A Plea For Our Mother

A Plea For Our Mother
Mother Earth has suffered shockingly as a result of human ignorance, denial and narcissism for way too long. She lies bleeding at our feet and still we look away. But no more. Once Uranus begins its entry into Taurus in May 2018, the extent of our planet’s unbridled rage and unbounded love will become apparent in equal measure.

April 2018: It's Time To Be Hard As Steel, and Soft As Silk

April 2018: It's Time To Be Hard As Steel, and Soft As Silk
Whatever your priorities at this time, hold fast to the belief that you can manifest positive change in your own life. It may not be easy and there are often many forces which seem to be stacked against us when we try, but the evolutionary thrust which fuels human aspiration is more enduring than the obstacles which lie in wait.

Eris: The Radical Feminine Awakens

Eris: The Radical Feminine Awakens
Eris, in all her mighty glory, comes to set things straight. Eris knows the power of the feminine, the raw, primal force of childbirth, the fierce protection of a mother’s love, the enduring strength of a broken but embracing heart and the power of an awakened womb which nurtures deep within the hopes and dreams of generations.

Look Before You Leap! Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Look Before You Leap! Mercury Retrograde in SagittariusMercury stations retrograde in the final degree of Sagittarius, reminding us that sometimes it really is worth looking back before you leap. This retrograde passage of Mercury augurs a time for reflection on what inspires us to action, what gives our life meaning and how we can go about expressing those values in our every day.

How to Get the Best Out of a Black Moon Solar Eclipse!

How to Get the Best Out of a Black Moon!A black moon (August 21st 2017) is a particularly powerful new moon which augurs a significant new phase. We can use its energy to prepare for shifts in our inner and outer worlds so powerful they may change the very course of our life. Each black moon cycle lasts until the next black moon, two and a half to three years later...

Each Astrological Sign Has Its Difficulties

Each Astrological Sign Has Its DifficultiesWe all know people who show us the negative side of their Sun sign... every sign has its negative side. What is going on inside people when they display such negative behavior?

The Saturn Return Principle in the Cycles of Life

The Saturn Return Principle in the Cycles of LifeAt each Saturn Return, we experience the maximum pressure to conquer the weakness in ourselves that is blocking growth; we have the opportunity to pierce the resistance that is keeping us from breaking through into our greatest potential evolution.

Astrocartography: Choosing Where to Live by the Stars

Astrocartography: Choosing Where to Live by the StarsAstrocartography is the study of localities which are best suited to you according to your birth chart and power of astrology in our lives, specifically in respect to choosing a city or country in which to live.

How Can We Transcend Our Natal Charts?

How Can We Transcend Our Natal Charts?An important principle of depth astrology is that we can transcend our charts. As we develop a center within ourselves, learn to trust our inner guidance, and become more attuned to universal energies, we are less at the mercy of the stresses indicated by our planetary positions.

Mars in Aquarius: We Are the Battleground!

Mars in Aquarius: We Are the Battleground!While Mars enters Uranian realms and Uranus travels through Mars-ruled Aries, these two powerhouse planets join forces to wake us up and keep us moving whether we like it or not! Mars in Aquarius demands that we act in the interests of the whole, not the individual self.

October 2016: Razor-Sharp Truth and Compassionate Grace

October 2016: Razor-Sharp Truth and Compassionate GraceThe second half of October is characterised by dynamic, forthright energy which requires careful handling. As always, it’s our choice how we use it. If we muster as much conscious awareness as possible we can draw upon this energy to power our intentions...

Life, Love, and a New Moon in Libra

Life, Love, and a New Moon in LibraWe may be beset with all kinds of desires, passions, certainties and non-negotiables at the moment. Ice cold clarity is in the air. We are seeing, perhaps for the first time, the truth of our lives, of the false selves we have worked so hard to sustain, and the real Self neglected in the wings.

From Darkness Into Light: This Solar Eclipse is a Wake-Up Call

From Darkness Into Light: This Solar Eclipse is a Wake-Up CallThis solar eclipse highlights the adventure of living in the material world whilst embracing the unseen realms of energy and essence. This is the path of the everyday mystic who lives in communion with the divine whilst scrubbing the floor and fingernails, paying bills, earning a wage and putting out the rubbish. However we experience this eclipse at a personal level, the fundamental message will be the same...

Our Sacred Duty to Choose Well: The Message of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Our Sacred DutyIf there are difficult conversations to be had, the next three weeks may just be the time to have them, even though Mercury retrograde is usually characterised as bad for communication. In fact, painting it as such is just a simplification of a far more complex landscape. So bear in mind that whatever you read about this particular passage of Mercury Retrograde...

Progress Is Ours as Mars Enters Sagittarius

Progress Is Ours as Mars Enters SagittariusMars's entry into Sagittarius indicates a shift to a lighter and more future-focused energy. One which carries with it inspiration and excitement: a vision of possibility that motivates us to soldier on. If you’ve been wading through emotional...

Heart-Centered Rebellion: Living in Intense Times

Heart-Centered Rebellion: Living in Intense TimesWe live in intense times: intensely unpredictable, intensely beautiful, intensely unsettling, intensely transformational. Both the best and the worst are rising to the surface, revealed in their fullness for all to behold. These are times of opportunity, when we can change the course of so much and...

What's The Difference Between The Various Blue Moons?

What's The Difference Between Blue Moons: Seasonal, Calendrical, or AstrologicalEvery now and then you’ll hear that a full moon is designated a blue moon and therefore of particular astrological significance. But you may also notice that different people designate different moons as blue, which can get rather confusing! In fact, there are three different types of blue moon.

Revolution Within and Without: Claiming Our Power to Take a Stand

Revolution Within and Without: Claiming Our Power to Take a StandAt a planetary level Eris conjunct Uranus will shake things up like never before. Revolution is in the air and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! She is a warrior goddess for Mother Nature mobilised to protect her at any cost. Taking no prisoners she stands beside those who honour our great mother, confronting those who exploit her.

Sharing the True Self: Reflections on the New Moon

Sharing the True Self: Reflections on the New MoonThis New Moon augurs unexpected developments that may surprisingly ease progress despite conditions that indicate the opposite! Take nothing at face value right now. Remember, the universe is born of its own design... We simply cannot see the whole picture and much is destined to remain a mystery.

Mysterious Magic When Mercury Goes Retrograde

Mysterious Magic When Mercury Goes RetrogradeIf life has been somewhat puzzling of late, throwing up questions and queries we’ve struggled to address satisfactorily, this passage of Mercury retrograde offers hope in the form of new information, opportunities thus far overlooked and some good old fashioned common sense to ground insights.

Knowing When We Don’t Know: New Moon in Aries

Knowing When We Don’t Know: New Moon in AriesWe may find ourselves strangely liberated by something which, to all intents and purposes, looked set to bind us. Things prove not to be as they seemed and a way through a particular challenge may make itself known. But for this to happen a new perspective is called for.

On Meeting the Intensity of the Lunar Eclipse with Gentleness

On Meeting the Intensity of the Lunar Eclipse with GentlenessThere is much to be seen and understood at this time. The floodgates holding back the unconscious are opened by this eclipse and we may feel overwhelmed by what comes pouring through. But remember, whatever it is, it is only ourselves. You and me in our fullness: good and bad, positive and negative...

Redefining Ourselves: We Have Changed Beyond Recognition

Redefining Ourselves: We Have Changed Beyond RecognitionMarch continues and expands upon the central theme of February: the need to overcome complacency and take full responsibility for our lives, refusing to allow the future to be shaped by self-pity, stubborn resistance to change, or fearful avoidance of living life to its fullest. Remember: we have changed beyond recognition in recent years.

One Mighty Misperception Challenged by the Light of this Virgo Moon

One Mighty Misperception Challenged by the Light of this Virgo MoonLife, in all its often hectic confusion, can sometimes feel like a million individual plates we must keep spinning simultaneously or risk unbounded chaos, when in fact its disparate parts are simply many faces of the One that animates our being. We are one life, all of us. What happens outside and around us occurs also within and through us.

It's February: Time to Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

february varcas 2 2February may feel a lot more like the start of a new year than January did! With Mercury retrograde through much of last month we may have been busy tying up loose ends, sorting through matters that we thought were done and dusted and generally clearing the decks of unfinished business, be it practical, emotional or spiritual.

A Rude Awakening with Mercury Retrograde

cropped image of “Wheels on Fire” by Brian VarcasThis passage of Mercury speaks of unexpected and potentially very disruptive surprises which, nonetheless, lead to benefits in the long run. It may be hard to remember that, though, when life suddenly does an unforeseen u-turn or we are blind-sided when we least expect.

Preparing to Begin: January 2016

Preparing to Begin: January 2016This January is very much a month of getting down to business whether that means sorting out cupboards, paying outstanding bills, catching up on correspondence or deciding, once and for all, which bits of our life we’re definitely going to sort out his year! Don’t overlook the power of such seemingly inconsequential activities...

Within the Web of Awakening: December 2015

Within the Web of AwakeningDecember begins, fittingly perhaps, with reflection and blasts from the past, reminding us that we don’t leave our former selves behind as we change and grow, but instead better assimilate them into the fuller, more authentic and effective self that arises out of deep enquiry.

September 2015: Be Life, Don’t Just Live It!

September 2015: Be Life, Don’t Just Live It!Welcome to one of the most powerful months of 2015! With two eclipses, one occurring at a Super Moon, Mercury turning retrograde, Saturn entering Sagittarius, Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn and Venus completing its retrograde journey through Leo, there’s something for everyone and not a dull moment!

August 2015: Small Acts Carry Great Power and Profound Influence

August 2015: Small Acts and Tiny Steps Carry Great Power and Profound Influence‘Gently does it’ is probably the best advice for the coming month, not to be confused with ‘don’t do anything’, which is most definitely not! There’s much to be done throughout August, as we initiate action on some of our recent plans, remedying a lack of earth energy since mid May. August may begin to feel like something of a ‘back down to earth with a bump’ month!

Independently Entwined: Venus Retrograde 25th July – 6th September 2015

Independently Entwined: Venus Retrograde 25th July – 6th September 2015Venus in Leo is flamboyant and demonstrative, passionate and radiant, but in the subtle shaping hands of Virgo she knows that the most reliable self-confidence is born of detailed self-knowledge: familiarity with the twists and turns of one’s psyche and their influence upon our well-being and relationships. When retrograde, Venus reveals the underbelly of those relationships...

Creative Awakening throughout the month of June

Creative Awakening throughout the month of JuneThe month ahead comes with a fluid and creative underlying energy, gentle yet powerful, bringing to mind deep currents beneath a still surface. It’s time to embrace our creativity whatever that means for us. We don’t have to be Picasso or Beethoven to do this. No ‘talent’ is needed, no standards to be met.

Mercury Retrograde and The Great Attractor

Mercury Retrograde and The Great AttractorMercury stationed retrograde at 1:44 am GMT on 19th May 2015, and remains in its own sign, Gemini, throughout its retrograde passage. Practically speaking, this is an inquisitive Mercury, seeking information and answers, reviewing events of the past three months, wondering about relationships and connections with others and generally taking stock and sorting through unfinished business. It efficiently clears the decks of outstanding matters, enabling positive progress in the months to come.

Is Astrology Divination or Science?

Is Astrology Divination or Science?Divination is a word that is often loosely used to mean a type of intuition. The highest processes of what we do in any art or science involve this wonderful intuitive capacity. Put that way, we could all agree, "Fine, astrology is divination, but so what?" My purpose here today is to raise the "so what?"

Honesty is the Best Policy: Sharing Thoughts and Feelings Authentically

Honesty is the Best PolicyMay 2015 raises the issue of relationship: with ourselves, each other and our environment both near and far. We simply cannot go it alone, is the basic message of this month, nor can we expect others to do it for us. It is time to take full responsibility for ourselves whilst simultaneously recognising that we do nothing in isolation.

Choosing the Cliff Edge: Life After the Uranus/Pluto Square

Choosing the Cliff Edge: Life After the Uranus/Pluto SquareMany people have been shaken awake, forced to confront themselves and their lives, the consequences of choices previously made and the impact of living a half-life in the shadows of possibility for so long. It has been a time of both trauma and ecstasy, challenge and liberation. The initiation into the Aquarian Age has well and truly begun.

Keeping It Real and Anchoring Deep Truth Into Our Every Day Consciousness

Keeping It Real and Anchoring Deep Truth Into Our Every Day ConsciousnessThis month’s astrology has the feel of Fresher’s Week at university, when arriving students are oriented to their new life. Choices abound and the air is heavy with potential and possibility. Excitement is everywhere, fuelled by a new-found freedom alongside anxiety, homesickness and sometimes a hefty dose of fear. We are those students and life the university.

Black Moon Rising: Straddling the Piscean and Aquarian Ages

Black Moon Rising: Straddling the Ages From Pisces to AquariusYou may be wondering what sign this New Moon is in and what’s a Black Moon? Answering the second question is easier than the first: a Black Moon is the second New Moon during the Sun’s journey through a single zodiac sign (known as a ‘solar month’). The answer to the first question is a little more complex...

Wiping the Slate Clean

February 2015: Wiping the Slate CleanFebruary looks set to be one of the most powerful months of the year. The change demanded by the burgeoning Aquarian Age blows apart preconceptions and prejudices, challenges long held notions of right and wrong and upholds Truth with a capital ‘T’ in the face of half truths, deceptions and lies so cosy and familiar we barely know they’re there...

Don’t React, Reflect!

January 2015: Don’t React, Reflect!

This month we must look around with fresh eyes at those aspects of our lives we know best – be they physical possessions, thoughts, feelings or attachments – to establish which have outlived their usefulness...

Playing Our Part for the Planet

December 2014: Playing Our Part for the PlanetThis month begins with an opportunity to look after each other and recognise the vulnerability of our shared humanity. We all have our own personal battles to fight, our fears and anxieties, shame and grief. No one is immune to these fundamental challenges...

Inside Out Change

November 2014: Inside Out ChangeIn November, Pluto aligns with Uranus and Chiron for a relationship which continues until February 2015. This alignment points a way through challenges and out the other side. It invites us to actively engage with any areas of struggle in our lives now and to do so with a wholehearted commitment to...

2014: Mercury Retrograde Awareness

Marcury Retrograde Awareness by Erin Sullivan

When we struggle against the inevitable, or strive to alter the unavoidable timing of Mercury, we oppose the tao of existence. Therefore, understanding the principles of transiting Mercury retrograde as it moves through the elements maximizes potential within a natural rhythm.

Patient Compassion and Compassionate Patience

October 2014: Patient Compassion and Compassionate Patience

The first week of October plays out against the backdrop of a square between Mars and Chiron which reminds us that the imperative to heal comes hand in hand with the responsibility to do so not for our own personal gain but to ultimately bring the collective back into a state of balance...

Times They Are A-Changin’

September 2014: Times They Are A-Changin’After the intense pressure (both positive and negative) many have experienced during August, September 2014 comes as something of a relief! It offers a break of sorts during which we can catch our breath, take some time out and settle into our ‘new normal’.

Super Moon, Super Month!

August 2014: Super Moon, Super Month!The first week of August 2014 is characterized by a combination of sensitivity and inner drive which could turn us into something of a martyr if we let it, but come August 4th, Neptune begins to lend a helping hand reminding us that sometimes the best progress is made when we take our foot off the accelerator and allow...

The Mystery of Free Will: Aquarius and the Awakening of Consciousness

The Mystery of Free Will: Aquarius and the Awakening of Consciousness

As a spiritual force in humanity's evolution, the Aquarian Age is important on several levels. It can open us to a reconciliation of our divine and human natures, by ushering in a more practical approach that manifests our spirituality in everyday contexts. But another aspect of this era's spiritual importance centers on the mysterious principle of free will.

2012: Nemesis or Enlightenment?

2012: Nemesis or Enlightenment? by Mike Bara

There do appear to be two astrological configurations which argue that December 21st, 2012 will be a nexus point or at least the beginning of a significant transition for humanity. The chart indicates that our consciousness will be in state of conflict. We will face many choices about our...

Never Date A Pisces

Never Date A Pisces - Pisces TraitsIs your ideal lover someone who just loves "Air Supply" and Barry Manilow? Someone who starts crying at the beginning of Walt Disney reruns?

Never Date An Aquarius

Never Date An Aquarius - Aquarius TraitsIf you just adore folks with hot pink hair (on the half of their head that isn't shaved), rows of small pierced silver rings in the most interesting places

Never Date A Capricorn

Never Date A Capricorn - Capricorn TraitsAre you in the market for a lover who's ultra responsible, In Charge, and Right On Top Of Things? In other words, a workaholic who takes their organizer, cell-phone, and portable fax machine everywhere

Never Date A Sagittarius

Never Date A Sagittarius - Sagittarius Traits

Getting a Sag to fall for you is a piece of cake. They're really good at falling, tripping, stumbling, etc. In fact, Sags can injure themselves worse just walking down the street than most

Never Date A Scorpio

Never Date A Scorpio - Scorpio TraitsLooking for a lover who will automatically suspect you of lying at all times? Someone who will be obsessively jealous of everyone around you, regardless of their age or sex?

Never Date A Libra

Never Date A Libra - Libra TraitsDon't ever ask a Libra a question that involves a choice unless you want to camp out wherever you happen to be while they're trying to choose

Never Date A Virgo

Never Date A Virgo - Virgo TraitsIf you're thinking of dating a Virgo, your best bet is to invest in a lint brush, some spearmint dental floss, and an expensive pair of double-thick, lined, sanitized, yellow rubber gloves.

Never Date A Leo

Never Date A Leo - Leo TraitsLooking for an easygoing, low-maintenance, and independent partner? Someone who can always roll with the punches, never takes anything personally, and is always able to separate their ego from the situation at hand?

Never Date A Cancer

Never Date A Cancer - Cancer TraitsCancers are known to be private types who are fond of their homes and very, very tight with their families. Don't ask them any personal questions for at least a year, regardless of whether or not you're married by then.

Never Date A Gemini

Never Date A Gemini - Gemini TraitsGeminis aren't nearly as fickle as folks make them out to be. They're just, oh,....easily distracted. If you're dating a Gemini, always have Plan B ready

Never Date A Taurus

Never Date A Taurus - Taurus TraitsDon't date a Taurus if you're not Looking For A Relationship, because once you ask them out they'll consider themselves engaged and want to shop for rings.

Never Date An Aries

Never Date An Aries - Aries TraitsLooking for a lover who's mature, gentle, thoughtful, considerate, and entirely unselfish? Well, then, don't even consider dating an Aries.

Are You In Love with an Aquarius?

Love with an Aquarius - Aquarius Compatibility and Aquarius TraitsIf you are in love with an Aquarius, give him or her a very long leash and your respect. This is one of the most freedom-oriented of all the signs and this individual will not tolerate nagging or any cramping of his(her) style.

Are You In Love with an Aries?

Love with an Aries - Aries Compatibility and Aries TraitsIf you are in love with an Aries man or woman, give this person flattery and firmness. Aries like to be noticed and will bask in the glow of your affection and attention.

Are You In Love with an Cancer?

Love with an Cancer - Cancer Compatibility and Cancer TraitsIf you are in love with a Cancer man or woman, give him or her your understanding. This is a sensitive soul who needs to be brought out of the shell with attention and discussion. Patience is important here as often (but not always) this individual is quiet or shy.

Are You In Love with a Capricorn?

Love with a Capricorn - Capricorn Compatibility and Capricorn TraitsIf you are in love with a Capricorn man or woman, give him or her encouragement and support. This is one honey who will work diligently to provide you with the best that money can buy and all you have to do is notice. Quiet and competent, he or she goes about business with a professional attitude and a desire to please.

Are You In Love with a Gemini?

Love with a Gemini - Gemini Compatibility and Gemini TraitsIf you are in love with a Gemini man or woman, give him or her elusivity and a lot of space alone. This individual needs a great deal of stimulation to stay interested and you will be much more appealing if you have some interests and friends of your own.

Are You In Love with a Leo?

Love with a Leo - Leo Compatibility and Leo TraitsIf you are in love with a Leo man or woman, the most important thing you can give him or her is your attention. This is one mate who will charm and caress you, make passionate love with you, dance with you into the wee hours of the morning, give you the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

Are You In Love with a Libra?

Love with a Libra - Libra Compatibility and Libra TraitsIf you are in love with a Libra man or woman, give him or her your attention and your company. This is one individual who truly wants to share as much as possible in life and will be a faithful and dedicated partner if given the chance

Are You In Love with a Pisces?

Love with a Pisces - Pisces Compatibility and Pisces TraitsIf you are in love with a Pisces man or woman, give him or her attention and sympathy. You have met here an individual who will quietly listen to the tales of your days -- good and bad -- and desires only the same consideration in return.

Are You In Love with a Sagittarius?

Love with a Sagittarius - Sagittarius Compatibility and Sagittarius TraitsIf you are in love with a Sagittarius man or woman, give him or her freedom and honesty. This is one honey who will resist any and all efforts to be pinned down too definitively and you would do best to understand this from the start. He(she) needs plenty of rope.

Are You In Love with a Scorpio?

Love with a Scorpio - Scorpio Compatibility and Scorpio TraitsIf you are in love with a Scorpio man or woman, give him or her your full attention and devotion. Sharp as a tack, this person definitely notices everything. You will be able to keep no secrets here; this individual is an expert at ferreting them out.

Are You In Love with a Taurus?

Love with a Taurus - Taurus Compatibility and Taurus Traits

If you are in love with a Taurus man or woman, understand that this person is a one-woman man or a one-man woman (unless Gemini predominates elsewhere in the natal chart). Primarily interested in security, this being is looking to settle down

Are You In Love with a Virgo?

Love with a Virgo - Virgo Compatibility and Virgo TraitsIf you love a Virgo, give him or her attention to detail. Some -- but not all -- Virgos are neatniks and cannot stand living in a mess. Others need for you to acknowledge their ideas or accomplishments

The Moon Rules Our Need for Security

moon and security

The Moon rules your basic sense of security, which early parenting influences in a crucial but unconscious way. It comes from the way the infant is held, how it is fed, and how it is responded to when it cries -- whether all these things are done with love, with anxiety, with indifference, or even with hostility.

Your Moon Sign: How To Deal with Emotions

astrology elements moon signs

The Moon in our chart shows our emotions and how we deal with them, as well as how we respond to the emotions of people around us. This relates back to the nurturing we had as a very young child. How well our parents responded to our emotional expressions has a great deal to do with...

The Solar or Yearly Cycle

solar and yearly cycle

Like the moon, the sun exerts a cyclic pull on us, but the pull is much stronger -- it's what keeps the earth in orbit, determines the seasons, and keeps us all alive. The sun's cycle, 365+ days, serves very much as an overall personal energy and health cycle and often determines...

Are You In Love With?

Are You In Love With...

by Celeste B. Longacre. Ah, love! Who among us hasn't dreamed of the real thing; soul mates together for all time? Happiness and joy with ease for eternity? Some day, somewhere, my Prince (or Princess) will come... surely?

Moon In Aquarius: About Aquarius as a Moon Sign

Moon In Aquarius : About The Aquarius  Moon SignHere the Moon shines with a clear brilliance, as on a frosty winter's night. There is real glamour and dynamic power of attraction, and those coming into contact with a Moon in Aquarius type

Aquarius Rising Sign - Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Rising Sign - Aquarius AscendantThe inherent need for independence, and the Aquarius flair and originality, will be present but may not be immediately apparent. As far as general impressions are concerned, the qualities that make the Sun-sign Aquarian "different" and individual may not strike those who only know people with Aquarius rising, and only know them somewhat superficially.


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