Written by Robert B. Jennings and Narrated by Marie T. Russell

Once there was the Library of Alexandria, then the Gutenberg Press, and now the Internet. This is not to diminish the importance of other libraries throughout history or in any culture. Nor is it to diminish other publishing innovations. But suffice it to say these events were important turning points in the history of humanity.

I once wrote and was quoted, in the early days of the world wide web, that the internet was the equivalent of, or surpassed, the importance of the Gutenberg Press which democratized the written word by ushering in the spread of knowledge to the common man.

It is one thing to have access to a library or bookstore or TV. It is quite another to have much of the world's news, thoughts, musings, and academic works at the snap of my fingers or few touches on a keyboard.

The internet still works for me -- mostly because I learned in college many years ago to gather multiple books on a subject in order to look for truths and inaccuracies.  And in life, I learned to be willing to change a "fact" when confronted with new information, and always question current beliefs.

What is increasingly obvious is the dark side that is engulfing the internet and is spreading inaccuracies, falsehoods and propaganda to an unsuspecting, busy, or lazy audience. Sometimes it's just human error. However, more often than not, it is nefarious motives by countries, groups, or individuals attempting to distort perceptions.

I firmly believe in the doctrine of good overcoming evil but have learned that...

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