The Ideal Partnership: Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness

The Ideal Partnership: Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness
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It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning
wondering what my intuition will toss up to me,
like gifts from the sea.
I work with it and rely on it. It’s my partner.

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.

Jonas Salk, American medical researcher and virologist,         
developer of the first successful polio vaccine         

There is a universal saying, “The answers are within.” Often, this saying is interpreted to mean that the answers are within us—that we have everything we need inside of us. However, this interpretation is actually not fully accurate.

The answers themselves are not always within us. Yet what is within us is a technology that can help us find the answers that we need. That technology lies within our human energy system.

The universal saying, “The answers are within,” comes from the Principle of Polarity. As a reminder, the Principle of Polarity says that a circumstance or feeling cannot exist unless the possibility for its opposite is also present. In practical application, that means that a question cannot exist unless the answer is also present. A challenge cannot exist unless the resolution is also possible. A problem cannot exist unless the optimal solution is available.

However, unless the situation has to do with our own emotions or feelings, that “something else” that wants to happen or the answer that we seek may not lie inside of us. Chances are, it actually lies somewhere within the field of information that is currently manifesting as the particular circumstance or situation that we find ourselves in.

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Accessing The Infinite Field Of Information

Everything is made up of vibrating energy. That includes us. Our human energy system is actually a field of information that is constantly engaging and interacting with the field of information around whatever is happening.

Our human energy technology is our primary tool for sensing, intuiting, or perceiving information. It’s our technology for discovery and awareness. Through our human energy technology, we have within us an innate ability to sense or uncover the answers that lie within the field of information that makes up our circumstance. A significant part of what makes someone’s presence transformational is his or her ability to access and work with their innate human energy technology to access that field of information.

In Transformational Presence work, we call this technology Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness. It’s an “awareness” technology that allows us to access the information that is all around us and within us. It allows us to sense the messages and potential that lie within our circumstances and situations, and partner with that potential to create something new. Our human energy systems know how to do this already. However, many of us have lost our connection to that knowledge and skill. Through our simple and practical tools and frameworks, the Transformational Presence approach re-awakens that connection.

Whole-Mind Thinking occurs when the intuitive and intellectual minds become partners. This partnership actually exists within us already. However, through our socialization and traditional education experiences, most of us have been conditioned to believe that these two minds are separate. Furthermore, we’ve been conditioned to believe that the intellect is the one that counts.

Developing Whole-Mind Thinking

The first step in developing Whole-Mind Thinking is the understanding that the intuitive mind is the larger and more powerful mind. The intellectual mind is actually just one aspect of the much larger intuitive mind. Both are essential for leadership and service in today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable world. They each play critical roles. Understanding those roles is an important step in developing new life and leadership skills and capacities.

In Chapter 2, we spoke about the research on the intelligence of the heart and the intuitive mind at the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, California ( Since 1991, their scientists have been doing extensive research on the intelligence of the heart and the intuitive mind. You may remember that through their research, they discovered that the electromagnetic field of the heart is five thousand times greater than the electromagnetic field of the brain.

The heart is the center of the intuitive mind, while the brain is the center of the intellectual mind. This research helps us understand that the intuitive mind has access to a field of information that is five thousand times greater than the field of information accessible by the intellect alone.

The Perfect Team: Intuition and Intellect

Let’s pick up from that discussion in Chapter 2 and go a little deeper. The highly developed intuitive mind is constantly gathering information. It picks up signals from our inner emotions and feelings as well as from what is happening around us. It even senses what is waiting to unfold.

In all kinds of circumstances and situations, the intuitive mind senses things that the rational-intellectual mind might miss—things that are happening beneath the surface or that are not so obvious to everyone. It senses “what wants to happen” in the big-picture view. It sees and understands things within a much larger context. It’s our inner radar system, feeding us information on everything that is happening, both seen and unseen, and how it is all connected, all the time.

However, while the intuitive mind is very good at gathering information, it’s not very good at organizing it. For that, it needs the assistance of a really sharp intellect. The well-developed intellect has an incredible mental filing system that allows us to access information from our knowledge, memory, and experience banks very quickly.

In simple terms, you could say that the intuitive mind is the explorer and information gatherer, and the intellectual mind is the organizer and cataloger. The intuitive mind sees, feels, and understands the big picture and has an inner knowing or sensing about what we need to do and where we need to go next. The intellect can then step in to take care of the details.

Innate Awareness, Understanding, and Wisdom

Whole-Being Awareness stretches Whole-Mind Thinking to include the incredible innate awareness, understanding, and wisdom available to us through our human energy system. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “The body knows,” or, “The body doesn’t lie.” When we say, “The body knows,” what we are actually saying is that the body is an energy system and technology that can interact with the field of information of a circumstance or situation to understand more clearly what is really happening. This energy system receives insights, clues, and direction for what to do or where to go next.

In the last chapter, we explored how it feels and what becomes possible when we approach things from “receptive” mode before stepping into “output” mode. Being in receptive mode connects you to your human energy technology. When you use your receptors first and let the information that comes in guide your output, great things can happen.

However, when you are in output mode alone without the aid and guidance of your receptive capacities, you limit your perceptual awareness to what you can access through your intellect alone. The key, ultimately, is to remain in receptive mode even when you are in action. Then you are able to experience a constant flow of communication, awareness, and understanding between multiple fields of information.

Your Default Approach To Life

As Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness become your default approach to life and leadership, you discover that you have a greater ability to see the “big picture” of what is happening and understand events and circumstances within a much larger context. You learn to recognize patterns and flows of energy and discover how to navigate complex situations.

When faced with challenges, difficulties, or confusion, Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness reduce stress and foster resilience by transforming your relationship to what is happening. As we said in our mini-coaching sessions in Chapters 4 and 5, there are no magic pills. Yet as your perception and understanding of what is happening expands, you are able to see things within a larger context. Clarity emerges, and you sense what to do next.

Coming back to the beginning of this chapter, the more accurate interpretation of “the answers are within” is that the answers are within what is happening. They are within the energy field of the situation or circumstance. If the situation or circumstance is something inside of you, then the answers will be found there as well.

However, if your challenge is within a project or a relationship or a societal issue, the answers may not be within you. They will be within the situation itself. Within you is an extraordinary awareness technology that can help you discover or uncover the answers or next steps that are waiting to be found in the energy field of the situation.

Our Innate Human Energy Technology

The Transformational Presence approach calls us home to our innate human energy technology. Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness are our most natural ways of being and sensing. They are our human energy system coming alive.

When we expand far beyond the intellect into the vastness of the intuitive mind, we are able to access the quantum field. We can access the greater Consciousness. As you share this approach with your colleagues and the people you serve, the collective thinking, inquiry, perception, and understanding of the team or organization expands.

The companion Frameworks book is filled with tools and exercises to help you and those you serve further develop your Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness skills and capacities. You will also find many resources at

As a culture, we’re just beginning to tap the surface of this extraordinary technology. It is capable of guiding and supporting us far more than most people have imagined. While this way of living is not yet fully supported by the mass consciousness, it is a significant key to the evolution of the mass consciousness.

©2017 by Alan Seale. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the author and 
The Center for Transformational Presence.

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