The Un-united States Of America and A Way Forward

For better or worse, the radical remnants of the Republican party have now captured the American government completely. Whether they can keep it more than a month is all that is left to be seen. What is certain is that this radical Republican government is an existential threat to our own democracy and the other democracies of the world.

What Happened

What happened has been the subject of many books, commentaries, web pages, and podcasts. It has been neither simple nor complicated to explain by the diligently well-informed in "real" time. But suffice it to say in hindsight, "it ain't rocket science".

This has been a slow motion, well-funded coup d'état orchestrated with precision by psychopaths, sociopaths, and malcontents over a 50 year span. First they funded the "think tanks" and the "alternative" media and then they broke the back of bipartisan governance with the Gingrich revolution in the 90s. With the propaganda machinery in place, their fever-pitched racist/anti-government messages propelled the Koch-Brothers-funded "tea party" to congressional power in 2010. What they lacked in numbers they made up in intimidation and preposterous behavior. Result: Congress captured.

What happened next was best described as 'the Koch Brothers created the vehicle but left the keys in the ignition and Donald Trump drove away in their vehicle'. After over 2 years of Trump, moderates have left the Republican party in droves and only the name Republican remains. What was once the party of Lincoln is now the party of Trump. Result: Executive Branch captured.

Now with the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the court is controlled by 5 corporate shills. Laying below this highest judiciary level is a string of federal judgeships many of which were stolen by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. This will adversely shape the American economic and cultural landscape for more than a generation, unless neutralized by Congress. All this was premeditated, planned and accomplished by the Federalist Society, a Koch-Brothers-funded creation to pack the court system with anti-populist partisans. Result: Federal Courts Captured

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Only One Suitable Solution

An Ex-President has stated that America has been seized by oligarchs. Some say that democracy is now dead in America. They might not be entirely wrong. But I would argue on the other hand that there is still hope. One last chance on election day to save Ronald Reagan's "Shining City On The Hill" with a John F. Kennedy "One Shining Moment". Result: November 6, 2018

Some have estimated that it will take a 10% surplus of votes for Democrat candidates over Republicans candidates to overcome the election fraud perpetrated by Republican-held statehouses these last few years. Suffice it to say there must be an overwhelming turnout of Democrat and Republican democracy-loving patriots to exorcise the Republican leadership evil that has been thrust into the gears of our democratic machinery.

Many would blame our disinterest in the democratic process and our failure to show up at the polls, particularly in off-presidential election years. More to blame are the flaws purposely built into our Constitution. That would be the electoral college, 2 Senators per state, and lack of enshrinement of the right to vote by all.

Thus all that can vote must show up on November 6th 2018 and November 3rd 2020 so that the evil that has engulfed the Republican party be exorcised and the populist members of the Republican party returned towards the common good.

The Next Move Is Ours

We must first take back the House of Representatives on November 6th 2018 and insist on investigations that will expose the massive corruption that has engulfed our Capitol and its processes. It will also halt all "not for the good of all" legislation that is the hallmark of the Republican leadership and the Trump administration. Next, we must take back the Senate and the presidency on November 3rd 2020 so we can begin to repair the massive damage that has and is being done.

Let's not kid ourselves. The next 50 years or so will be a monumental challenge requiring both our personal attention and cooperation. Our warming world is a looming disaster and much of its effects are already built-in and requiring both mitigation and adaptation. We will undoubtedly face increasing droughts, wildfires, floods, famine, wind storms, migrating humanity, wars and rumors of war, political upheaval and economic disruptions. We can only ease our frustration, our discouragements, our pain if we all pull in the same direction. We must have compassion and empathy for each other. We must have a government that cares and works for all.

If you are a Democrat, vote for every Democrat. If you are an independent, vote for any Democrat and nary a Republican. If you are a populist Republican, hold your nose and vote for the Democrat. This election, and the next, is about driving a stake through the heart of the current Republican leadership and return Republican cooperation and bipartisan to American government.

It is important to embrace our family and friends who have been unduly influenced by Republican malcontents who are naturally subject to projection. And likewise those that have been purposely misled by political operatives gaslighting for personal power and financial gain.

We must vote. We must encourage others to vote. We all must vote like there is no tomorrow for there very well might not be a democratic tomorrow.


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