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18th January 2022 – 17th July 2023: North Node in Taurus

Astrologically, the moon’s north node acts as a progress-marker and reveals the secret ingredient to obtaining fulfillment and satisfaction. It shows us how to more deeply occupy our humanity and manifest a future more fully aligned with the evolutionary arc of awakening. But it also demands we sacrifice the security of familiarity for a challenging but ultimately more effective and satisfying way.

The north node has been in Gemini since May 2020, during which time the Geminian realm of information, communication, thought, ideas and relationality has been very much in the forefront. Our world has changed beyond measure in this time, and much has been revealed for those with eyes to see and hearts bold enough to know. It has been a time of cerebral debate, of ideas and theories, beliefs, facts and deceptions, all swirling around us demanding attention. It has been overwhelming and enlightening, confusing and clarifying.

Many have awoken to bitter truths about our world, those with whom we share it and others who have shaped it for many a long year. But in the bitterness has been found great hope, immense potential, visions of a different way and countless new possibilities.

Indeed, many have entered an entirely new paradigm while the north node journeyed through Gemini. So what now, as it shifts from the airy, mind-oriented world of the twins, into the earthy, pragmatic and sensual world of Taurus, the bull?

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The Great Divide

With the conclusion of the node’s journey through the sign of the twins, humanity is splitting into two streams, two very different paradigms. The twins are going their separate ways! And that’s okay. We don’t have to drag everyone with us. Our task is simply to live our truth. Secure our peace. Occupy our heart. It will show us the way and bring to us those with whom we can walk it.

People will come and go. Old connections will fall away and new ones arise. Our new world is taking shape. Community is building, connections are being forged. We are finding our soul friends and family, even as those with whom we’ve walked this far drift in other directions.

It’s all okay. Truly. It is what it is. We are who we are. This is a time of revelation. Of living our truth so fully that it revitalises our every cell. This is the time we finally discover that we cannot be anything but who we are, whatever the consequences!

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius as the north node enters Taurus. The coming year and a half will see yet more revelations and the mind (Mercury) of humanity (Aquarius) will be further broken open to the blinding truth of how the old world came to be. But this awakening to truth is largely an inner journey now. It cannot be precipitated by external input anymore.

The past eighteen months of the North Node in Gemini was a time of debate and discussion, the sharing of ideas and opinions, facts and fallacies. The node’s shift into Taurus brings this time to a close. We either see, or we don’t see. And only intimacy with our deepest inner knowing can shift us from one position to the other.

Behold a Change In Tactics!

During the north node’s journey through Gemini, it was vital to develop mental resilience amidst the onslaught of contradictory information, propaganda, truth and lies, mental manipulation and the global weaponisation of anxiety and fear. As the node travels through Taurus, societal structures, systems and material resources will be manipulated to maintain the on-going trauma-based psychological warfare against humanity. But we must stand strong in the face of such cynical manipulation. Refuse to be cowed by the intensifying iron grip of tyranny and the growing unrest fostered by those who act in the shadows whilst claiming, in the spotlight, to care for our safety.

As the node enters Taurus, Uranus stations direct right in the middle of the same sign, having been retrograde since August 2021. A transiting planet is always capable of its greatest impact at this point in a sign. For this reason, disruption of food supplies – ruled, in part, by Taurus – has never been more likely than it is during the north node’s journey through the sign of the bull. The same goes for significant and widespread financial disruption, coinciding with the USA’s lengthy Pluto Return which begins in February 2022. Our relationship to money, wealth and the inherent value of ‘things’ is about to be changed forever more.

In light of this, the Taurus North Node affirms it is time to lay the physical foundations of the new world as the old one crumbles to dust. It is time to act. To walk your talk or lose your way! Those who know what’s coming can remain ahead of the curve to a certain extent, but, with unpredictable and iconoclastic Uranus at large, everyone will be taken by surprise in some way or other! We can’t prepare for every eventuality, but we can be ready and willing to act when necessary.

We are heading into more profoundly challenging times. No doubt about that. But they will be different to what we’ve known these past two years. At times there may even be greater fear in the collective energy field as we face an assault upon the basics of our survival – food, money, material security in all its forms.

Ultimately we must all face our fear and see through it. Recognise its insidious nature, how it sets one against another. How it shrinks our life, our relationships, our wisdom and our awareness. But those who stand firm in the face of fear, who hold the line, set boundaries, take responsibility for their own well-being and support others to do the same – they will be made stronger by it. They will rise triumphant from the dust of the destruction of the old ways, to see a new dawn.

We can rise and we will. This is the message of the Taurus North Node.

Heart-based Awareness and Cellular Knowing

The North Node in Taurus requires patience, commitment, step-by-step progress and a refusal to look back in regret. It plunges us into a process of spiritual maturation encountered through our relationship with the mundane and material realms. Every decision made now will have enduring consequences, so choose well and with wise reflection.

The wisdom of Taurus is felt within the body, not processed through mental deliberations. It is that sense of peace experienced in every cell on making the right decision for us, no matter how much it may go against the prevailing grain.

When the north node is in Taurus we must settle into a heart-based awareness that enables us to discern the right choice, especially when none of the choices look particularly appealing! As such, we may have to make some difficult decisions in the coming months, with significant consequences for our future. But all will ultimately be well if those choices are made from a place of inner, cellular knowing. When we make the choice that brings our body and heart to a state of peace, we have the done the right thing in that moment.

To live well during a Taurus North Node we need to connect with the earth beneath our feet and the natural world all around us. Nature is our teacher. Always. There is nothing we cannot know through intimacy with this beautiful world.

The complications of the human mind, that confuses knowledge with wisdom and intelligence with insight, can be set aside once we return to our innate and natural knowing of what enhances our equilibrium and what disrupts it. Choose only that which brings you peace. Not the peace of ‘well at least people still like me even though I’m not living my truth’. Not the peace of ‘better the devil you know’. This is the peace that truly surpasses all understanding, born of a deep and enduring alignment with the evolutionary arc that forever leans into truth. No matter how challenging to ego that truth may be.

Don’t Let Fear Have The Final Word!

There will be much fearmongering in the coming months. This is the shadow of the Taurus North Node, typified by its south node now in Scorpio. With this nodal pairing we must climb out of any emotional swamp, onto the dry land of innate, embodied wisdom. Discern carefully, between those who simply want you to be as scared as they are and those sharing insightful information which contributes to your own empowerment. Give the former a wide berth! This world has been drenched in fear these past two years. We don’t need more, no matter what’s happening!

If fear arises, refuse to embellish it with constant worry, apocalyptic imaginings, indulging in avoidant behaviours or generally letting it be the arbiter of all that you do! Instead, know it as just one shade on a multicoloured palette, of which many others will serve you better: curiosity, innovative thinking, faith, present-moment awareness, self-confidence, creativity.

We are facing an opportunity unprecedented in our time, to remake the world anew. To collapse into the twilight zone of anxiety and fear is to discard the chance of a lifetime to be part of something truly incredible.

So, what’s the difference between preparing for what’s to come out of powerless fear and preparing for what’s to come out of faithful wisdom? Fear says ‘we must prepare for all eventualities’ and lies awake running through endless scenarios of what could go wrong and how we can (or can’t) avoid it. No preparation is enough, for there’s always some vulnerability we’ve not yet addressed.

Wisdom says: Let’s get the basics in place – food, water, fuel. Make local connections with others doing the same. Learn how to look after your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Simplify your needs and your life. Be grateful for all that you have, including every breath. Stay calm. And above all, do what brings you joy at every possible opportunity! You cannot know everything – neither good nor bad. Things will happen that you couldn’t possibly foresee. That’s just life. Live it!

At all times, intend to remain centered, grounded, connected to the wisdom of the earth who supports all life. For those who have faith and peace also enjoy a cell-based embodied knowing of what to do, how to do it and when. When the north node is in Taurus we can feel – in our very bones – the future, as it hurtles towards us. We can be ahead of the curve, alert and awake whilst calm and content. Steadily digesting everything that comes our way, reading the energy of the moment like a sailor reads the wind and knows how to use it to get to where she needs to go.

Cast ‘Normal’ to the Gutter

Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs and therefore the most connected with our physical body. No surprise, then, that the issue of bodily autonomy is uppermost right now as coerced or mandated participation in an experimental medical procedure is increasingly made a condition for living a ‘normal’ life. Whilst mobilising resistance to such tyranny is vital, perhaps it is also time to recognise that ‘normal’ is way over-rated!

Uranus in Taurus reminds us that glorifying normal and over-looking the bars it has placed around us, is a big part of how we got into this mess in the first place!

In the coming eighteen months, cast the notion of ‘normal’ to the gutter. It was all a lie anyway. There’s nothing normal about working a job you hate until you drop, simply to put food on the table. There’s nothing normal about a world where the vast majority of wealth is in the hands of a minute minority of people while millions starve. There’s nothing normal about placing the responsibility for your own health and well-being into the hands of so-called ‘experts’ with all their biases, blind spots and financial interests.

Uranus in Taurus calls out these and many more circumstances we’ve been conditioned to accept. It places our life and well-being back into our own hands and offers the freedom to choose a different path, a new way, a sovereign life.

While the north node travels through Taurus with Uranus, we can all draw upon its pragmatism to build, step by magnificent step, the foundations of a new and better world. One so radically distinct from all we’ve known before that the end product can barely be imagined from where we stand right now.

Seeing through the Shadowlands

The north node is conjunct Sedna as it enters Taurus, and the Sun conjunct Pluto. Sedna blesses the node with her enduring ‘no’ to tyranny and betrayal. She refuses to forget how we got to where we are today and affirms there will be consequences for all according to their actions at this time.

Both Sedna and Pluto reveal the collective shadow, born of every fragment of denial in our own lives, every sacrifice of our sovereignty to an external ‘saviour’, every turning away from the more challenging aspects of who and what we are. This formidable duo insist that everything must be seen as the north node journeys through Taurus. And then seen through, into the infinite peace beyond.

Use the resilience of Scorpio to stand firm in the face of emotional storms, combined with the unrelenting steadfastness of Taurus to remain grounded no matter what. Seek security through wisdom and certainty through preparedness. Then spice it all up with that Uranian spirit of ‘ready for anything and excited about change' when that anything arises!

To walk by faith, not by sight, through the shadowlands, is to honour the fertile mystery of all that lies ahead, even as we wonder and worry about tomorrow. We can and will get through this time together. We will prevail, even if everything crumbles around us. Wisdom will out in the end, and love – the bold and beautiful quality of an awakened heart – will arise to claim the day.

©2022. Reprinted with permission of the author.

About the Author

Sarah VarcasSarah Varcas is an intuitive astrologer with a passion for applying planetary messages to the ups and downs of everyday life. In doing so she aims to support people in their personal and spiritual development, making available celestial wisdom which may otherwise be inaccessible for those without astrological expertise.

Sarah has studied astrology for over thirty years alongside an eclectic spiritual path spanning Buddhism, contemplative Christianity and many other diverse teachings and practices. She also offers an online (via email) Self-Study Astrology Course.

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