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One way to learn how to trust our psychic hits is by using a pendulum. Pendulums are great tools for confirming or denying a psychic hit.

A pendulum is a divination tool that is usually made from a pointed crystal that hangs from a chain or string. They can be made from any material, including brass, copper, or even plastic. You can pur­chase quite beautiful and elaborate ones in New Age shops, and Etsy has some very beautiful ones. They don’t have to be fancy though; a pendulum can be as simple as a safety pin on a piece of string. When I need one and don’t have mine handy, I just use whatever necklace I am wearing.

Picking out a pendulum can be fun. Find one that really resonates with you, and tap into your intuition to help you pick one out. I prefer heavier metal ones made from copper or brass, but many people love the ones made from crystals and gemstones. If you are choosing one from a shop, ask that pendulum if it is the right one for you. Here is the best way to work with your pendulum:

Clear and Attune Your Pendulum

Once you get your pendulum, you need to clear any residual energy from it, especially if it’s made from crystal. Sage it, put it in a bowl of salt, or leave it on the windowsill in the sun.

Next, attune the pendulum to your own energy; since it works through vibration and resonance, it works better if it’s cleared of all energy except for yours. Carry it in your pocket for a day to attune the pendulum to your own energy.

Find Your Yes / No / I-Don’t-Know

The point of using a pendulum is to quickly receive a yes, no, or I-don’t-know-answer to your questions. To determine your pendulum’s yes/no/I-don’t-know answer, follow these steps:

  1. Put your elbow on a table and hold the chain or string of the pendulum between your thumb and first finger. Don’t drape it over your finger, just hold it between your thumb and forefinger. Some people find better accuracy when they use their nondominant hand for this. I like keeping the chain short, maybe five or six inches long. You can tuck the rest of the chain into your palm if it’s longer than that.

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  2. Ask your pendulum to show you a yes. It might swing back and forth, around in a circle, or stay perfectly still. This is your yes answer. You can test this by asking a question that you know the answer to. In my case, I might ask, “Is my name Lisa?”

  3. Ask your pendulum to show you a no. For me, yes is around in a circle and no is back and forth, but find out what it is for you. Check this against a question that you know has a no answer.

  4. Now ask it to show you the “I-don’t-know” movement.

  5. For any of these questions, you might get no movement or chaotic movement, in a circle, clockwise or counterclockwise, or back and forth. There is no right way for the pendulum to swing, only what is right for you. Ideally, we want a consistent and distinctive movement for yes, no, and I don’t know.

Many people go through this every time they use their pendulum, which is totally fine. Mine, however, has been consistent for many years.

Observing how the pendulum swings gives you an immediate yes/no/I-don’t-know answer, which is very useful when we want to confirm or deny a psychic hit. Let’s say, for example, that you wake up in the middle of the night and you sense the presence of a spirit around you. Your first impression is that it is your Uncle Fred, who recently passed away, but you soon begin to doubt your hit. You can use your pendulum to get instant confirmation on whether it really is Uncle Fred or not. 

Your pendulum might give you a strong yes that it is Uncle Fred, so you know your first hit was correct. Or maybe it isn’t Uncle Fred. You can then use a series of questions to find out who or what was there. Over time, using the pendulum as confirmation really helps us to build our confidence that we are getting accurate psychic impressions.

How and Why Does a Pendulum Work?

Pendulums work in a few different ways. The pendulum “reads” the energy that is around it, first by picking up on your energy so that your own inner guidance will come through it. In this case, your own energy field moves the pendulum. It’s also easy for our guides to speak to us directly through it.

Pendulums are excellent for reading the energy of people, places, and things, which is a psychic skill called dowsing. Reading energy in this way is perhaps the best, most accurate, and most useful application of a pendulum.

I remember being a teenager and using a pendulum as a divination tool. It was my favorite one (next to my Magic 8 Ball). I would ask it quite complex questions and always be sadly disappointed when it was inaccurate. “Does the person that I am crushing on like me?” “Are they my one true soul mate?” and “Am I going to get invited to the party?”

If I didn’t like the answer, I would ask over and over again until the pendulum stopped working all together. I could practi­cally feel my spirit guides rolling their eyes and recommending that I just live in the moment.

There is a reason why this strategy isn’t successful. Pendulums have limitations as a divination tool, since it’s almost impossible to break down our complex human experiences into binary yes/no equations. This is why we add the “I don’t know” option, since there are many things that are unknowable.

Our realities are too complex to be broken down into a simple yes/no, so we must add in the possibility that the question you ask is unknowable in the moment. But for our purposes, we will ask very clear questions of it—questions that are specifically about getting confirmation of your psychic impressions. And the trick is to ask very specific yes/no questions. “Is this presence that I feel Uncle Fred?” is a great yes/no question.

Be mindful that you don’t ask multiple questions rolled into one, like “Is this Uncle Fred, or someone else?” Two-part questions will yield inaccurate results.

Be careful not to become dependent on the pendulum, or any divination tool, to make decisions about your own life. I have seen people discover this tool and then start to abdicate their decisions about their own lives to the pendulum. You know that you have gone over the edge if you ask the pendulum if you should wear the blue shirt or the red one today, or if you should have pizza or Chinese food for dinner. We need to continue to be the captains of our lives, make our decisions, and not give our power away to a divination tool.

PSYCHIC TIP: Try Closing Your Eyes

If you are worried that your own mind, opinions, hopes, and fears are impacting and manipulating the pendulum, try doing it with your eyes closed. Always begin with a grounding and centering practice. Take a few clearing breaths.

Ask your question, being as specific as you can, and then close your eyes. Once you feel the pendulum move, you can open your eyes to see what it is doing. This helps take our own mind out of the equation and gives a cleaner answer. 

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