Then The Change Comes: February's Lunar Eclipse in Leo Brings Clarity

Then The Change Comes: Lunar Eclipse in Leo
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10th/11th February 2017: Lunar Eclipse in 23rd degree of Leo.
The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 00:45 GMT on 11th February 2017.

If you’ve been wondering what on earth’s going on lately – if life has been too good to be true, too tough to endure or too confusing to warrant taking seriously – this eclipse may just help clarify the cause behind the effect and the part we play in life’s unfolding.

Many so far this year, have found themselves facing what they thought was done and dusted: revisiting old thoughts, feelings and memories previously laid to rest, re-engaging with people places and behaviors that meant something ‘way back when’.

Others have been propelled into an existence so completely new and unexpected they still can’t quite believe what’s happened.

But most are on the middle ground, torn between a seductive past and an unsettlingly unknowable future, wondering whether to simply jump off the cliff of familiarity and see what happens, or retreat from its visceral edge to await clearer guidance on what comes next.

Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself right now, take heart. Guidance, encouragement and support is on its way.

Reaping the Plentiful Bounty of This Eclipse

There’s a catch though, and one to be embraced without hesitation if we are to reap the plentiful bounty of this eclipse: the guidance, encouragement and support must come from within. There’s no point waiting for someone else to come up with the goods, spout just the words of wisdom we need to hear or present a solution so obvious we can’t understand why we didn’t see it ourselves.

The time of looking to others for answers is over. We must each turn within to find them for ourselves. This lunar eclipse reminds us of our inherent power to know the truth, respond from a place of wisdom and act with alchemical intention regardless of all that is happening around us.

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The Moon eclipsed in Leo triggers the stark realization that we simply cannot control all that happens – to ourselves and those we love, to the causes that matter and the things we care about.

What seemed like power is exposed as empty striving born of fear and denial: radical avoidance of life’s aching vulnerability. This realization breaches our defenses and shatters our dreams. It can feel like devastation.

Then The Change Comes

Deep within, as we release all we thought we could (and should) be, a spark of truth is ignited. We are not in fact broken, but instead born anew of embodied wisdom. We know the truth and are ripe for the responsibility it bestows upon us.

We are on a march, you and I. not outward into battle, but inward into authentic alignment. We have laid siege to our own inner light, our personal source of collective wisdom, our intimate connectedness, for too long. It is time, in fact way overdue, to reclaim our true knowing, even in the midst of the greatest doubt. For we are life living itself and contain all that is needed in each moment.

In the subtly faded light of this eclipse we can see through clear, unblinkered eyes. What we have avoided may rise up before us. The daggers of criticism, hatred and impatience thrust previously at others will return to us, not from without but from within, their drain upon our essence made abundantly clear. This is not an encounter with punishment but with the unavoidable grace of life that ensures energy is always balanced and every action made whole by its consequences.

We cannot escape who we are or what we initiate in the world, just as we cannot escape the setting of the sun or night which turns to day. We are what we are, we do what we do, and we are beholden to our creations as they fulfill their own nature. This lunar event reminds us that we are our own destiny, even as life takes us forever by surprise.

Rethinking Who We Are

It is time to rethink who we are, for there are a million ways to express this infinite spirit. If we’ve become too fixated on a singular expression of our complexity we are in for a rude but timely awakening: we are not who we thought we were, nor is anyone else.

It is time to discover aspects of ourselves we never imagined were there. We may have refused to believe we could be so successful, so harsh, so beautiful, so selfish, so true or so false. Whatever has been banished to the periphery of our consciousness returns now for integration.

At this eclipse we can glimpse our true self, brighter than the Sun, deeper than the deepest sea, both light and dark, full and empty, mundane and divine. We have all heard it a thousand times and more: life only happens in the now. Not back then or in some future time but now, in this visceral immediate moment of consciousness, the only place we can ever reside.

This lunar eclipse in Leo reminds us that the now is also eternity and history combined: an alchemical blend of past, present and future, distilled into a micro-second of existence in which we have the power to act, choose and become.

Choices made when the Sun is eclipsed in Pisces on 26th February will shape our future selves. We can prepare to choose well then by embracing insights arising now, as the flames of ego are doused by the irrepressible waters of life divine.

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