Written by Thomas Mayer. Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

How do you experience elemental beings? Can you consciously make it happen? And how do you distinguish between truth and fantasy?

Experiencing elemental beings is generally prohibited by mental blocks. These mental blocks tend to come up particularly when you begin with practical exercises. You think your own perceptions are figments of the imagination, or fantasies, and you are so full of mistrust that nothing remains. So right away you throw out the baby with the bathwater.

This mistrust lives in the air of our Western culture, which is based on natural science, and is thus breathed in by all of us. There is something good about it. The passage through the mistrust can lead to an ennobling and purging of your spiritual perceptions. Without mistrust you would take every inner perception for real, even if your own wishes, ideas, and state of being overshadow and distort it.

For me, spiritual experience has become a neutral, everyday affair. There is a method for achieving objectivity of one’s experience, so that you can truly speak of spiritual research. This is true for the perception of all spiritual phenomena and beings, for ether forces, angels, the deceased, Christ, and also for elemental beings.

How Do I Arrive at Objectivity in Spiritual Experience?

When it comes to this question, the following points appear important to me:

  • In spiritual experience, the human being is themself the organ of perception. Just as physicists clean their instruments in the laboratory and pay attention to the temperature and humidity, it is equally necessary to constantly keep yourself clean and stay in shape. A regular meditation practice, inner purification, and work for soul balance are required. It is important to practice concentration of thought, equanimity of feeling, constancy of will, openness, and positivity.

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Narrated by Marie T. Russell, InnerSelf.com

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