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Written by Nicolya Christi and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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Indigenous elders have been sending out a specific message to the world—a warning to humanity to change the way we live and how we treat the planet or prepare for the worst. For every 2012 prophecy that spoke of transition and transformation, there was also one that talked of destruction and apocalypse. We are in the window of crisis still, and we can rise or fall. It remains imperative that we unite to support the Earth in order to avert global catastrophe.

Will we experience a new era of peace and harmony or continue to break down and destroy? Both potential outcomes are a possibility. We have a responsibility as human beings to contribute to the former if we are ever to manifest the ancient prophecies that foretell of a thousand years of peace.

As communities and as individuals we simply cannot continue in the way that we are. To believe there is nothing to be done will result in the worst-case scenario, so it is upon us now to act as empowered and compassionate forces for good and take immediate action if we are to avoid apocalyptic predictions such as those of Nostradamus.

Complacency is our greatest hurdle; we cannot afford to remain indifferent to or ignorant of what we are facing, for our attitude and actions will determine a positive or negative outcome. Prophecies that foretell of a “golden millennium” speak of a potential outcome and of raising our consciousness and initiating a positive shift within the collective vibration.

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Taking Up The Reins of Our Destiny

Now is the time to take up the reins of our human and planetary destiny and to direct the course of our future instead of being taken for a ride by those we have allowed to control our destination. We need to establish a new way forward that serves the higher good of all.

It is critical that we listen, take heed, and act upon the wisdom of ancient prophecies that speak of these transformative times. We cannot dismiss apocalyptic prophecies as sensationalism, for if we do it will be at our peril. How will we make a successful transition into a new Conscious world if we sit back waiting to see what will unfold?

It is time to take action and create a better world for each other and all life on Earth. It is time for us as a collective to say, “Enough!” For example, we have only to look around us to see the alarming decline of pollinators. If this continues, we may well find ourselves living in a world devoid of many of Nature’s abundant and life-giving gifts.

Passive Acceptance vs. Writing A New Story for Humanity

Our compliance with and acceptance of the current world system reduces us to mere cogs in a machine driven by the agendas of global business, governments, consumerism, and industrial powers. It is our passive acceptance that keeps this machine going.

We support the continuation of such a dysfunctional system when we expect a better future to manifest of its own accord or believe that a handful of activists will make this possible: We all need to “get global.” An architect can hand you the design and building plans for a beautiful house but without your input, the house will not be built.

For the first time in human history there are no prophecies relating to our future, as these came to an end in December 2012. We have a blank slate upon which to write a new story for humanity. We are called to live in the now, with what is, and so re-create our future from moment to moment.

Why do you imagine that ancient prophecies did not extend beyond 2012? Could it be that the wise ones of our past simply did not know if we would rise or fall at the time of the Great Shift of Ages? Many of the prophecies spoke of a transformation of human consciousness. By holding a positive intention, we can manifest this transformation and the promise of a visionary and new Conscious paradigm.

Remembering Our Soul Mission

We have each incarnated with a Soul mission, although most people never remember it because they are caught in life-denying patterns that originate from unresolved and unhealed historical, karmic, or ancestral wounding. Yet, these days more and more people are beginning to remember their higher purpose through the various spiritual and psychotherapeutic modalities that are now available to support healing, Self-integration, and Self-realization. Using the analogy of an onion, many have spent decades peeling back the layers to find their true Self: It is when we finally reach this core of our being that we remember.

It is possible to express our gifts in the world proactively without the peeling away of the layers. Many an accomplished philosopher, artist, writer, musician, poet, pioneer, inventor, healer, medium, or spiritual teacher has done so, and their contributions have been important to the world. This was possible because they unconsciously tapped into their higher purpose.

However, many, including great thinkers and creatives such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Vincent van Gogh, Leo Tolstoy, Howard Hughes, Oskar Schindler, and Rumi, alongside other extraordinary people living what might be deemed to be an ordinary life, remain unfulfilled in their personal lives because they are split off from their psychological shadow. Unless we heal our deepest trauma, we will never experience true fulfilment.

Reclaiming the Lost Self and the True Self

When we incarnate, most of us forget our worldly “missions” and the gifts we came to share, and therefore fulfilment remains elusive, no matter how much we achieve by doing. We have forgotten how to BE, and this leaves us with an inner vacuum. This void develops in early childhood when our fundamental physical and emotional needs are unmet.

We need to channel our creative energy to re-find and redefine ourselves and so connect to our higher purpose and express this in the world. When we are psychologically integrated, consciously evolved, and spiritually awakened, we come to find ultimate fulfilment. Until that time, we will continue to be out of touch with the heart of living, or living from our hearts.

We can reclaim the lost Self by helping and supporting each other to remember our unique individuality as creators, and by doing so, help cocreate a new world. Embodying and living our glorious, empowered, and unique True Self is our important contribution.

As Mahatma Gandhi stated, “even if you are a minority of one, the truth is a truth.” We must stand in our truth even if we are a lone voice in the crowd. Instead of investing our time, energy, and resources in trying to fill the insatiable void within, we need to realize that it is never too late to rediscover and embody our true Selves. To do so, we need to appreciate that we are not victims and that our suffering is largely of our own making.

Gandhi was an exceptional role model of passive resistance and demonstrated that change can be achieved through peaceful action. There are many organizations and resources online, in the local community, and in towns and cities that will support us to become empowered positive transformers of the current global system. We are not alone.

Release the Old (Fear) and Step into the New (Love)

Those of us who think that we are not spiritual enough or are too wounded, too angry, too sad, too unworthy, or too unintelligent to align with our Soul’s purpose need to liberate ourselves by recognizing that this is a myth we have believed for too long. We live in an era that invites us to let go of the past, not unconsciously as in repressing, splitting off, or denying, but through acknowledgment, validation, deep understanding, and acceptance.

The higher frequencies associated with these times gift us with many effective therapeutic practices that offer us support to release the old and step into the new. Why hide in the shadow of your wounded self when you can step into the radiant light of your true Being?

All too often we hold on to fears, hurts, and resistances like they were precious jewels; afraid to let them go because we have built an entire identity around them. We have forgotten who we truly are and have instead remained enslaved to our historical stories of suffering. If we refuse to let the past dictate the present we will go from strength to strength and our lives will be forever transformed.

We can make more loving choices and strive to maintain inner peace as a priority that we are no longer willing to compromise. With enough mindful practice, we can remain centred and calm and approach our emotional wounding and the healing that we need in a new empowered way.

We can choose to respond rather than react to our own life stories and recognize the positive impact that doing so has on the lives of others and the world. In prioritizing inner peace, we walk, talk, think, feel, and act in peace and become beacons of peace radiating across the globe.

Letting go of the old (fear) and daring to step into the new (Love) allows us to experience the beauty of our Soul, and perhaps, for the first time in this life, come to know what peace and fulfilment truly are.

Fear’s ultimate fear is...

to know, to feel, and to BE Love;
enduring, adoring and true Love;
the essence of unconditional Love;
to fully surrender to Love;
to remember it is Love;
to become utterly consumed and transformed by Love.

Anointed by pure and abiding Love, the thorn becomes the rose.  

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Bear & Company, an imprint of Inner Traditions Inc.

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