Understanding Karma and Resolving Emotional Wounds

People, due to their karmic history, have cycles and patterns that repeat over and over. According to the Spiritual Encyclopedia, the definition of karma is the following:

Karma is an ancient concept, a Sanskrit word meaning “act,” “action,” or “word.” The law of karma teaches us that all of our thoughts, words, and actions begin a chain of cause and effect, and that we will personally experience the effects of everything we cause. We may not experience the effect (the returning karma) right away, and it may not even be in this lifetime, but you can count on it just the same. Karma is a cosmic law, which means that it applies to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Spiritual Meaning of Karma

In my years of working with clients and their karmic history, I have chosen to take the meaning of karma out of the duality, that is, the belief that doing good brings good things, doing bad brings bad things. Instead, I use a deeper spiritual meaning of karma—its role as the unresolved emotional wounds from our past lives. Over lifetimes, we also generate what I call “karmic threads or emotions,” such as betrayal, abandonment, anger, belittlement, guilt, shame, and fear, which we carry through each existence.

I believe that when we address the true karma, or vibrational match, for events in our lives, we can clear these threads once and for all. Unresolved emotional wounds, such as the loss of a parent as a child, being a victim of abuse, or witnessing extreme violence in this life or past lives create karma. Karmic events mark our journey, and often have deep emotional components that we can spend lifetimes trying to heal.

Collective Karma

Collective karma is what we all share. Group experiences like war or famine leave individual emotional scars to be played out and solidified in the next life. After centuries of war and famine, we can easily see why this consciousness still exists today. We each have our own experience of that event, our individual karma, but when we engage our energy into an event we also become a part of the collective karma.

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Tragic events, such as the tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011, the tsunami that devastated Sumatra in 2004, or the hurricanes that changed the Gulf Coast and the East Coast forever, cause our gut to engage with sympathy with the sadness and despair of those who suffered. If we don’t ground the energy into the earth, it will go out to the situation and engage with others who are also feeling the same sadness and despair. Consequently, it becomes a collective experience of sorrow, one that is repeated in the same way that individual karma cycles through life times.

Being a victim is one of the main cycles we have invested in as a collective. This pattern is something each person of every culture, gender, and religion can relate to. This manifests within the duality, and must be viewed by stepping back and observing in order to see the intricate system at play. When we carry the God particle within our bodies, have access to an infinite amount of knowledge, and incarnate allowing our physical experience to overwhelm our connection to Source, we have separation. It is through this separation that the victim role begins.

Imagine we are left by the side of the road as a baby and no one finds us until we are cold and shivering in the box in which we were abandoned. Victim? Yes, in the duality, it would be viewed that way—a helpless baby lends a victim quality to this story. However, the baby in her last lifetime may have been a man who left the mother of his child, never to have contact with them again. So karmically speaking, the baby being left on the side of the road is a continuation of the previous life, and the karmic thread is one of abandonment.

More than one person is involved in this recipe for pain, which is often repeated over lifetimes, with different players taking on the roles of the person being left, the person doing the leaving, and the person watching it happen but not being able to do anything about it.

Understanding Victimization

To understand victimization we must first look at the duality and how we invest our energy. We are constantly measuring our world through the duality, assessing whether something is right or wrong, good or bad. As a species, we have moved far away from the inner compass that naturally navigates our integrity and morality.

Becoming an earth angel requires a good long look at your history and its patterns, in an effort to gain an understanding of the pain, guilt, blame, rejection, and disapproval cycles that appear regularly in your life. All human beings are victimized during their lifetimes and struggle to mend the pain they feel as a result of being separated from Source. Being of service to others means bridging the gap, and not succumbing to a belief system that you were wronged or that they did this to you.

At our best, we humans invest our energy in what is right and stand up for what we believe in. Equally, we are upset and angry about those things we know are wrong. The energy we expend is sent into these situations, so that we invest our energy there and, in turn, create more karma for ourselves and for the collective.

Does this mean we are not meant to care? No. It means that, instead, we should ground that energy—observe the right and wrong of this world but not expend energy either way. As we know, in the fifth dimension, the universe is about everything being in balance. The earth herself is constantly shifting and adjusting to maintain her balance. Through the practice of meditation, we find balance and a place of peace from which to lovingly observe rather than energetically invest in incidents or situations. We may witness tragic events, but this way we will not have an emotional charge on them.

An earth angel cannot be in service to others without this observation; otherwise, there is judgment. When we are in judgment, we are unable to see clearly beyond the situation and cannot be effectively in service to others. Judgment can be very dangerous, because it takes us out of ourselves and can transfer much deeper issues onto others or create a projection of our own fear.

When we judge others, we are reacting to something within us. We judge from a deep place of fear of the unknown. Feeling out of control and afraid can bring judgment of others, causing an endless spiral of fear that in turn feeds the victimization of humanity. Judgment of any kind inevitably leads to people choosing to be a victim, which in turn locks that experience into the collective as a whole. Becoming an earth angel requires an understanding of how individual actions contribute to and solidify the collective karma.

Daily Practice of Forgiveness

All earth angels benefit from addressing their own victim role and delving into their patterns, especially the pattern of needing to be right or in control. We can heal family karma and collective karma by doing the work within ourselves, processing and parenting the inner child, and taking responsibility for our behavior. The path of the earth angel requires deep emotional clearing and healing. I suggest working with a teacher who will help you to move through your emotional scars, clear karma from the inside out, and help you find your place of service.

I also recommend a daily practice of forgiveness as one of the keys to healing our karma and ensuring the release of emotional attachments within the duality.

The earth will start to heal as each person takes charge of his or her own process and creation. This level of responsibility allows us to access our original consciousness. Earth angels will recognize the need for their light to shine brightly in order for others to succeed in this journey. The planet connects everyone and is a powerful energy line that weaves us all together as one tribe.

Self-Healing Meditation

One way to do that is through self-healing meditation.

Close your eyes and find the feeling you have about another person or situation that is bothering you. Identify the feeling. Where have you created that very feeling with another? Example: You feel abandoned by your partner. Where in your past have you ever caused another person to feel abandoned by you?

Find where this is stored in your body.

Imagine yourself standing in front of you, as if you were looking into a mirror. Now reach into your body and wrap your hands around that feeling like a ball of energy, and watch it dissolve between your hands as you look yourself in the eyes and say, I love you and I forgive you.

Once it has dissolved, fill your body up with whatever color feels best to you, and let that color come down through the top of your head and all the way throughout your entire body.

We are here to feel our feelings, process them, and release them. We are the caretakers of this planet. Our experience as souls in bodies on the earth is to love at the deepest level of our being. It is that simple.

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