Consciously Communicating and Living with the Elementals
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Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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Even if we are not consciously aware of it, we live in the realm of elemental beings. Everywhere, and all the time, they penetrate our souls and slip into our hearts. The whole world around us is ensouled with elemental beings. Elemental beings participate in everything that is happening in nature around us.

Our inner world, the world of our thoughts and feelings, is made of elementals. In almost all walks of life we are dealing with elemental beings. The elemental beings are nearer to us than we think!

Welcome To My Experience

There is no abstract or general experience of elemental beings; there are only ever specific human beings who connect to specific elemental beings. They carry these elemental beings around with them as part of their constitution. This is why I always describe the specific circumstances, and as precisely as possible, my ways and methods of experiencing our elemental friends.

My descriptions are of course very limited. I only know a few elementals in a deeper way.

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I have been interested in gaining a direct experience of the spiritual world since I was young. I studied a great deal of spiritual literature and took up the anthroposophical meditative path of schooling formulated by Rudolf Steiner, but made no progress in my ability to perceive elemental beings.

I received practical help in developing my faculties in 2003, through a series of workshops on geomancy, a study of the supersensible level of landscapes, gardens, and habitats. Since then, I have been able to regularly connect consciously with elemental beings.

Based on my own experiences, I believe that a great treasure of possibilities of perceiving elemental beings is hidden in human beings. This was not the case 20 years ago, but our possibilities for conscious perception have advanced since then.

Short Introduction to Perceiving Elemental Beings

Every year, I lead approximately 30 meditation courses, which all include a short introduction to perceiving elemental beings. Every time, I am surprised by how well this works after an appropriate meditative preparation.

The participants have pretty evident experiences that mutually reinforce each other; therefore, I know not just that the elemental beings are much closer to us than we believe but we also have many more possibilities of perceiving them than we think. However, these possibilities can only unfold if developed, and if clear and practical concepts of elemental beings and clear methods for perception are presented.

I interviewed more than 30 people who perceive elementals. I spoke with them about how they experience them, what they pay particular attention to, how they prepare for this interaction, how this ability developed in them, and what special encounters they have had. Each and every one has an individual approach.

The Plea

It is an unforgettable morning in the fall of 2004. I have just completed a word meditation, and I am now trying to stay in pure awareness. This is the state of consciousness before thoughts, feelings, and perceptions occur, a dwelling in a spiritual plane.

I am startled. Something is blowing my way, coming nearer. Before my inner eye, figures form—four schematic figures, more thought than picture. At the same time, I feel like I am expanding all over the world, connected to it by love and responsibility.

I find myself encompassing the whole earth. By this I do not mean the physical earth; I mean the level underlying the earth—the world of the elemental beings. I feel lovingly responsible for the elemental beings of this cosmos.

These feelings do not come from me but emanate from these four beings and fill me from the inside. As images in my imagination, they appear quite small and imperceptible. In my experience, though, they are big—profoundly big.

The four figures begin to differentiate, and it becomes clear. One figure feels responsible for the earth beings of our cosmos, another for the water beings, the third for the fire beings, and the fourth for the air and light beings. Then the figures are again superimposed.

I ask, “Who are you?”

The answer is there lightning fast, not as a word but as a wordless thought. I know this from conversations with spiritual beings.

I try to formulate this wordless thought impulse into words.

We are the beings of the nature elementals. We encompass and represent them. We come to you with a request. Humanity has forgotten the elemental beings. We live in your subconscious, we are a big part of your lives, but you know nothing about us. This was necessary. But now the time has come for us elemental beings to lead a conscious life together with you again. We bid you, use your powers and abilities to open paths to experiencing the elementals. Many other people are also working on this. Everyone in their place. If you take up this task, you will have our empowerment and guidance.

The figures disappear again.

The Spiritual World is my Employer

During the preparatory phase of any greater undertaking, I am in the habit of paying attention to whether the endeavor is supported by the spiritual world.

In hindsight, the endeavors that had the backing of the spiritual world were effective and full of impact, even though the success I expected in the beginning did not always manifest. If there was no clear support, then the going was often rough.

I keep focusing on the mood: my employer is the spiritual world, and this employer gives me missions and sends me into earthly work environments as a temporary worker.

Through this I have learned that very high beings like to come into contact with us. The spiritual world is different from the earthly one in this regard. The head of a big company does not have time to speak to every employee; on the other hand, high angelic beings, highly developed deceased human beings, or the Christ being can contact many individuals simultaneously.

Their awareness spreads out like a fountain on all sides. There are no limits to their capacity; therefore, you can always address the highest beings on the highest levels and count on their help without having a bad conscience about taking up their time. So I am not really surprised that these kings of the elementals have now contacted me, but I am still moved and inspired.

It Is Time

In this moment I decide. It is all perfectly clear in an instant. I will do their bidding. As a first step, I will focus on teaching the meditation courses, and the following steps will develop from there. In the courses, I can practice perceiving elemental beings with the participants and gather many of my own experiences.

Meditation is the foundation for perceiving elemental beings, for perceiving anything spiritual. Only when meditation becomes as normal in our society as eating and drinking can collaborating consciously with the elementals become an everyday affair.

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Answering the Call of the Elementals: Practices for Connecting with Nature Spirits
by Thomas Mayer

book cover of Answering the Call of the Elementals: Practices for Connecting with Nature Spirits by Thomas MayerWe all live in the realm of elemental beings. They permeate our souls, our thoughts, our feelings, and they co-create the world around us, yet we are often completely unaware of them. They, however, are eager to be perceived and acknowledged by us because their future and ours are fundamentally connected.

Elementals act as carriers of the emotional level of the world. Through sharing his encounters with fairies, dwarves, giants, and others, the author reveals their urgent call for help, an entreaty to anchor the elemental beings again in the awareness of humankind through recognition, acknowledgment, and conscious connection. Let us support the elementals in their crucial, life-giving work, through which they in turn support us in preserving the Earth we live on.

For more info and/or to order this book, click here. Also available as a Kindle edition.

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Thomas MayerThomas Mayer teaches meditation based on the work of Rudolf Steiner. He is a civil rights activist and author of several books on elemental beings in German. The cofounder of the organization More Democracy, he has organized many referendums in Germany and Switzerland. He teaches throughout Europe and lives near Basel, Switzerland.

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