It's Time To Awaken The Higher Brain

It's Time To AwakenThe Higher Brain

The level of complexity of our modern world has exceeded our dominant biological/cognitive capacities to fully process and create meaning from this complexity. This ‘overload’ further activates the stress brain. The old lower stress brain arrests the energy from going to the prefrontal cortex and other higher brain structures.

The old lower reptilian brain is designed to keep you from being eaten by a tiger. In the modern world, that reptilian brain experiences a thousand little tigers daily. Stress decreases healing and clarity and reduces meaning in life by keeping us out of the higher brain.

The higher brain does the opposite, it turns on your body’s ability to rejuvenate and feel a sense of inner calm and meaning. That feeling of well-being is meant to be your natural state. However, with all the demands of the modern world, we can’t keep the higher brain turned on, and stress instead becomes our baseline. In fact, at no time in history has this new higher brain ever been fully awakened. Most of humanity’s history has been one of survival; hyper-vigilance in the environment was needed to stay alive long enough to eat and procreate.

Waking Up The Higher Brain

We are past that point, however, the old reptilian brain is still there processing the world before the higher brain even knows it. The good news is that the higher brain can be awakened in everyone, and the more it is energized, the more the center of gravity shifts from lower brain dominance to the higher brain. We have the architecture, and we are only now finding out how to use it! This is where your future is!

While the higher brain is awakened your body and mind are more flexible and reorganizing, the rejuvenation response is active, and stress is releasing. Now is the time to make change! Now introduce, yoga, massage therapy, chiropractic, cranial sacral therapy, energy work, body work, acupressure, or any other effective life-enhancement methods and they will be received and integrated and lead to greater outcomes! Timing is everything.

Creating Quantum Improvements

As your higher brain is energized, stress is released, your body is rejuvenated, and you are now ripe for positive change. Introducing any of the above-mentioned methods at the time the higher brain is energized leads to quantum change because you have recruited the power and wisdom of your higher brain to metabolize the effects. At the time of higher brain engagement you are not locked in the lower brain resisting change – you are in the process of rejuvenating while these other effective techniques are introduced into your body/mind.

Here’s how this breakthrough works and how small amounts of something productive can lead to dramatic quantum improvements.

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Suppose you had a Westinghouse blender full of water. Imagine that the water in the blender represents your body. In our metaphor, water molecules in the blender = cells in your body.


pretend that you have a dropper of dark green colored liquid in your hand.


imagine that this dropper of green liquid is the most potent healing substance in the world. Let’s say this green liquid substance was the nectar of a plant just discovered deep in the Amazon rain forest and it is a panacea, a ‘fountain of youth,’ with amazing healing and longevity producing properties, and of course you want to get it into your body. Remember our metaphor, the water in the blender is your body.


imagine holding the dropper of this miracle green liquid over the turned off blender full of water (your body) and dropping three drops into the blender. Remember the blender is turned off, so, what happens?

See it in your mind’s eye, not much happens right?! The miracle green substance slowly settles near the bottom and produces a few small offshoots into the water (your body) but approximately 95% percent of the water is unaffected by the world’s most powerful healing substance.


let’s repeat the experiment in our minds, only this time right before we squeeze three green drops into the water (your body), we turn the blender on. Before we drop the green substance in, the blender receives energy, begins to change state and sets the water in motion, thus changing the receptivity of the system. Now drop the green healing liquid into the water (cells of your body).

What happens now that the blender is energized and receptive? What happens when this small quantity of this miracle substance enters the water (your body)? The small amount of healing substance is dispersed and integrated into every single water molecule! Every cell of your body now contains this most powerful healing substance!

The outcome of these two experiments is as different as day and night. When the green substance was put into the water in the turned-off blender, that water was largely unaffected. The other blender full of water, however, when energized and turned on, resulted in 100% integration of the powerful substance put into the water. Furthermore, if you turned the blender off and came back in a month and checked, all of this amazing green substance would still be integrated into your entire body (water in blender).

Turn It On

Can you see how transformational it is when a system is turned on first? The only difference between virtually nothing happening and a 100% transformation was that one blender was turned on and the other was not. How much of that healing green liquid would we have had to dump into the blender to get 100% integration when it was turned off?

Imagine what happens when you energize your higher brain – stress is released and your body starts to rejuvenate – and then you take a yoga class, or meditate while this rejuvenation response is active in your body. The blender is turned on, a quantum effect is attained, and the transformation is integrated and sustainable.

We change the rules of the game of healing and personal growth when we energize the system (higher brain) first! As you learn to energize your higher brain, you can then introduce other powerful methods in body, mind, and spirit that create quantum, sustainable improvements.

Once your body is stress-free and upgraded, you have more energy available to your higher brain. Source Code Meditation (SCM) techniques can help you use this energized higher brain, to not only upgrade your body, but free your mind and awaken your spirit as well. It all begins by subtly mobilizing energy to awaken your higher brain.

Awakening Humanity's Dormant Higher Brain Capacities

There are dormant higher brain capacities that must be awakened in humanity. I would now like to turn our attention to the higher brain’s potential energy source, a latent energy in the body.

This slumbering energy has been known for thousands of years and referred to by many names. Known as Kundalini or Prana to the ancient Yogis of India, Chi and Qi by the Taoist healers and acupuncture practitioners of China, serpent energy to the ancient Egyptians; and some scholars even believe this secret energy is the Holy Ghost referenced in Christian traditions. By whatever name, this internal energy has been utilized in a host of different healing arts and personal and spiritual transformation systems the world over.

Nearly all of the disciplines and practices that acknowledged this latent energy knew that it was associated with certain pathways, or flows, in the body. As with the energy itself many names have been given and many models of the organization of these pathways have been considered throughout history. A variety of different healing techniques and wisdom traditions have all had their own unique approaches and understandings of these pathways and the energy flows they are associated with.

Whether referred to as meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, or nadi channels in yoga, it was believed that a latent energy could be awakened in the body and that this energy could create transformative changes in healing and consciousness.

Evolutionary Upgrade In Process

I am convinced that an evolutionary upgrade is occurring and that this upgrade is desperately needed so that billions (instead of only a fortunate few) can access dramatic and transformative changes in their lives fueled by a latent sacred energy destined for their higher brain.

It is common for us postmodern world centric seekers to embrace pre-modern philosophies and techniques for transformation, but ironically we often don’t realize that the release or mobilization of this sacred energy was paramount to many (if not most) of these transformative processes.

Long part of the wisdom traditions of many cultures this ‘energy of transformation’ has been known to antiquity the world over. The Taoist masters of China and Yogi adepts of India have given us two (certainly not the only two) of the most comprehensive and detailed studies relating to latent sacred energy (and its channels and flows in the body) purported to heal the body and transform the consciousness of the seeker.

I believe the reason we have so often left out the ‘subtle energy’ component – when we modernize ancient practices – is that no consistent methodologies were ever developed by these ancient practices to quickly and repeatedly mobilize this energy and so it has been easier to ignore it. We simply hadn’t figured out how to consistently mobilize and utilize this energy nor apply its transformative effects within a system relevant to our modern lives.

It has been much easier to understand the philosophy and emulate the ancient practices, at times rendering them diluted and superficial without the knowledge to actually mobilize the energy that is required for the philosophy to become lived and the practice to work. In the self-development and spiritual growth market place of our modern and postmodern world this has created a lot of ideas, philosophies and concepts centered on a variety of practices and techniques with very little sustainable transformative effect.

The Evolution of Consciousness

We must know that evolution can be meandering, messy and experimental. Once-hopeful evolutionary paths can end suddenly. As we wake up, we realize that we are part of the process of evolution. Our choices and actions count, this evolutionary triune of brain/consciousness/fuel needs us to join in the conscious process of its evolution, for we are that. In other words, the conscious promotion of evolution is part of the very evolutionary process. Evolution is waking to itself, in you, through you and as you.

There has been an essential element hidden just out of sight. Something that is now coming of age as the brain evolves, an energy source, a fuel for the new brain. The energy of our soul and spirit is gently finding its way to our Higher Brain structures to awaken us into higher consciousness, so that we can turn that consciousness back on the very catalytic process that awakened it, and promote more energy to the brain and bring that to the world and co-create heaven on earth.

It’s time to mobilize this subtle energy and awaken your higher brain.

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Publisher: Findhorn Press, a division of Inner Traditions Intl.

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Source Code Meditation: Hacking Evolution through Higher Brain Activation
by Michael Cotton, D.C.

Source Code Meditation: Hacking Evolution through Higher Brain Activation by Dr. Michael CottonProviding a simplified step-by-step guided process to SCM, Dr. Michael Cotton explains how to shift energy out of the lower “survive” brain into the higher “thrive” brain to bring confidence, clarity, and empowerment for transformative change in all areas of life. Distilled from the world’s most comprehensive philosophy, Integral Metatheory, SCM offers not only a way to create the brain state necessary to change the mind, but the crystal clarity needed to use these advanced meditative states to actualize your potential and live your destiny to the fullest.

Click here for more info and/or to order this paperback book or purchase the Kindle edition.

About the Author

Michael Cotton, D.C.Michael Cotton, D.C., is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain. The creator of the Higher Brain Living technique with more than 30 years’ experience in personal and cultural transformation, he holds a doctorate in Chiropractic.

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