done. Having packed the courts with young republican partisan judges will have a very adverse effect on American life for many years to come. We can win this in Georgia like before in 2020.  So if you care about rule of law and democracy in America make a donation to the reelection of Senator Warnock. We made one here on request by Sen Al Franken.

While the Senate comes down to Georgia, the House is most likely going over to the republicans. It was very close and their margin will be tight. Perhaps tight enough to make them ungovernable by the Speaker. It was remarkably close given the historical pattern of mid-term elections of first term presidents. But let's face it, close only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades and  republican voter suppressed and gerrymandered elections.

We can expect that, with a republican-controlled congress, the next 2 years will be as contentious as it was in the 1850s prior to the civil war. Throw in the likely fight between Trump and DeSantis for the republican nomination. Then again maybe Trump will be deported to Russia.

While it used to be enough for the average person to just show up to vote, that no longer is a luxury we can afford. Those of us that want to keep our democracy and republic must go the extra mile these next 2 years. especially and until the current republican party rights itself and returns to lawful governance or self destructs. - Robert Jennings


The Murdoch-owned New York Post published a front page article depicting Donald Trump as a Toxic Trumpty Dumpty egg. Keith Olbermann breaks it all down in his usual fashion. Don't miss this edition, especially as included in this segment is a poignant story about Keith's dog.

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