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A friend of mine was in a really bad relationship. Her partner would do terrible things to her mentally, physically, and emotionally. After some time, she finally got out of that relationship, and she didn’t date for quite a while, too shaken from what she had gone through.

She came to me one day and said, “Chloe, I just don’t think I can trust anyone anymore. I’ve been through so much that I am afraid the next man will be him all over again.”

I resonated with that — and I gave her an unorthodox suggestion. “As crazy as this may sound,” I told her, “you have to send love and light out to him and let him go. You’re still tied to him if you can’t move on and live your life.”

She looked confused as she thought about this deeply. “I just don’t know how.”

"I Don't Know How"

A lot of people don’t know how. That’s why I’m telling you that even if someone did something unspeakable to you or to someone you know, if you hold on to your anger, you are only hurting yourself. Though it may be the most difficult thing to do, sending love and positivity to someone who has scarred you will actually be the most renewing thing you’ve ever done as weight falls off your shoulders.

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When we hold on to anger, we are giving other people power over us. To get our power back, we have to let go of the pain and the hurt and the fear from the past and live in the moment, starting today.

My friend spent years of her life hating a man who had wronged her. In those years, she passed up multiple opportunities to make a fresh, new start because she feared that the next man would be just like the last. Unknowingly, she was giving her power away to the previous relationship by not moving on from it. Once I showed her my technique for sending light and love into the world and letting go of past hurt. she was able to move on and find love again.

This technique works only if you are truly ready to move on in your life, close a previous chapter, and forgive the person who has hurt you. This is giving at its finest, because you are sending your love and light to someone who probably at this moment in time doesn’t deserve it.

Cutting Ties

So why give it then? you may ask. You give love away and you give light to others so that you, in return, will receive love and light — and what I mean by “light” is prosperity, abundance, happiness. You are cutting ties with this person, and you’re going your separate ways. Forever. You are eliminating the hurt, the pain, and the fear. You are stepping out on faith and becoming the person you didn’t know you could be — someone who forgives someone who hurt you beyond hurt.

I know, I understand.

I’ve been there.

And maybe you need to work on forgiving someone who has hurt someone you love, and you’re struggling with that.

Forgiveness is a Complex Process

It can be difficult to think of giving someone a free pass by forgiving them, especially if you’re feeling angry, betrayed, and hurt. But ultimately, forgiveness is all about you.

You have to release your negative emotions toward others so that these feelings don’t fester inside you. Bottled-up negative feelings can result in turmoil, disease, illness, and overall unhappiness in our lives. Let me offer you some tips to release negative energy toward those who have harmed you. 

Tips to Release Negative Energy

  • Acknowledge the feelings.

    It’s OK to feel angry, upset, betrayed, and hurt. Recognize and accept these feelings — but don’t sit in them. Let them flow by like leaves floating through a stream. Don’t let them fester inside you. Acknowledge them and then move on by letting them go.

  • Understand the circumstances.

    Do you know the full story or only one side of it? Try to understand the situation from the other person’s point of view. This by no means excuses their actions, but it gives you perspective to help you understand their intentions.

  • Communicate.

    If you’re able to communicate in a way that is not triggering, let the person know how you feel and how the situation has affected you. This may also help you release negative emotions you are holding on to.

  • Practice empathy.

    Use the ‘Magic Action Love and Light Technique’ below to help you release pent-up energy and remove negative emotions from your body, replacing them with healing empathy.

  • Release and let go.

    You’ve done the work. Now it’s time to go out and live your life, closing this chapter and leaving it behind.

The Love and Light Technique

It may feel like it will take every fiber of your being to say the mantra I’m about to give you, but I promise you, once you say these words, there’s no going back.

You will be renewed.

You will be healed.

You will live a much better, happier, healthier, and more abundant life than you ever thought possible.

But you must do the work, and you have to give freely, because that’s how this thing works. So. You ready? Let’s go.

1. Get into a quiet space and close your eyes. Place one hand over your heart and the other on your navel. Take a deep inhalation and say, I Am. On your out breath, release any negative thoughts and feelings. Send them out into the air, no longer holding on to them, no longer making them a factor in your life.

2. Repeat this step three times, going deeper each time.

3. When you get into a meditative state, say the following mantra:

I send love and light out into the world to heal all those who have hurt me. I send love and light out into the world to all those who are in pain, to all those in need, and to all those who know not what they do. I send love and light to heal the world, and I send love and light to all those who wronged me. And as I do so, I in turn heal myself. I will not let others’ past doings affect me or any other person who is brought into my life. For I deserve happiness, abundance, and a life full of prosperity. It is my divine right, and so it is. I am worthy.

An excerpt from Untapped Magic by Chloe Panta.
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