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In June I went shopping in Orlando for a new car and it was obvious that the dealers were charging what the market would bear. Every dealership I talked to was upcharging $3,000-10,000 on a vehicle and I was buying cheap so plus 10% was the bargain. So screw that, I won't participate. So I'll keep the old Jeep and fix the brakes. $1500 for brakes, well screw that too. Having never "done" brakes I tuned into YouTube for instructions, ordered the parts online and completed the job for $500. Now the charge of $1000 for labor and overhead for 2-3 hours of labor is a bit much.

Usually I buy a clean low mileage used car but those prices were sometimes as much as a new version. I saw lately that profits at car dealerships are off the charts and some are even calling for an OPEC style limit production so prices can stay high.

Inflation is too much money chasing too little supply. Sounds simple, yes? But what's not simple is why supply is inadequate. The real tricky part is what or who to blame for inadequate supply. - Robert Jennings

Car buyers pay 10% above the sticker price, on average — or more if you want a Jeep or Porsche

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Jessica Dickler, Personal finance reporter for CNBC

Forget getting a deal; these days, anyone in the market for a new car could pay thousands over the sticker price before they drive off the lot.

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Limited inventory due to a persistent shortage of computer chips, along with other supply-chain challenges, helped propel new car prices up 10% from a year ago, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For new cars, the average transaction price reached an estimated $46,259 in August — the highest on record, a separate J.D. Power/LMC forecast found.

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Studies conclude that "What exposures matter in early life are still not fully clear, but front-runners include diet, lifestyle, the environment and the bugs that live in our gut (the microbiome)." That being the case who is to the blame. Is it the individual who doesn't inform himself and  doesn't push themselves away from the dinner table. Or is the companies that hawk what they know to be unhealthy and addictive for profits.

Some have criticized food companies as staying up late into the night designing the proper amounts of sugar, salt, and fat to make their near addictive products. Given that only in recent times is obesity of adults and children nearly out of control, we may need to point to the food industry rather than the inadequacy of people. Taking a clue from anti-smoking efforts, the solution is relatively simple. Determine which foods or products are unhealthy and limit their right to be advertised. - Robert Jennings

Why Is Cancer Rising In People Under 50s?

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Siobhan Glavey, Professor of Pathology, RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

We know what we need to do to reduce our risk of getting cancer, right? Wear SPF, stop smoking, avoid processed foods, keep fit, lose weight and get enough sleep. But what if much of what causes cancer has already happened in our early years, or worse still, before we were born. A recent study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University says that may be the case, especially in cancers that happen before the age of 50 (early-onset cancers).

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While this is a lengthy podcast at 1 hour and 41 minutes, it is one of the best discussions I have ever heard as well or read on the subject. It's also worthy of listening to it more than once to fully grasp the complexity of what's needed. - Robert Jennings

The Single Best Guide To Decarbonization I've Heard

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Ezra Kien in discussion with Jesse Jenkins,  assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University

In August, Joe Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, which included $392 billion towards a new climate budget — the single largest investment in emissions reduction in U.S. history. The CHIPS and Science Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act bring that number up to around $450 billion. All of that spending is designed with one major objective in mind: to put the United States on a path to a decarbonized economy, with the goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.Achieving that goal is perhaps the single most important challenge of our age.


Are Republicans a Threat To America Itself?

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Radio Talk Show Host Thom Hartmann

Voting for Republicans is, tragically, voting against America -- It’s really just that simple. The bottom line is that if you’re supporting the Republican Party, you are supporting this long (and incomplete) list of horrible things the result from Republicans in office and if you support that, you are a threat to America.



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