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I have experienced my own guides my whole life, so it doesn’t seem like a strange concept to me. In fact, my very first memory is of lying in my crib and being sur­rounded by a group of luminous beings. They were waving, smiling, cooing, and blowing me kisses, and I felt so much love for them and from them. Then my mother came in through the door and walked right through them, clearly without seeing them. This is not only my first memory of guides, but it’s my first memory ever!

In all the readings that I have done over the years, I have never met anyone that didn’t have a whole team of guides with them. Even people who would never consider the possibility that they have spiritual help here still have guides with them. You don’t have to know about them in order to have them still assist you.

A psychic that I knew long ago told me that he believed that our world was popu­lated with equal amounts of living humans, benevolent spirit guides, and less helpful disincarnate entities and that this is a unique situation in the cosmos. This rings true to me, and although I am not sure why there is such a preponderance of spiritual beings here, it does correlate with my experience.

Many different types of beings can be on our spirit guide team, and who is with us can change over time, depending on where we are in our life’s journey. Some guides stay with us our whole life and even appear in many, or all, of our lifetimes; others come and go as we need them. Some are personal and work only with us, like your Uncle Julio, while others work with whoever calls them in, like Mother Mary.

Assuming our guides are actually real and are very powerful beings, it’s easy to wonder why they don’t just handle all our problems for us. There are certain parame­ters involved here that include rules and agreements that are important to understand about this type of relationship.

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How Our Guides Operate in Our Lives

There are rules about how our guides can operate in our lives. For the most part, they can’t violate our free will. Free will is one of the most important laws of this dimen­sion.

Our choices have a lot of power, and guides can’t overwrite the choices we make; they can’t save us from the results of our choices either. They may whisper into our ear “Are you sure you really want to do that?” but they can’t stop us if we are about to make a bad decision.

Except when they do.

There are times when your guides will show up and literally save your life. You might have heard stories about mysterious strangers who materialize from nowhere and pull someone out of the burning wreckage of their car and then are never seen again. These things do happen, but it is a mystery to me why sometimes they save you and sometimes they don’t. I wonder if we all have a few “get out of jail free” cards that we can use in these cases.

I remember jumping off the roof of my parents’ garage when I was a kid, since I was absolutely certain that I could actually fly. Of course, gravity predictably kicked in and I fell. I swear that I felt an angelic hand grab me by my ankle, slow my fall, and move me about three feet from the hard driveway to the nice squishy compost pile. I was bruised and got the wind knocked out of me but was relatively undamaged.

We do sometimes get that miracle, and sometimes we don’t. Maybe it’s because we’ve used up our miracles already. Or maybe it’s because it was our appointed time to go. Or perhaps we do need to learn to deal with the results of our choices even if that means game over. However, it is best to take full responsibility for your choices, your thoughts, words, and deeds since that is how we grow and mature spiritually.

Live and Learn

Our guides can’t and won’t take away our lessons for us. We all have things to learn here, and mostly we do that by making choices and then experiencing the con­sequences of our own actions. When we are rescued from having to deal with these consequences, we lose the opportunity to learn from them and can end up making the same mistakes over and over again.

If you are a parent, you wouldn’t do your kids’ homework for them, right? If you did, they wouldn’t really learn anything, might fail their test, or end up not knowing something that they should know later in life when they really need it. In just the same way, our guides will offer compassion, support, hints, and clues to an easier path, but they won’t take away the hard work of living from us.

The same is true for the free will of other people. It’s no use asking your guides to “make” someone do something you want them to. Overriding other people’s free will is a form of black magic, and therefore it is something your guides certainly won’t do—and neither should you.

I am not saying you shouldn’t pray or send good juju to someone, but just try and check your agenda at the door. Your guides have limited ability to protect other people, but the exception to this is with children. You can send your angels off with your children for general protection, and they will do what they can. And, of course, we use common sense, right? Please do pray and ask your angels to protect you while you are on a road trip, but do your part by wearing your seat belt and driving sensibly.

Some of us—these tend to be people who don’t like being told what to do—have guides that work with us in a very hands-off way. If you are a person who likes to do things yourself and figure things out on your own, then your guides will have a lighter touch with you. They might make suggestions, or they may not offer any suggestions at all until you ask them directly for help.

Ask For Help on a Daily Basis

You can increase your connection with your guides if you ask for help on a daily basis. This helps them connect with us, since we are engaging our free will by asking for help.

There are days when I ask for help before my feet even hit the floor in the morning: Hey Team, I am not sure what I need today, but please just help me! Or we might ask more directly for things like courage, healing, compassion, or clarity from our guides.

The Rules That Guides Follow

Here are some good rules of thumb to keep in mind about working with your guides.

* It’s a relationship that needs to be nurtured, and the more time you spend trying to communicate with them, the more they will show up.

* They can’t detour around your free will or take away the consequences of your own actions and choices.

* They are here to empower you, not take away your power. Don’t fall into the trap of asking them to make your decisions for you or shuffling off your personal responsibilities onto them.

* They won’t interfere with the free will of others either, so although sometimes we can ask our guides to help out others, they can’t and won’t go against someone else’s free will.

* Real guides are never mean or critical, nor would they tell you to do something harmful to yourself or anyone else.

Now you understand the basic rules of engagement that we have with our guides.

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