How To Better Manage Your Emotions And Mental Health
by Joanne Bower, University of East Anglia
Two main brain regions interact to create emotional responses. The first is the limbic system,…
Family Violence Victims Need Support, Not Mandatory Reporting
by Kelsey Hegarty and Kirsty Forsdike, University of Melbourne
At first glance, Victoria Police’s suggestion this week that health professionals report domestic…
Teens with secure family relationships pay it forward with empathy for…
by Jessica Stern, Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Psychology, University of Virginia
Teens with more secure family relationships get a head start on developing empathy, according to my…
What Plato Can Teach You About Finding A Soulmate
by Firmin DeBrabander, Maryland Institute College of Art
In the beginning, humans were androgynous. So says Aristophanes in his fantastical account of the…


Is Coconut Water Good For You?
by Alexandra Hansen
In recent years coconut water has left the palm-treed shores of tropical islands where tourists on…
What The Latest Blood Pressure Guidelines Mean For You
by John Warner
Updated blood pressure guidelines from the American Heart Association mean that many more…
Why You Might Get The Nervous Tummy Runs When You're Nervous
by Vincent Ho
So, you’re going on a date and you’re understandably a bit nervous. And then you feel it– a…
How To Spot Alternative Facts In Science
by Sarina Gleason, Michigan State University
The Volkswagen emissions scandal and past promotions of tobacco are two examples of “alternative…


Jobs Are Up! Wages Are Up! So Why So Gloomy?
by Edouard Wemy
In any other time, the jobs news that came down on Dec. 2, 2022, would be reason for cheer.
Why Teachers Are Leaving The Classroom
by Tuan D. Nguyen
Many school districts across the United States are in the midst of a crisis: a teacher shortage.…
How Same-Sex Marriage Gained Bipartisan Support
by Tim Lindberg
While public opinion and different state laws on abortion rights are sharply dividing the country,…
How Businesses Can Walk the Talk on Social and Economic Challenges
by Simon Pek and Sébastien Mena
Businesses are facing increasing pressures to tackle social and environmental challenges like…


How Democracies Around The World Are Using New Rules To Make It Harder To…
by Dafydd Townley
Attempts to stop voters getting to polling stations, increase waiting times to place a ballot or…
Why The Future Is More Big Snow Storms
by Michael A. Rawlins
It’s hard for most people to imagine 6 feet of snow in one storm, like the Buffalo area saw over…
Honeybee Lifespan Could Be Half What It Was 50 Years Ago
by Dave Goulson
A new paper shows how the lifespan of the adult honeybee appears to have shrunk by nearly 50% in…
4 Ways Climate Disruption and Population Growth Threaten Public Health
by Maureen Lichtveld
There are questions that worry me profoundly as a population- and environmental-health scientist.

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Frances Moore Lappe

What I Learned From My March With Democracy Spring

Frances Moore Lappé, YES! Magazine
Save the Planet By Unleashing Our Dreams
by Jay Walljasper, On The Commons
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Can Cherishing Stuff With A Photo Help You Let Go Of It?
by Rebecca Walker Reczek, The Ohio State University; et al
5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Dog
by Ineke van Herwijnen and Claudia Vinke, Utrecht University
3 Things To Make Your Home More Sustainable And Comfortable
by Trivess Moore; Andrew Carre, and Ralph Horne, RMIT University

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