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Narrated by Sarah Varcas.

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19th November: Partial Lunar Eclipse in the 28th degree of Taurus

4th December: Total Solar Eclipse in the 13th degree Sagittarius

This second and final eclipse season of 2021 began on 5th November and features a lunar eclipse in the 28th degree of Taurus on 19th November followed by a solar eclipse in the 13th degree of Sagittarius on 4th December (which is also a supermoon), before ending on 10th December 2021. Two weeks later we encounter the final exact square between Saturn and Uranus on 24th December, bringing yet another extraordinary year to a close.

But right now, before you do anything else, take a deep breath. Draw your spine straight. Look directly ahead with an unwavering gaze. Feel yourself rooted deep within the earth, plugged into a circuit that receives energy from all directions: above and below, from every side. Feel this energy flowing into you, through you, all around you. Embrace the part you play in that energy circuit. Feel how crucial you are to that energetic flow. Feel it recharging you as you weave it into your own unique vibration shared, in return, with the wider energetic field.

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Remember this feeling – the strength and vibrancy. Return to it often, throughout your day. Whenever you can just stop, take a deep breath, hold a steady gaze and feel who and what you really are. This is the truth of you and of me. Energy: flowing, revitalising, resilient, renewing, recalibrating. This is the Self that nothing and no one can diminish, enslave or destroy. This is who we are.

Even the frogs are waking up!

The thing is this: shit’s about to happen. Sorry to be so blunt, but why mince words? The proverbial frog being boiled alive has realised things are getting too hot for comfort. The hundredth monkey’s signed up. More and more people are opening their eyes and have absolutely had enough. Against that backdrop, these final few weeks of the year advance the ferocious unfurling of sovereign beings rising up to reclaim their power.

But the challenge is far from over. There is no going back, only onward into a new world. The darkest shadows of this realm have been exposed over the past two years. Forced to step into the light to effect their grand finale grab for total power, they are vulnerable and weakened by exposure. The steadiness of our gaze and the straightness of our spine weakens them even further. So keep on with those deep breaths! Hold that steady gaze. Refuse to be diminished.

Stay strong!

Sedna’s at it again

The lunar eclipse on 19th November occurs as people in increasing numbers and all over the world are coerced or mandated to submit to an experimental medical intervention or lose their jobs, their livelihoods, their income, their security, their access to healthcare, their part in society. The pushback is already strong, yes. But this eclipse provides the power to make it stronger.

In Taurus, the earthiest of earth signs, the eclipsed Moon is under pressure from the Scorpio Sun who’s eager to further the agenda initiated at the conjunction of its ruler, Pluto, with Saturn in January 2020. But this is only a partial eclipse: the pressure will be felt, yes, but it doesn’t have to win!

Sedna is conjunct this Moon, with all her intensity and power. She refuses to budge. She won’t let go nor give up. Sedna suffered unspeakable betrayal when her father threw her overboard to save himself and cut off her fingers as she clung to the side of his boat. She knows what it means to be cast into the deep – sacrificed to another’s agenda. She knows how it feels to mean nothing to those you depend on for survival.

Sedna stepped into the frame at the Blue Moon in August. She is the guardian of these times, intense and unyielding, refusing to forget what was done. Holding others to account. Unforgiving. She warns us – beware of those who demand you forgive and forget, or those who dismiss the gravity of these times, for too many blind eyes have been cast to get us where we are today.

The warrior spirit gives not even an inch when freedom and our very humanity is at stake. It stands strong and holds the line. Refuses to budge or to yield. Sedna gives us this backbone. She invites us to reclaim our energy from all that diminishes us and invest it in the present moment to seed a future that’s free.

Unrelenting and unyielding, Sedna is rarely a welcome guest, but intense times call for intense measures. To hold the line of freedom we must call out those who seek to destroy it – and their collaborators. Say it as it is and refuse to let them hold sway. Like Sedna, we must not be appeased with breadcrumbs of freedom here or there, but instead withhold our consent to being bound until we are truly free.

You are not alone

With Mars opposing Uranus at the lunar eclipse, and Pluto squaring Eris at both, anything could happen! The impact of eclipses unfolds across the following six months. Everything has its consequences, and what occurs now will set the scene for events as this year ends and a new one begins. But with Uranus, the planet of liberation, activated by an opposition from Mars, many will be resisting the pressure to conform, each in their own particular way.

So even if it looks and feels like you’re alone in your resistance, you won’t be! For every assertion of the truth, every moment lived with a liberated mind and a heart that’s free, adds another droplet to the tsunami of awakening sweeping around the globe.

The lunar eclipse on 19th November happens at the moon’s north node – the place where we release ties with the past and step into our future. Still in Gemini, this node invites us to question everything, express ourselves, forge connections, build community, explore new perspectives.

It thaws those frozen in fear by simply asking ‘whose thoughts are you thinking and why?’. It reminds us fear is a virus. Propaganda is a virus. Divide and rule is a virus. Segregation is a virus. This eclipse calls out all who parrot what they hear without thinking and react without reflecting. In a world where having the temerity to form your own opinion can make you a social pariah, asking questions, listening to differences of opinion and seeking more nuanced answers is a revolutionary act of power.

So as the moon is eclipsed, embrace that power, available to all. Accept nothing at face value. Allow no one to shame you for asking questions, thinking deeply, bucking the trend, speaking your mind. We need those prepared to stand tall and speak out. Too many who once spoke of truth and freedom have fallen silent this year…or worse. But others are seeded in their place and the growing chorus of voices for freedom is becoming ever bolder and more beautiful in their wake.

Desperate tyrants and courageous hearts

This eclipse season calls time on an uneasy status quo that has taken hold of late. We’re into the next act now. The curtain is raised and the battle scene begins.

Should we speak of battle with all its negative connotations of polarised conflict? Should we reframe it into something more palatable and polite? Not right now. No. Because this is a battle – of wits and wisdom. Of the manipulative egoic mind against the all-seeing heart. Of the few to whom we handed our power and the many who are now taking it back. It demands of us courage and fortitude, acts of bravery and daring like many have never known before, born of a courageous heart that places truth above all else and refuses to compromise.

Come the solar eclipse on 4th December and as the lengthy Saturn square to Uranus approaches its final conjunction on 24th December, the desperation of the tyrants will be glaringly apparent as doom-mongering and despotism reach fever pitch to get everyone ‘back into line’ and frozen with fear.

Because this eclipse occurs at the moon’s south node – the place of the past and all that’s beginning to wane – which is at the beginning of Sagittarius – the sign of the ‘experts’ and those who laud power over others – we’ll undoubtedly see a resurgence of familiar narratives and behaviours used to control humanity over the past two years. Pronouncements will come thick and fast to justify ever greater control. But take heart, for these are frantic decrees of those who know their power is declining in the face of ever greater public resolve.

The immediate and longer-term impact of this eclipse will be especially felt in (among other places) the UK, where the eclipse and/or the moon’s south node falls on the ascendant of all the national capitals, auguring attempts over the coming months to impose further restrictions on the population; in Australia where the eclipse north node falls on the ascendant in Melbourne – the most locked down city in the world – offering strength and resolve to the growing freedom movement there; and in New Zealand where the eclipse falls on the descendant in Wellington – look out for ways in which the New Zealand government seeks to establish itself as an example of ‘rational and responsible’ government on the world stage, and the ways in which those attempts will be sabotaged by the truth!

So don’t be fooled by the ‘official’ narrative as this year comes to a close, for there’s another far more important story yet to be widely told: the story of those who refuse to submit their mind, body or soul. Those who are building their networks and connections, gathering strength, standing firm, speaking out.

Millions of people all over the world have been marching for freedom this year. And how many more will step forward next year? The groundswell of people choosing liberty over fear cannot and will not be curtailed. It is a force of nature, beyond the will of any single individual: life itself coalescing into a mighty expression of all that it can be.

Be patient – the timeline’s a long one

But the timeline is a lengthy one and we must refuse to bow to despair in the absence of a rapid resolution. Next year, many more will awaken to the lies and our ranks will swell. Many who’ve been reluctant to do so will find the courage to publicly add their voice to the outpouring of truth.

Events in the US will send shock waves around the world as it navigates its first national Pluto Return, beginning full pelt in February 2022 (more on that soon – but suffice to say a financial crash is likely). The challenges will continue, yes, but the consequences of this global awakening will echo throughout the years to come as we unrelentingly do all that must be done to manifest its fruits.

It’s not about getting our freedom ‘back’ because when freedoms can be taken so easily, we were never truly free. It’s about living free now and refusing to surrender our sovereignty ever again. It’s about uncompromising courage, radical responsibility, timeless wisdom that reveals to us the next step – for each of us individually and humanity as a whole. This is the world waking up like never before and seeing through centuries of lies before our future is born from their ashes.

These eclipses will place fire in our hearts and iron in our souls. We may have to face fear, hatred, criticism and rejection on the path ahead. But we will also meet unexpected allies, make new friends, discover our potent resilience and understand the world in a whole new way.

Eyes opened wide can no longer be deceived nor minds outside the box be caged. So take a deep breath. Draw your spine straight and hold that unwavering gaze….

©2021. Reprinted with permission of the author.

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Sarah VarcasSarah Varcas is an intuitive astrologer with a passion for applying planetary messages to the ups and downs of everyday life. In doing so she aims to support people in their personal and spiritual development, making available celestial wisdom which may otherwise be inaccessible for those without astrological expertise.

Sarah has studied astrology for over thirty years alongside an eclectic spiritual path spanning Buddhism, contemplative Christianity and many other diverse teachings and practices. She also offers an online (via email) Self-Study Astrology Course.

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