Hackers Hackers Everywhere And Not A Lick Of Good Sense.

I am fighting a hacker on the site that handles my email. That reminds of this ridiculous Russian Hack allegation.

I get amused at all the politicians' blustering phony speculation on the supposed Russian hack as if they knew what they were talking about. It wasn't really a hack. It was a mere pinprick that even a 400 pound teenager sitting on his bed could have pulled off. On this I agree with Trump. Oh, wash my mouth out with soap.

The phishing method used to attack the DNC or specifically John Podesta's gmail account was child's play. I see one like this nearly once a week. What amazes me is that he apparently left 60,000 differing degrees of sensitive emails on his gmail account for about 10 years. And this guy was Hillary's campaign manager? Podesta has also held higher positions. That puts him up there with Anthony Weiner for the Dumb Ass of the year award.

Don't you be a pack rat too. Clean your email out as you go. If you must keep it, as some will or must, archive them off the internet. And if they contain sensitive information, don't use a public service like gmail or hotmail. Use a private server in your garage like Hillary did, unless you are going to run for President or something.

I understand that there was never any evidence her private server was hacked. Yet, apparently the government server she was supposed to use for personal emails was hacked. I can't confirm that for sure but regardless Bernie was right about it all being "much ado about nothing". Just more fake news by the GOP for creating the fake Hillary.

Even if the Russians were behind the release of the Podesta emails to Wikileaks, it wouldn't be surprising as most governments are doing this kind of stuff all the time. No one is more guilty than the US. It's SOP (standard operating procedure) for us. Just ask any South American government.

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No, this finger-pointing Russian hullabaloo is a diversion to make sure that there's little talk about the important stuff like voter suppression, not counting the provisional ballots in the swing states, or the Comey/FBI misbehavior with the Anthony Weiner investigation. Things that can be easily shown to have actually made a difference in the election results are ignored by the mainstream press. It's what I call "Fake News by omission" and that's where they brilliantly shine.

The Russian involvement, if any, is far down the list of making a difference. It's right down there with the color of the pantsuit Hillary wore in the 2nd debate. And of course, having Russia as a threat again is great for the military industrial complex's bottom line.

Russia is no longer the Soviet Union in case they haven't heard. It is a super authoritarian predator capitalistic state that competes for profits instead of territory or ideology as in the past. What we are looking at here is a capitalistic match playoff between the neoliberal state vs the predatory state. A Reagan/Thatcher/Bush/Clinton vs Trump/Berlusconi?/Putin clash for rights to dismantle the New Deal/Nordic middle class model.

The neoliberial economic model at least recognizes the existence of the bottom 50% of economic society and is willing to keep them just above the completely dishearteningly frustrated. The predators on the other hand are simply willing to eat their lunch money. Just like the scorpion stinging the frog that carries it on its back across the river, it has to do what a scorpion has to do.

I have no idea yet if the Trump administration will top the fall of the Soviet Union for plutocrat plundering or even Putin's ascent to the world richest man, but it sure will top the now milk-toast Teapot Dome Scandal of the Harding Administration. Let's face it. Trump isn't even President yet and the scandals are lining up at the White House kitchen door with his personal security force help.

A Russian hack job put Trump in the White House? Nope just an amateur, but surprisingly effective, game of "chase the shiny object", y'all. Get used to it. I understand Trump has a pocketful of shiny objects disguised as miracles.

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