How to Recognize the Messages All Around You and Learn to Read the Signs

Learning to Read the Signs, article by Pamela Jo McQuade

For years, I had a strangle hold on my life. I was most definitely what you might term a "controller." The controlling made me feel safe. Interestingly, I finally realized the harder I tried to control every aspect of my life, the worse it was becoming. Living certainly wasn't bringing me joy, happiness, peace or prosperity. This is when I made a New Year's resolution to let go and let God.

Since that day, my life has had some dramatic leaps and bounds up the ladder of spiritual success. I now see my job as one in which I am to rise and shine each and every day. I am to awaken each morning with love in my heart, shine my light, and place my faith in the understanding that the Heavens have it covered.

Yes, it would have been nice to figure this out twenty years ago, but all is meant to be in its own time. So as you may imagine, I have welcomed my arrival into Eden with open arms, joy radiating from every cell in my body. It took me awhile to get here, but my success and joy has been very sweet and definitely worth the work — and the wait.

Following the Voice of Spirit

I now have perfect faith that all is exactly as it should be, and I joyfully follow the voice of my spirit, which takes me to my very own Garden of Eden. You will indeed get to where you are going, and it will happen ever more quickly if you let loose of the reins that choke and bind.

Heeding the words of Spirit is like holding hands with the Creator and allowing Divine guidance to lead you down the smoother road. It doesn't mean there won't be a rough patch or two, it just means that you start recognizing every bump as an opportunity to learn and develop. The bump gives you a key to what needs mastering.

Learning How Spirit Communicates

Learning to Read the Signs, article by Pamela Jo McQuadeLearning the language of spirit is not difficult, you just need to familiarize yourself with how Spirit communicates with you. The sound of spirit comes in the form of gut feelings, thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere, visions, and dreams that tell a story. Also, there are many messages that come in the sacred form of animals, numbers and symbols.

There are signs everywhere to point you in the right direction, guiding you as to whether you are to go or stay put. There are also many that give you the encouragement you may need to keep moving forward. Think of a time that you had a bad gut feeling and proceeded forward with what you knew didn't feel right. Did it turn out with a happy ending? The answer is probably “no,” as I haven't heard a story yet that ended otherwise.

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By the same token, taking a chance on a gut instinct that feels positive may reap enormous rewards, even if it doesn't make sense at the time. Now before you go out and jump from the rooftop because you were guided to fly, you must learn how to be discerning in interpreting these messages. The wings you have been shown are probably meant as encouragement that you are on the right track, not a literal message to jump!

Animals as Spirit Guides

Animals are wonderful spirit guides that give you a glimpse into where you are or what may need to be addressed. For instance, I speak about butterflies quite frequently. Once you start transforming your life, you may see butterflies coming around you — in nature, in dreams, or in pictures. Butterflies are the spirit symbol of transformation. In addition, oftentimes when I am asking for confirmation of what I am doing, I will happen across a feather lying across my path, which is always a symbol of my spiritual connection.

I also had an experience with an animal when things were not going very well with a boyfriend. I was taking a walk and stumbled upon a huge dead rat right in the middle of the sidewalk. When I saw the rat, I gasped and the picture of this person entered my mind. It was a message from Spirit, relaying in no uncertain terms that there was a rat in my presence. Two weeks later, I found out that he had betrayed me.

In addition, oftentimes when I am asking for confirmation of what I am doing, I will happen across a feather lying across my path, which is always a symbol of my spiritual connection.

Recognizing The Messages All Around Us

There are many messages all around you all the time, leading you gently toward what to do, how to proceed, when to take caution and when to reward yourself for listening to your guidance. However, you can't understand these messages and signs if you don't adjust your perception to recognize and learn what story is being told. It's sort of like driving through a foreign country and getting lost because you can't read the road signs.

Whatever questions you are asking, you must educate yourself on the unique road signs that are being given to you, so you may find your way. Again, reading uplifting books is the MAPSCO you need to align yourself with the smoothest path. Once you begin comprehending the directions laid out in front of you, your life will start flowing with ease. When you educate yourself on the language of Spirit, you arrive at your destination very smoothly because you can now read the signs. Remember, for ease of travel, learn the road signs.

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Spiritually Rich and Sexy: A Woman's Guide to Becoming Infinitely Attractive
by Pamela Jo McQuade.

This article is excerpted from the book: Spiritually Rich and Sexy by Pamela Jo McQuade.Are you enchanted with the beauty of your life--the beauty of you? Or like many women, do you think you need to be thinner, look younger, drive a luxury car, or attain a lofty position on the corporate ladder to be happy and complete? This book, which is dedicated to the heart and soul of every woman, lights your way, step by step, to the spiritual understanding that beauty, abundance, love, joy and freedom are our birthrights.

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About the Author

Pamela Jo McQuade, author of the article: Learning to Read the SignsPamela Jo McQuade lived a shell-shocked existence, moving from experience to experience in a state of struggle and adversity. She was living in a destructive relationship, was a banker in the midst of financial devastation, and was entrenched in a battle of empowerment versus unworthiness. She quit her long held corporate career and spent half a decade following the call of her heart and soul. Pamela is now a Reiki Master, a student of A Course in Light, extensively trained in Holographic Healing techniques, and a Reverend with the Universal Life Church. She is a dynamic, soulful speaker and a sought after expert in helping others raise their consciousness, cleanse and heal their body and fill their heart with love.


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