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Our life, each day, is basically a blank page of paper. Whatever was written yesterday, or before, is another page, one that can no longer be changed. However, every morning we are presented with a blank page... a new page in the story of our life. This is such a great power, a great opportunity. We get to choose what will appear on our page... what emotions, what thoughts, what actions will be written on the page of our life today.

This week, we bring you articles to assist you in your choices... Our authors share their experiences, their perspectives, their knowledge and insights, in order to help you choose how you will fill the pages of your life story... today and every day.

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Marie T. Russell
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"


The Three Principles of the Success Paradox

 Gary C. Cooper

two pictures - one with a dead tree and other with a flourishing tree with butterflies

By all the usual measurements, I was successful and living the American dream at full speed. But my success came at a great cost to my health and rela­tionships...

Writing a Letter to My Children to Read in the Year 2050

 Elizabeth Cripps

a mystical setting with a woman and an old clock

I’ve decided to write a letter to my daughters in 2050. But when I pick up my pen, I can’t do it. My brain is too crowded with images of a mid-century that I may not live to see.

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Self-Responsibility: The Key to Owning Your Past... and Your Power

 Friedemann Schaub, M.D., Ph.D.

a smiling young woman

Although you may know you’re a good person who has something to offer the world, when your victim pattern runs your life, you inevitably feel stifled and trapped by people you’ve encountered in the past or are dealing with now.

Unleashing Your Language Superpower: The Magic Words That Transform Lives

 Robert Jennings,

 word superpower 6 22

Everyone wishes they had a superpower. Well, you’ve had a secret power since childhood; you just don’t know how to use it yet. That’s the power of language.

 How to Connect with Trees for Communication and Healing

 Jen Frey

a tree in the yard of an old church

I believe my journey with Plant communication began with Mulberry—although it may have started before I could even imagine. Do we ever really know when a journey begins?

How to Work With & Increase Your Connection to Your Guides

 Lisa Campion

06 23 spiritual guidance 2962596 1280

In all the readings that I have done over the years, I have never met anyone that didn’t have a whole team of guides with them.

Can Witnessing Death Shorten the Lifespan of Humans and Animals?

 Robert Jennings,

time is running out 6 16

Death, an inevitable aspect of life, is perhaps one of the most complex phenomena we encounter. It stirs profound emotions and existential questions, not just in humans but in many animals as well.

Gas Stoves and Indoor Air Pollution: The Hidden Dangers of Benzene Exposure

 Robert Jennings,

why gas stoves are dangerous 6 22

A recent study found that the combustion process in gas stoves can significantly raise indoor levels of a carcinogenic chemical called benzene, which is linked to a higher risk of blood cell cancers, including leukemia.

Can These 7 Methods Really Stop Mosquitos?

 Maisie Vollans

stoping mosquitoes 6 23

Everyone has a friend who gets covered in mosquito bites and a friend who doesn’t get a single one. That’s because mosquitoes use their sense of smell to find people to bite, and some people smell better to them.

When Are People More Likely To Drink Heavily?

 Robin Bailey and Adrian Wells

drinking the blues away 6 23

There’s a long-held belief that people drink alcohol in excess to drown their sorrows. But recent research into mood and drinking has found the opposite is also true.

How Feminine Images Challenge Authoritarian Regimes

 Daniel Merino and Nehal El-Hadi

women activism 6 22

Modern protest movements, like the ongoing protests in Iran, often center around women who have been killed or harmed by agents of authoritarian governments.

How Will AI Affect Workers?

 Bhaskar Chakravorti

how ai will affect workers 6 22

The explosion of interest in artificial intelligence has drawn attention not only to the astonishing capacity of algorithms to mimic humans but to the reality that these algorithms could displace many humans in their jobs.

Google vs. Microsoft: The Battle for AI Dominance Intensifies

 Yali Du

 google vs microsoft in AL 6 21

The companies’ financial support for AI has pushed an ongoing rivalry in to the public spotlight. Google’s struggle for dominance with Microsoft is increasingly at the forefront of discussions about AI’s future success.

Hurricanes Are Boosting Long-term Ocean Warming, New Research Shows

 Noel Gutiérrez Brizuela and Sally Warner

hurricanes and ocean warming 6 20

When a hurricane hits land, the destruction can be visible for years or even decades. Less obvious, but also powerful, is the effect hurricanes have on the oceans.

Is Hot Yoga Good For You? Exploring The Science Behind The Sweat

 Ash Willmott and Jessica Mee

hot yoga 6 20

Hot yoga also known as Bikram yoga (more on that later) has gained significant popularity in recent years as a fairly ferocious form of exercise. It combines yoga poses and breathing exercises and is practised in a heated studio – with room temperatures close to 40°C.

The Flavorful Secrets of Spices: Exploring How Plants Create Taste Sensations

 Beronda L. Montgomery

sent spices 6 20

I love savory and spicy foods. Lasagna laden with basil and oregano. Beautifully golden curries infused with turmeric, or rice flavored with saffron.

Unraveling the Link Between Inflammation and Heart Disease

 Robert Byrne and JJ Coughlan

heart attack signs 6 20

Most people know that the risk factors for heart disease are high blood pressure, smoking, raised cholesterol and being overweight. However, many people who have a heart attack do not have any of these traditional risk factors.

Training Taste Buds for Health: How Genes and Diet Shape Our Sense of Taste

 Monica Dus

training taste buds for health 6 20

Our ability to sense sweetness, as well as other tastes, involves a delicate dance between our genetic makeup and the foods we encounter from the womb to the dinner table.

Discover Your Money Personality: Which of the 5 Are You?

 Ayesha Scott and Aaron Gilbert

DiscoverYourMoneyPersonality 6 19

New research has identified five distinct money personalities that can help explain how different people manage their money.

Inequality and Heatwaves: How Social Factors Shape Your Experience

 Laurie Parsons

a worker outside in the heat pouring water on his face

Global heating has increased the likelihood of temperature extremes, but your exposure to them is not solely determined by the climate.

Matriarchs in the Animal Kingdom: The Power of Female-led Societies

 Tim Clutton Brock


Of mice and matriarchs: the female led societies of the animal kingdom.
(see video section below for video version)

At The Brink

While, we at InnerSelf, strive to present an inspiring and positive view of life and events, at times, an approach is needed that is a bit more harsh when the truths are glaring and need to be addressed. That is what this section At The Brink does: shed light on issues that are urgent for humanity and the planet. 

Is Authoritarianism Coming For The American Dream?

 Robert Jennings,

coming for the american dreaqm 6 23

In the current political landscape, a concerning revelation has emerged regarding the Republicans and their alleged three-step plan to establish a fascist regime in the United States.

Dangerous Conflation of Partisan and Political: Unveiling the Fascist Tendencies

 Lawrence Torcello

beware fascism 6 20

“The personal is political!” is a well-known rallying cry, originally used by left-leaning activists, including feminists, to emphasize the role of government in personal lives and systemic oppression.

The Uptake

Understanding Inflation: The FED's Role and Media's Impact

inflation shopping 6 23

The United States has had many periods of moderate inflation, punctuated by hyperinflation and deflation, each profoundly impacting the economy and society. 

The Legacy That Is Rupert Murdoch and Fox News

 Denis Muller

murdoch legacy 6 20

Carl Sagan said that in order to understand the present, it’s necessary to know the past. Nowhere does this apply with greater force than to the Australian media and its place in the nation’s power structure.

The Week's Daily Inspirations

Trust Your Dreams

June 23-24-25, 2023 - Premodern cultures assigned the dream an important place in daily life. Individuals expected to receive dream advice on how to treat a health problem or prepare for a journey.

I Can Do It!

June 22, 2023 - The biggest block to accessing our intuition and inner wisdom is thinking we can't. As soon as we doubt our ...

Leave the Past Behind

June 21, 2023 - Your past may be loaded with pain, suffering, and difficulty, but you are trying to build a new life. Leave the past where it was...

Your Actions Matter

June 20, 2023 - It is in the real world that awakening and development need to occur, not off in remote solitude.

Letting Go of Control

June 19, 2023 - For years, I was most definitely what you might term a "controller." The controlling made me feel safe. 

This Week's Astrological Overview

Astrological Overview & Horoscope: June 26-July 2, 2023

 Pam Younghans

planet neptune

This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

For the link to the video version of the Astrological Journal, see Video section below.

Videos Added to YouTube This Week

Astrological Overview: June 26 - July 2, 2023

Self-Responsibility: The Key to Owning Your Past... and Your Power

Why We Drink Heavily?

Choose The Best Mosquito Repellent

How to Connect with Trees for Communication and Healing

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration June 23-24-25, 2023

Magic Words To Transform Your Life

The Hidden Dangers of Gas Stoves

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration June 22, 2023

Three Principles of Success

The Battle for AI Dominance

Is Hot Yoga Good For You?

Hurricanes Are Boosting Long-term Ocean Warming

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration June 21, 2023

Does This Shorten Your Lifespan?

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration June 20, 2023

Discover Your Money Personality

The Power of Female-led Societies

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration June 19, 2023

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