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Wanting to control everything is a very strong tendency among many people in our Western culture (and possibly other cultures too).

From my early adolescence, I was a total control freak and it was only many years later, when I went through the major crash of my life, that it really dawned upon me how unloving this had been – not only for my partner, but still more for me. Living in a straightjacket is not the most pleasant experience.

Blessing for the Healing of Being a Control Freak

We (I) bless all those who live in the shadow of constant control in their ability to look at what they are doing – to themselves as well as to others.

We bless them in their ability to unveil the deep, hidden fear that is behind all such forms of behavior – a fear that things will get out of hand, will escape their control.

May they see that to control something as incredibly complex, moving, rich and unpredictable as life is a wild, unrealistic fantasy.

We bless them in their understanding that in a universe where the most stupendous, loving Mind is running the show and governing all “from mental molecule to infinity” the best attitude is to leave all in the hands of this infinite power.

May they understand that the ability to respond to every situation with unconditional love is the ultimate guarantee that things will work out for their good in all situations, and the ultimate insurance policy against the most unpredictable circumstances and insane forms of behavior.

May they learn to enjoy the unexpected and to look forward to entering unknown territory – both inside and outside themselves.

And may they even learn to welcome when things get “out of control” as a precious lesson from the universe to learn, to let go and TRUST the infinitely loving law of good that ultimately runs the show, whatever the material appearances may be.

The Perfection in Life

Paul Ferrini, in one of his beautiful daily meditations, writes that our suffering results from our refusal to accept and bless our lives exactly as they are now. He adds, “The truth is that there is nothing broken or missing in your life. Your life is perfect the way it is.” So let us learn to discern this perfection.

For many years, I have been corresponding with a former death row inmate who has spent over 25 years on death row in Texas (the worst in the US) for a crime he never committed. This man has reached such a level of enlightenment that he has stated that divine Love has a perfect plan for his life.

Blessing for Seeing the Perfection in My Life

May I learn to discern the perfect plan behind all events of my life. May I see that every single thing that happens in my life is a gift from Providence to enable me to grow and flourish and expand. May I bless those who curse or harm me, those who gossip or spread lies about me, as Life’s tools to enable me to grow in integrity, detachment and strength.

May I see that behind the disease or accident that assails me there is a loving plan leading me to discover the ultimate source of true health and the GPS – God Positioning System – that really runs my existence. May I discern in the most distressing or challenging situations divine Love’s means of forwarding my growth Spirit-ward.

May I bless every single encounter, event or unplanned situation as a clarion call to greater steadfastness and ever deeper trust in Love’s provision for my good. May I trust that there is “nothing broken or missing in my life... (which) is perfect the way it is.

And as I learn in faith to discern this perfection, may it shine forth a little more every day.

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Standing Strong

Joel Goldsmith, in his book The Infinite Way, states that: “We are a law of love unto all with whom we come into contact. We should remember that all who come within our range of thought and activity must be blessed by the contact, because we are a law of love: we are the light of the world.” Really understanding this gives added power to our blessings.

The following is a blessing by Duncan Tuck from Wales taken from the book 600 Blessings and Prayers from Around the World.

May you know, like the oak, how to stand
Rooted in truth, reaching for light, patiently enduring and learning;
Sheltering without favor all who come into your shade;
and becoming part of the rock on which you rest.

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