Bernie Sanders Responds With The Truth To President's Speech And Massive Con

In this must watch speech Bernie Sanders lays out the progressive response to the Republican and Trump agenda. It is imperative that those that care about the future of the true American spirit and its true exceptionalism share this video across social media so as many people can be exposed to the truth as possible.

That the American electorate is fed up with business as usual in Washington, DC is not in dispute. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders tapped into this discontent. However, make no mistake the modern Republican Party leadership with Donald Trump at the helm is perhaps the most self-centered, least empathetic, most corrupt, and least democratic political party of the major powers in the world today.

This Republican party must be stopped and turned out of office in the 2018 mid-term election and the Trump presidency neutered until 2020. This is not a campaign against your neighbor or your idiot uncle, but an effort against a bought and paid for Republican leadership, radical right-wing media, think tanks, and shady AstroTurf organizations.

The negative nature of this recent campaign suppressed the turnout and caused many Sanders supporters to vote for third party candidates and many independents to not vote at all. Had Sanders received the free press coverage that Donald Trump or even Hillary Clinton received, it is likely that Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination and the eventual presidency.

Trump snuck in the backdoor surprising even himself and his supporters. He benefited immensely from the Republican, FBI and Russian voter suppression efforts that included registration tampering that nullified many minority, elderly, students, and other democratic leaning voter's ability to cast a counted ballot.

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The Republican infrastructure is a mature, well-oiled and highly-funded 40 year old propaganda machine designed to fleece the American public and strip it of its experiment in democratic self-rule that dates from the 1776 Declaration of Independence.

Yet even with these well funded and brilliantly orchestrated anti-democratic Republican efforts, the election turned on less than 100,000 votes in the three states of Pennsylvanian, Wisconsin, and Michigan that traditionally voted for the Democratic Party. Then the Republicans effectively shut down the needed recounts through the courts and we were not able to even determine if Trump had actually won the electoral college vote to win the presidency while decisively losing the popular vote by nearly three million people.

So we can see that the future of the US democracy turned on a thin dime. It very well could have been President Bernie Sanders instead of President Donald Trump. And that would have put Americans on a course of rebuilding and enlightenment instead of, if not countered, a Republican course of hopelessness, suppression, and the impoverishment to come.

While it will be an uphill battle, it is extremely consequential that a stake must be driven through the heart and soul of this current malignant mutation of the Grand Old Party and the reincarnation of the rule of King George III of England.

This effort will not be won in the streets or with violence as in 1776 but democratically at the ballot box and in the town hall meetings. It will be won with cooperation and individual effort united against these forces of evil. Please watch Bernie Sanders in the video below and share it as much as possible.

Bernie Sanders Responds To The Trump Congressional Speech


Please share the video as this is essential to the future of democracy and the lower and middle class in the United States of America.

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