Crisis Express at Mid-Life (3)

Crisis Express at Mid-Life:
Personal & Global

by Sioux Rose

Continued from Part II

Searching for the Divine

The mortal was given Neptune as a portal to the immortal -- via dreams and mystical states of atonement. We were intended to maintain a link with that aspect of ourselves which is everlasting. When this nurturing "spiritual umbilical chord" was cut, the ensuing emptiness drawn from the absent link was devastating. I believe it gave rise to the myriad of addictive disorders -- obesity, alcoholism, violence, crime, depression, insatiable materialism, drug-abuse -- which are epidemic in America. None of the promises of this age of prosperity has filled that gaping gap, a veritable wound. This spiritual void makes for good business when your economy is selling pharmaceutical witches' brews, beer, cigarettes, pornography, guns -- and worse!

Without an honest pursuit of spirituality, individuals will continue to express their quiet desperation in endless pursuits of food fillers, shopping, addictions, etc. Those who claim the moral high-ground cloaking their agendas in religious fundamentalism are the last to open these gates! All this at great cost to society... not to mention the inestimable loss from crippled wings intended to reach greater cerebral heights! 

No wonder it's the end of the Piscean Age: each a victim, millions hospitalized, imprisoned, homeless, harmed, or addicted! We are a nation of prodigal children in search of our divinity. We know there is something lasting linking us inextricably with the timeless and immortal. Neptune in its "enlightened path" draws us to that dream within. Or, Neptune can ship-wreck our passage en route to the great unknown. 

Twelve Theaters of Neptune

In closing, we might examine the "twelve theaters of Neptune" to gain a greater understanding of each generation's chief conundrum: where Neptune lays an ambush, or provides a bridge to an expanded universal perspective.

Neptune in the Signs:

Neptune in Aries (l858-l872): With the Civil War raging, many believed war itself would solve their problems. GREAT losses resulted. Many souls remain wounded by this scar to U.S. history.

Neptune in Taurus (l872-l886): Rebuilding after the Civil War led to great investments in the national infra-structure. The illusion one could build on solid ground led to the perception that "ownership" represented nirvana.

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Neptune in Gemini (l886-1900): Developing bridges and mass transit railroads opened the nation. Mary Baker Eddy, The Theosophists, Yogananda, Edgar Cayce were born -- or laid foundations -- for higher understanding to guide the human experience.

Neptune in Cancer (l900-l9l4): The growth of the nation state was born with respect to and for "the mother land" based on ethnic boundaries (blood- lines) which set the stage for WWI. Families left farms for industrial work.

Neptune in Leo (l9l4-l928): Hollywood was born to glamorize power and privilege. This group produced children with a new vision. "Love will solve all." This group was enthralled with the arts... as escape. Parents may have expected their children to follow their scripts.

Neptune in Virgo (l928-l942): The medical field was given enormous power and authority; many persons abdicated responsibility for the care and maintenance of their body temples. Germs became the enemy (Virgo's fascination with the micro-world)

Neptune in Libra (l942-l956): This group took "Justice for all" seriously and began to work to level the playing field for women, minorities, and the handicapped. Through film images, the belief "one could walk off into the sunset with the perfect partner" led to an excruciatingly high divorce rate.

Neptune in Scorpio (l956-1970): Sex can sell anything! The advent of "subliminal seduction" worked through the media, with a sex therapist sprouting up in every community. Nothing is a secret anymore. Images of "007" led to new types of spying and surveillance technology.

Neptune in Sagittarius (l970-l984): The fitness revolution began. Muscles = Nirvana. On the plus side, this phase was characterized by a philosophical merging of "East meets West" which led many to Yoga, Buddhism, and expanded spirituality.

Neptune in Capricorn (l984-l998): The buying and selling of government and access. Does the onset of this phase only coincidentally link with Orwell's chilling account of political machinations and manipulations? Church and state once again threaten to become bed-fellows.

Neptune in Aquarius (l998-2012): Who owns the air waves? What is the nature of truth when "experts" are on the payroll of the very corporations claiming safety protocols? Through the internet, the collective unconscious empties itself. Under the banner of free enterprise monopolistic practices aggregate...especially in telecommunications.

Neptune in Pisces (2012-2024): Humanity is left swimming in its own soup of unprocessed illusions. Individuals will suffer as they search for the strength to heal what institutions can't fix. The state of the world's oceans and rivers is apt to be awash in chemicals the likes of which mother nature has never seen. Compassion reaches high-tide. Another great flood?

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About The Author

Sioux Rose is an astrologer and writer who has written numerous articles and columns for magazine and newspapers nationwide. She has just finished a book on Pluto which the American Federation of Astrologers is going to publish in 2001. This article was first published in the AFA bulletin. She writes a weekly column online at and she can be reached at [email protected] 

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