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The American election is just 6 days away. The intensity is building. One has to ask oneself are we looking at a bygone era? Is this a historical turning point in the grand American democratic experiment?

Make no mistake the intent here by the GOP is about their brute power to rule you, not about your freedom, and certainly not about your right to chose your own government. It is authoritarian, it is dictatorial, and it is be ruled by them or be crushed. Rachel Maddow, in her segment below, describes it as "how to run a government is force and violence". - Robert Jennings

Rachel Maddow argues that as Republican leaders discredit elections and encourage the abandonment of democracy, the option they are tacitly endorsing for how to run a government is force and violence, a value seen in the reactions of many Republicans to the attempted murder of the husband of the speaker of the House. 


There is a major reason why our political system has become so polluted with lies, distortions, and misdirection. In this segment of the daily Countdown with Keith Olbermann show on iHeart Radio, Keith reminds us what brought us here to this moment. As usual Keith is intense but his message rings true. - Robert Jennings

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