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The release of the RNC's AI-generated video attacking Biden's announcement is just one example of the new tactics the GOP is using to win elections. This represents a departure from traditional political campaigning, where candidates would rely on concrete facts and promises to win over voters. Instead of focusing on the facts of their policies and what they have to offer the American people, they are relying more and more on imagination and fiction.

The GOP is struggling to win elections based on their policies alone. They have always been adept at using gaslighting and projection to distract from their shortcomings. Now they are taking things to a new level. By relying on fictionalized attacks and other shady tactics, they show they are willing to do whatever it takes to win, regardless of the consequences. This raises serious concerns about the future of American democracy and the role of truth in politics.

Maybe most Americans genuinely want to live in the "Shining City on the Hill" that Reagan envisioned. In that case, they must reject the GOP's tactics and hold them accountable for their actions. It's not enough to vote for a different party; we must demand our political leaders have transparency, honesty, and integrity. It's up to all of us to fight for what we believe in and ensure that the truth prevails in our political system and those that fail it are held accountable. Only then can we hope to create a better future for ourselves and future generations. - Robert Jennings

Joe Biden Launches His Campaign For President: Let's Finish the Job


Beat Biden

An AI-generated look into the country's possible future if Joe Biden is re-elected in 2024.

RNC Slams Biden Re-election Bid With Ai-Generated Ad

President Joe Biden announced he is seeking a second term as president, and in response, the RNC released an AI-generated attack ad against the president. Chris Mattmann, an expert in AI, joined FOX 11 to discuss the ad and how AI could impact the election.


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