The Grand Cross

The Grand Cross:
History and Observations
and How to Cope

by Eliza Bassett

Many articles have been written about this celestial event of 1999. These messages have circulated on the internet as well in various astrological publications. I offer my thoughts at this time for you to use if this article resonates for you.


As you may know, the total Solar Eclipse of August 11th, 1999 has a special configuration. This is a planetary alignment called a Grand Cross. A grand cross consists of four planets making an aspect pattern of two oppositions and four squares. This is the feature for the August Eclipse that has impressed many people and therefore become the focus of so many concerned thoughts and articles.


Eclipses occur twice a year, usually in pairs and they fall in the calendar year six months from each other. Solar and Lunar eclipses occur within two weeks of each other, which is the normal lunation cycle. Many astrologers love to study eclipses and their work has been published through the ages. Going back to older times before science filled in much about the energetic fields of the sun, moon and earth, eclipses were perceived as very important to the well-being of the people. The event could portend the birth of a person of great importance, as well as end wars and battles. We also know that the darkness that befalls the part of the planet in the shadow of the Moon, brings night dwelling animals out from their daytime resting places.


Many people seek out the opportunity to be under the shadow of the total eclipse, to experience the energy changes personally, as the electrical field of that area of Earth is so radically shifted. This eclipse?s totality shadow falls begins in the Northern Atlantic, through Europe - northern France, southern Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, northeastern corner of Bulgaria, Turkey, northern Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India. It may be that peace will descend to these countries after the passage of this eclipse. This is definitely something we can put into the intention of the Eclipse.


As I learned from an energy worker in Colorado Springs, as she channeled the bodhisattva Quan Yin, the boundaries between the etheric dimensions become thinner during the eclipse periods. The time for greater awareness and protection begins a full week before the first eclipse, and will return to their usual pattern a week after the last eclipse. This year, the date to begin to be more aware of what is around you from the etheric planes begins on July 21st and ends on August 18th. Please use your highest level of discernment to keep your energetic field clear of those energies that may distract you from your Divine Path.


The Grand Cross


A Grand Cross represents a very stressful pattern. People who have the pattern of a Grand Cross in their birth chart do not easily and will not easily change when presented by outside pressures. Their changes only come from within at their own instigation and direction. You can talk, cajole, and metaphorically speak with these fine people, and until they get their own very personal ?Ah HA!?, you might as well be trying to get the tide to stop doing its regular shifts. This pattern of stubbornness and resistance to change is especially emphasized in the four fixed signs, which is where the upcoming Total Eclipse?s energy is focused.


Squares are tugs of war between the energies of the planets. This year, we find Saturn in Taurus, the Sun and Moon in Leo, Mars in Scorpio, and Uranus in Aquarius. Briefly describing the planetary energies (very briefly!): Saturn represents the status quo and deep set patterns; Sun is your will and self-esteem; Moon is your emotions and your past; Mars your adrenaline response and how you get what you desire; Uranus your unconventionality and pattern breaking style. These five energies are working out who?s ?king of the hill,? to use a children?s game as a metaphor, during this time.

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Oppositions are polarities that are like a pendulum?s swing: both sides are visited and a balance must be obtained in the expression of their vibration. Therefore, the energy is swinging between Saturn and Mars, and then between the Sun and New Moon with Uranus. Saturn says - don?t move, don?t change. Mars says - we?re moving and we?re going over there just because it's there. Sun and Moon are happily tucked together, in Leo, and enjoying their monthly commune with each other - they are the King and Queen sitting on their thrones, co-ruling the world. Uranus says, I?m going to change this - whatever it is - just for the sake of change and newness.


You may want to get two colors of highlighters and go over those key words so you can see this pattern?s contrariness. No doubt, this is why many are concerned. How would you work out a compromise when presented with this managerial problem? Think upon it, as this is what you must do for yourself. Possibly use a Thesaurus to assist you in finding other words that have more power or resonate better within. I?ll be giving specific directions to assist you based on your sun sign at the conclusion of this article.


One major point about New Moon eclipses are the results of actions started on the Eclipse have a twenty year period of harvesting the energy. This information comes from a lecture by Carolyn Torrko, of the Denver area, when she spoke of the chart for the beginning of the Gulf War. Her studies have shown that whatever we have our intention focused on during a New Moon Eclipse, we will resolve it fully in twenty years. The Gulf War was started just after the New Moon eclipse of January of that year. New Moons are historically used for the assistance of total darkness for attacks. Also, New Moon energies are resolved within two to four weeks. Unfortunately, an eclipse new moon creates problems for twenty years. We know that military action continues with Iraq - it's just not front page news any more.?


At this point, to say the least, we can conclude that this is a potentially volatile time. Some of the squares and oppositions go into position long before the eclipse date of the 11th. The 28th?s new moon energy may be the trigger to set things in motion. What we need to remember, as Spiritual Be-ings experiencing a Human Existence, is that FEAR is the mind-killer. It blows away all reason, moves us into a place of gut-level re-action, instead of a conscious choice of action.


Reading from Elias Lonsdale?s book, " Inside Degrees", we find that the degree of Leo that this Total Solar Eclipse falls at holds great gifts for growth and joy. ?A hummingbird feeding at a trumpet vine. Heightened perception exquisitely poised, brilliant and as fast as can be. You have the genius of seeing things, knowing things, and being there. Overflowing with destiny-bounty earned over many lifetimes, yet you bring all this through with a fine-tuned ability to land in the situation at hand with only as much as can be worked with. You are guided to follow an extraordinary course through the world, which features the perfect opportunities to tap what is inside in so many different ways. The blessings, the grace the heart?s wonder are super full. As this way of being ripens and matures, it becomes even better. Then you begin to draw out from others the same kinds of marvels and wonders, and to make it possible for the vibrancies to spread and grow. With a wildfire capacity to spread good news and bring affirmative realizations whenever they are needed in generous profusion, you work with ever more effortless capacity to bring this world alive.?


Therefore, do not panic on this day, or any day leading up to or shortly after. Please! Whatever you wish to harvest, reap or experience during the next twenty years begins on the 11th of August. Local Maui time, 1:09 AM (10:09 AM Pacific; 7:09 AM Eastern).


Generally Love is the great healer and brings permanent resolution. When Divine Love meets the darkest fears, fear dissolves and transmutes, allowing more love to occupy our lives and be-ing. Therefore, I very strongly suggest you bring into your self, all the Divine Love you can during the time leading up to the eclipse and afterwards. Do your best to stop your anger, gripes, release your concept of burdens - unwind whatever your usual emotional and mental life ?tapes? are - and choose the path of expressing Love. Whatever your Spiritual practice is, we know that Love is the message that the Divine wants us to live in. This is a time for a personal communion with the Divine Presence within each of us and to use it to heal ourselves, therefore being responsible to healing the world.


For Fixed signs:
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius


People who have their sun in the four fixed signs are paying attention to this eclipse on a very personal level. Your deepest issues are in your face with interactions with other people, through your home and business lives. Those who perceive you as an enemy may be more direct in their issues with you at home or at work, or both! Bless them for their presence in this lesson. Thank them for showing you where you hold fear. Send yourself Love first, them on to them.?


For Cardinal signs:
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn


For these four signs, this configuration falls in the houses of finance - 2nd and 8th - and the houses of childhood talents and community life - 5th and 11th. Your issues are your personal possessions, wealth you?ve earned or inherited, your long term relationships, alo with remembering long-buried talents and how you are working in the community of the whole world.


For Mutable Signs:
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces


Your flexibility allows you to flow through even the most difficult situations, yet this time period may have you rather stressed out - physically and psychologically. You?re wanting to communicate and travel to release these pressures. New teachers are definitely important to your world viewpoint. 


If you are traveling:


Being in a plane or on a long car trip during this time may be more constricting than you can handle, especially for those who are Virgo/Pisces. Do not allow any fear to enter your mind. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the fear energies of others, bring all the Divine Light and Love you can into yourself, and then broadcast it to all your fellow travelers. Cut your etheric cords to all of them after the broadcast.


If it is your birthday:


I suggest you accept all accolades with humble grace. Put your best resolutions for your life in the forefront of your mind. Write down what you want to accomplish during the next twenty years. Carry this in your pocket and review it frequently during the day. Accept all the Love, Joy, and Happiness you can. Have no thought of darkness or fear. Not a smidge. When you have a negative thought float through, don?t obsess on it, just release it with Love.




Beginning on the 10th of August, one path is to do this: Relax. Be calm. Allow any negative thoughts and feelings to flow out of you without attachment or melt them with love. If you find yourself in conflict with anyone, see if you can back out of the situation, and resolve it after a few days have passed. Hold your highest intentions with you all day, by referring to them on a note card you have in your pocket, purse, or daily date-keeper. If you encounter some one who is in fear about the day, release their thoughts to be their own. Stay focused on your responsible self-intention for your highest and best good. Through attending to your own deepest emotional healing, you will participate in the healing of the planet. NamastT.


1) Inside Degrees, Elias Lonsdale, 1997, North Atlantic Books.
2) Interpreting the Eclipses, Robert Carl Jansky, 1979, Astro Computing Services
3) Mountain Astrologer, June/July Issue 1999, p 14 for the Path of Totality map.


(c) 1999 Eyes of Heaven

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