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Nothing can harm you as much as
your own thoughts unguarded.”

Do you feel that your current vocation and life situation in general is where you have just been randomly placed, or that there was purposeful intention in getting to this place - on your part or the part of someone else or the Universe?

There is purposeful intention for where we are at, but many do not realize this and thus operate unconsciously, getting caught up in the herd mentality. We can believe it's all random, but the results are not. It's much better to make our intention conscious so we can use it for our benefit as well as that of humanity.

What Are Your Beliefs?

Our beliefs and thoughts (these are the same, as our thoughts arise from our beliefs) constitute our reality. We will create and manifest something to the extent we feel we are worthy of it and to the extent we believe it’s possible to create. Jesus multiplied the fish and the bread because he believed anything was possible. Our beliefs can either serve as our jail cell or they can help us soar like eagles.

That’s why it is critical to know what our beliefs are and where our blocks to abundance and self-worth lie, especially because these share a bed with our fears, even though most are not aware of this. I dealt with severe self-judgment, which was primarily a result of my sexual abuse (along with shame, guilt, and fear), but I did not understand this or know it was self-judgment until I was in my 30s.

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We may want a certain outcome to happen, such as being promoted at our job. But if a subconscious part of us doesn’t believe we are worthy of it, energetically we are giving mixed signals to the Universe, and the Universe responds to the direction and how much gas we give it. Our beliefs are our energetics, and we need to be open to them changing as we receive new information.

Fear arises from thinking what could happen. Usually some kind of outer information triggers this whole trail of meaningless thought that has a negative outcome. But it’s very unlikely things will happen in the way we think they will, unless we continue to energize that scenario and then actually create it, individually and collectively.

Intentions: For or Against?

Mother Teresa said, “I will never attend an anti-war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me.” Hopefully, our intention is to bring unity and create healing in our relationships, our workplaces and communities, and in the world. As Mother Teresa was teaching us, be for something instead of against something. For instance, be for eating healthy food versus against junk food.

The world is in its current situation because we are all against different things, which reinforces the belief in separation, makes us fearful, and makes us see certain individuals, groups, or nations as enemies instead of as our brothers and sisters.

Intention and Gratitude

We create using expectation (intention) and gratitude. Once we feel that we are worthy, we expect that something will happen and we are grateful for it as if it has already happened. This is how Jesus performed miracles.

Any outcome is possible. We are only limited by what we think is not possible. When we are in fear, there is a lot we think is not possible. Fear makes us react from a place of seeing limited options for resolving a problem, while making the problem appear much worse.

When we expect something amazing to happen and we are grateful for it happening, even though it has not yet happened, we are laying the most important foundation for the house we are building. It is the same as planting seeds in a garden and knowing they will sprout even though we can’t see them.

Energetics is what is happening to the seed under the ground. We have to water the seed with continued intention and faith that it will sprout and with the feeling of joy for what it will become.

We always can choose love over fear (there is an amazing song by a friend of mine, Shawn Gallaway, called “I Choose Love”). All we need to do is set our intention and will to choose it, and then do it. Even if we don’t get it right to start, it will bring great awareness to us and we will increasingly move into love the more we practice it.


What we think is very powerful and creates what happens in our life. This can be fear-based or unity-based.


Where have you focused your intentions? Do you feel this has been positive or negative for you? 

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A Book On Fear: Feeling Safe In A Challenging World
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