Written and Narrated by Sarah Varcas.

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18th January 2022 – 17th July 2023: North Node in Taurus

Astrologically, the moon’s north node acts as a progress-marker and reveals the secret ingredient to obtaining fulfillment and satisfaction. It shows us how to more deeply occupy our humanity and manifest a future more fully aligned with the evolutionary arc of awakening. But it also demands we sacrifice the security of familiarity for a challenging but ultimately more effective and satisfying way.

The north node has been in Gemini since May 2020, during which time the Geminian realm of information, communication, thought, ideas and relationality has been very much in the forefront. Our world has changed beyond measure in this time, and much has been revealed for those with eyes to see and hearts bold enough to know. It has been a time of cerebral debate, of ideas and theories, beliefs, facts and deceptions, all swirling around us demanding attention. It has been overwhelming and enlightening, confusing and clarifying.

Many have awoken to bitter truths about our world, those with whom we share it and others who have shaped it for many a long year. But in the bitterness has been found great hope, immense potential, visions of a different way and countless new possibilities.

Indeed, many have entered an entirely new paradigm while the north node journeyed through Gemini. So what now, as it shifts from the airy, mind-oriented world of the twins, into the earthy, pragmatic and sensual world of Taurus, the bull?...

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Sarah VarcasSarah Varcas is an intuitive astrologer with a passion for applying planetary messages to the ups and downs of everyday life. In doing so she aims to support people in their personal and spiritual development, making available celestial wisdom which may otherwise be inaccessible for those without astrological expertise.

Sarah has studied astrology for over thirty years alongside an eclectic spiritual path spanning Buddhism, contemplative Christianity and many other diverse teachings and practices. She also offers an online (via email) Self-Study Astrology Course.

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