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One of my favorite dishes at Chinese restaurants used to be Sweet and Sour anything... I loved the tangy "sour" flavor combined with the sweetness in the sauce.

I think that "sweet and sour" is an apt description for life... some sweetness mixed in with some sour, or in a non-food comparison, light mixed with dark. Many of us would probably prefer to only have the sweet experiences of life. However, at this time, on this planet, that is not our reality. We have a bit of a smorgasbord of events and experiences -- some sweet, some sour. 

The key may be to discover the sweetness that is embedded even in the sour moments. A hurricane brings out the helpfulness in neighbors, an injury encourages people to empathize, a crying child brings out the desire to comfort and help, etc.

So, rather than focusing on the sour aspects of life, we can choose to notice the sweet experiences that can be hidden in the sour moments. And more than that, we can choose to add some love, caring and compassion to life's recipe, and thus increase the total amount of sweetness in the world.

The Power of Intent

If we start off with the thought that we "won't succeed" at something, since the Universe responds to what we say and think, it interprets that as a request... that we not succeed. After all, didn't we just state, or project, that we wouldn't? 

This is why our intention is such a powerful tool in everyday life. We must...

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