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This article has one of the best graphs that exposes this continuous lie of republicans about the value of their tax cuts. It's not that I am against tax cuts. In fact I believe the purpose of tax cuts is different than what we are sold by the powers in charge. But I will save that for another day and discussion.
In 1980 David Stockman who was Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan sold everyone on supply-side economics. It has been a disaster for the middle-class.
Supply-side economics is a macroeconomic theory that postulates economic growth can be most effectively fostered by lowering taxes, decreasing regulation, and allowing free trade. According to supply-side economics, consumers will benefit from greater supplies of goods and services at lower prices, and employment will increase. - Wikipedia
What republicans really had in mind was major tax cuts for the very wealthy and a pittance to the little guys. It was quickly deemed trickle-down economics or more graphically trickle on economics. Today we are experiencing the greatest wealth and income inequality equal to the late 19th century and that even before income taxes. - Robert Jennings

The Real Source Of America's Budget Woes

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The dramatic decline of the once-great U.S. economy has important lessons for Australia and the world, as Alan Austin reports.

Americans seeking wisdom about the state of their economy will gain little insight from mainstream economics writers. They are like detectives called to investigate an assault. They note boot prints in the garden, the broken living room window and the smell of gunpowder. But they fail to observe the three dead bodies. These are the cadavers

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The Truth Behind Self-Made Billionaires

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Why do we glorify “self-made” billionaires? Well, being “self-made” is a seductive idea —it suggests that anybody can get to the top if they’re willing to work hard enough. It’s what the American Dream is all about.

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It's plain and simple! Women will save democracy while the men merely chest bump each other clamoring me me me!. A bit harsh, but men have had their time in the sun for thousands of years. This is not to say that there have not been exceptional men leaders. But make no mistake, as a group they have flubbed their drive and there are no mulligans anymore as climate catastrophes, nuclear war, and fascism stare us all down.

In 2016 we, as a group, elected the most despicable human being as president to ever hold a political office in America. And we did it with full knowledge of what and who he was. Of course many women voted for that mess just as many men vote against him -- but I am talking about groups here not individuals.

Yes, we can argue that the plight of women has greatly been diminished. And yes, women were once dragged around the cave by their hair perhaps, but now they can vote. But some of that progress these thousands of years is in danger of being overturned by 5 near-Neanderthals and a cave woman. I profusely apologize to everyone else still with Neanderthal genes.

Republicans like to talk "freedom". But what do they actually mean by freedom? Well, here it is. Freedom for them from you and freedom for them to abuse you. Time to pull those weeds out of our Democracy and usher in a new conservative party that has the best interest of the American people in mind.

Women are exceptionally capable, and often even more so than men, except when it comes to size and strength. And yes I have known some women I would run away from screaming, HELP me please. Again I am talking about groups. And we men need to get our butts in gear and help the ladies save us from the mischief we begot for everyone. It was not the serpent who tricked Eve to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden and brought this evil upon us. It was we men who made her do it and blamed the innocent snake. - Robert Jennings

Dahlia Lithwick On Her Inspiring New Book – LADY JUSTICE

Former Senator Al Franken interviews Lithwick whose new book profiles heroic women attorneys who stepped up to fight injustice, and won!


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