Do You Really Need to Meditate?

Do You Really Need to Meditate?

You do not come into earth to meditate. You come into earth to think, feel, act, and do.

Your soul and the forces of God have placed certain impulses into you that you could call intentions. They are intended to guide you in certain directions, and to influence you to make certain choices that will move you toward what you would call "goodness".

Your soul would never try to influence you to have hatred in your heart, or to strike out at another human being. Thus, you could say that your soul desires you to feel love and companionship with others, and to follow impulses of kindness, compassion, generosity, and love.

There are many ways for human beings to act on such impulses toward goodness. Those ways are unlimited. The souls will not limit your free will. They will not force you toward goodness and eternal harmony.

Harmony and Goodness? or Fear and Negativity?

Now, in addition to the impulses toward harmony and goodness, the souls will place into human beings smaller impulses toward fear and negativity. Those are impulses that you ones as human beings have created before this lifetime and were not able to heal while in human form. Such negative patterns must be healed by human beings. Therefore, they must exist in some human beings in order to be experienced, lived through, and healed. Thus, the primary impulse from your soul is not to meditate, but to love, to create harmony and goodness, and to heal.

When you are in human form and some of your fear impulses arise, you are intended to experience those impulses, moderate them, control them, understand them, and heal them. You are not intended to act upon them and cause pain and suffering to yourself and other human beings. The desire to act upon negative impulses is human. It is rooted in selfishness, and in fear of pain and suffering.

Imagine that you are living a daily life in which, let us say, you become overly focused upon yourself. All that you care about is earning money for yourself. You are not interested in generosity or kindness to others. You wish to protect yourself from others so that they do not cause you pain, or steal your money. You become quite frantic in the pursuit of wealth.

Taking a Period of Silence Each Day: Meditation

As such a person, if you take a period of silence each day, whether you call it meditation, contemplation, attunement, introspection, retreat from the physical world, whatever you call it, there would be a likelihood that, inside your private human experiences, the very strong impulses from your soul that are prodding you toward kindness and compassion would reach your feelings and your thoughts. Thus, the very strong human impulses that you have chosen of selfishness and greed would be temporarily mingled with the soul impulses of kindness, goodness, and love. You would be more likely to awaken from your self-created "trance", so to speak.

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Let us say that you are a kind, essentially idealistic and loving human being. You are not perfect. You have your moments of fear, selfishness, doubt, and anger. But, for the most part, you are responding to the true impulses of your soul, and you are living a life of kindness, compassion, sincerity, and honesty. That is your primary expression. And, let us say that you have no interest in the eternal realities of life. You are not curious about the soul and what happens after death. You have no interest in understanding God. You may not even believe in God. In that case, your soul would not try to stir a great impulse to influence you to meditate, for you are following the soul impulses of kindness, compassion, and love. You are living the kind of human expression that your soul desires. Thus, you might say that, from the soul point of view, there is no need for you to meditate. You will fulfill the important purposes intended by your soul without needing to spend time in meditation.

Does God Care if You Meditate?

Now, the forces of God will love you no matter what you do, whether you meditate or not, whether you fulfill your purposes or not, whether you are loving or selfish. Your soul will also love you in all of those cases. However, if you became distorted in the negative sense while your soul was loving you, your soul would try to influence you, through inner impulses intended to affect your free will, to choose the true purposes of life -- kindness, compassion, and love. This means, then, that if you are living the life intended by your soul, your soul loves you, God loves you, and your soul will not particularly try to influence you to stir up a desire to meditate. If you are living a life of distortion, then, among other influences that your soul will try to stir in you, there might be the influence for you to slow down in your life, to step back from the distractions of the physical world -- to make some form of attunement.

In all present human beings, except for some in the more calm societies and the rural areas, but particularly for ones caught up in the complexity of the urban influences, there is a need in your human self for a period of disengagement each day from the complexity of the physical world. This is true even if you are extremely loving and idealistic. If you are loving and idealistic, your soul may not particularly prompt you to meditate, for your soul can see that your purposes are being accomplished. However, in terms of your subjective experience, and your joy as a human being, we strongly recommend a period of meditation, attunement, or silence.

One of Two Moments of Silence Each Day For Deep Joy & Fullness

As a general rule, we could say that every single human being who is caught up in the complex modern world has too much stimulation from the physical world. There is too much strong impact from the physical realities, including money, achievement, struggles with the various physical objects, relationships, societies, and the complexities of your media. All of those areas tend to be overbalanced. There is too much of that, in terms of finding the deep joy and fullness that you desire.

If you do not care about deep joy and fullness for yourself, and you are essentially living an honest, sincere, loving life, then you do not need to meditate. You will simply do without that deeper joy and fullness. You will rejoice in your accomplishments, your family, your relationships. That can be a wonderful life. However, if you wish the fullest, most complete joy, and the greatest sense of purpose, meaning, and accomplishment, we strongly suggest that you need at least one or two moments of silence each day to retreat from the distractions of the physical world, and to feel the larger realities of life, no matter how you might conceptualize them.

Focus on Whatever You Find to Be Holy, Good & Idealistic

If you say, "I believe in the beauty of God," then for those silent moments, worship God. If you say, "I believe in the beauty of humanity, idealism, and love, apart from the daily grappling of the physical world," then, enter a silence and imagine a pure, pristine human love that is linking you to all ones. Whatever you find to be holy, good, and idealistic beyond the complexity of human affairs, physical objects, and all of the physical world, that can be what you focus upon in your moment of meditation, attunement, or silence. It is an individual pattern.

We are simply strongly suggesting the need for the period of retreating from the physical world. You must decide what you will focus upon during that period of retreating. If nothing else, take a few moments each day to take a deep breath, sit calmly, relax, and, as best you can, simply focus upon feelings of joy.

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