Recovering Our Vastness and Becoming The 5D Humans We Were Always Meant To Be

Recovering Our Vastness and Becoming The 5D Humans We Were Always Meant To Be
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I have been profoundly affected by Barbara Hand Clow’s book The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, which she coauthored with her husband, Gerry Clow. The material in her book unlocked a new way of seeing and understanding myself and my world. It also provided me with a new framework to understand and keep integrating the polar opposites within me—a new approach to neutralize and integrate both the personal and collective shadow.

The first aha! moment for me was to realize that, as humans, we have access to nine dimensions of consciousness. These nine dimensions of consciousness are interdependent and connected to one another and can be explained from a cutting-edge scientific perspective, which gives them a sense of consistency and usefulness. They also hold very different frequencies, from the slowest vibratory rate of 1D and 2D to the fastest of 9D.

We Are Living As 3D Humans (At The Moment)

We walk around our planet typically living, seeing, and responding from our third-dimensional expression. And we typically have no awareness that this is far from the only expression we have access to—and it is far from the only beings that we are.

In 3D, we are constantly challenged by the polarity, which is the nature of this dimension. It is simple Newtonian physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The challenge occurs not from the opposites themselves, but from the fact that we do not know how to integrate these opposites. This in turn thrusts us into a duality in which the polarities operate at odds with each other.

For integration to actually occur, we need to move our awareness into 4D to gain the larger perspective, which allows us to understand that polar opposites are not mutually exclusive of each other but can coexist within us, combining to produce a dynamism that is flowing and lovely. It is relatively easy for us humans to see things from a higher-dimensional perspective, but so often we get caught in the drama of reactivity and cannot or will not utilize this ability.

Once we are able to master utilizing our 4D consciousness to keep integrating our emotions and the polarities we experience in our 3D world, then we can gain access to the upper five dimensions. Becoming 5D humans is the next stage in our evolution.

4D “Movie Directors” and Our Shadow

The fourth dimension is fascinating. I do not claim to fully understand it, but I understand it enough to see how it can operate in my own life and in our collective lives. According to Hand Clow, messages from higher dimensions hit the canopy of 4D, where they split into light and dark polarities. Since 4D is loaded with archetypes of all sorts, you can begin to understand why these archetypal expressions also become split into dark and light.

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The archetypes like to interact with us. Some inspire us, and others like to mess with us. Just like the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses who still inhabit 4D, many of these 4D archetypes, which are expressions of different parts of us, seem to like to manipulate our innocent and ignorant 3D selves.

Hand Clow points out that 4D is about feelings, while 3D is physical. Our 4D expressions are, therefore, very different than our earthly 3D selves. These 4D beings, which are a collection of all our individual 4D nesting dolls, are capable of experiencing intense emotional states but cannot act them out in a physical way. Because of this, they will often create “plays” or “movies”—either metaphorically or literally—using us in physical form as their actors, watching and getting excited by our stirred-up emotions and the actions that ensue, much the way some of us might enjoy horror movies or thrillers.

If you do not understand how this can affect you, you could find yourself in your life starring in a “movie” that brings you great pain. But once you begin to realize that you do not have to be acted upon by these higher-dimensional parts, that you have free will and have the ability to use it, then you are free to shift this current story to be your story, not theirs, and you become free to write your life any way you choose.

Compassion for the Shadow Self

You cannot, however, do this with any success until you meet and really get to know and feel compassion for the shadow side of yourself. If you have not yet done shadow work, the time is now. Your shadow includes any part of you that you feel shame, fear, or guilt about and therefore try to keep hidden, not just from others but often from yourself as well.

Anytime we push part of our 4D self away, it will hide out in our unconscious and create undue havoc in our lives and in the lives of others. Any desires, traits, or dark thoughts we have that we do not own and integrate will either tear us up through illness, depression, or other similar means or do harm to others upon whom we project these “bad” traits.

The safest and ultimately easiest way to take charge of that 4D movie director self is to understand that every shadow thought, feeling, and urge you might have within you are no different than what is within every other human. It is simply a piece of the human experience.

If I can own my inner bitch, my inner tormenter, my inner terrorist, or my inner abuser and learn how to send love and integrate those energies, I begin to take back my power from those 4D forms and I minimize the harm those energies can do in 3D.

As each of us does this, the 4D canopy of light, which gets pretty murky from all the projected shadow that people have not integrated, clears. Then the portal opens for the higher-dimensional connections we are seeking.Simultaneously, the dramas we might have found ourselves previously locked into almost magically disappear.

If We Resist Our Shadow...

If we resist our shadow, if we try to ban or repress our darker urges, we will be easy targets for those 4D directors. Even a cursory look around the planet sadly reveals how many souls are stuck and unable to understand and work with their shadow and therefore are easily manipulated by those thrill-seeking 4D mythic figures. So, for instance, people who are continuously trying to banish Satan (who is just one of the dark archetypal figures hanging out in 4D) may actually empower these dark archetypes to unconsciously take them over psychically and leave them vulnerable to being in some pretty awful films, which may include full-length “movies” that last for decades.

Here’s the trickier part: we created these archetypal figures in the first place, or at the very least gave them power in our world, because we were unable to deal with our own shadow. Remember, this is an interactive process: 4D exists just like 3D, and perhaps these figures hung out there in the first place, but they can only control us if we let them. Patriarchal religion in 3D created the collective repression of the shadow, but perhaps it was the archetypes who live in 4D who created patriarchal religions.

What Can We Do About The Shadow Now?

What is most relevant to me is not how this all came about, but what we can do about it now. Understanding how these forces work on us is the first step to getting free.

Learning to recognize the shadow within you is next. And last is learning how to integrate the shadow so that you can experience a new level of wholeness and self-love. This will not only shift your life profoundly and give you access to stepping into your higher-dimensional expression, it will begin to shift the consciousness of the collective to allow peace, love, harmony, and living from higher awareness to be the norm on our planet.

Some of our greatest gifts may have also been relegated to our shadow. Perhaps you were enormously psychic as a child and ridiculed for this. The ridicule may well have caused you to repress this ability. Perhaps you were artistic and lived in a family who saw no value in art; you might have repressed this as well. The same for intellectual gifts, for communing with animals and plants, for anything that was not appreciated and accepted in the family and/or culture you grew up in. Those shadow gifts, too, need to be unearthed and integrated for you to fully reclaim your inner power and take full charge of your movie.

Reversing the Dimensional Descent and Recovering from the Fall

There is a lot of talk and awareness about Ascension. From a multidimensional view, Ascension means that we are able to operate at a higher frequency and faster vibrational pace, which literally allows our cells to embody more light. The more we can do this, the more we will be operating out of an enlightened consciousness and from a higher-dimensional part of ourselves—from our 5D nesting doll. What I have not heard talked about, but which seems very clear to me, is that the biblical Fall was, in fact, a story about our dimensional descent. We used to operate out of ascended consciousness before this occurred.

When I was in Egypt some years ago, touring and doing ritual in the ancient temples, it became clear to me that the very ancient Egyptians, the ones long before the pharaohs were in power, were high-consciousness beings. In my view, they were operating from their fifth-dimensional expression as 5D humans. Perhaps they migrated there after the fall of Atlantis, or perhaps there were many areas on Earth that were seeded with higher-dimensional beings simultaneously. All I know is that it was clear to me from several things I saw and learned that these ancient Egyptians, who go back well over ten thousand years (perhaps well over seventy-five thousand years), had access to sophisticated technology, far more sophisticated than the technology we have today. They had a culture that honored both the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine equally. They understood how to work with shadow energy and therefore how to integrate the polarity on 3D Earth.

As an example, Emil Shaker, our Egyptologist, dated the Great Pyramid at least ten thousand years old or older and was convinced that it was not built by the biblical version of slave labor but rather through people using antigravitational rods to lift the heavy stones and move them into place. In one of the ancient temples, far south of Giza, I saw a very clear and very ancient hieroglyph of two men standing across from each other, each holding two rods with a large stone hovering above these rods. One theory, which I suspect is an accurate one, is that this antigravitation was created through sound waves. They were able to create a certain resonance that manipulated gravity to loosen its hold on these massive rocks, which then allowed them to be “lifted” into place.

Another example of this has to do with our so-called junk DNA. It was once thought that as humans we used only two strands of our DNA and the rest was “junk.” More and more, we are uncovering the hidden potential of this misunderstood aspect of our DNA.

Our evolutionary potential with just the physiology we have now is amazingly vast. I believe that we used to use all twelve strands of our DNA, and we were able to use those strands because our consciousness was operating at a fifth-dimensional frequency even while we were living on 3D Earth in human bodies. As we recover from this dimensional descent, we again will be able to use all twelve helixes.

Why Knowing Ourselves Matters

“Know thyself” is an essential piece of advice that predates Socrates. Since this phrase apparently was found on Egyptian doors long before Socrates was born, I feel that it is at least as old as the Egyptian culture I speak of above. Ironically, as soon as we disconnected from the sacred feminine, which is associated with the biblical Fall and thus is at least 6,000 years old, since the Jewish calendar dates back 5,776 years, we would have been thrown out of balance, with no way to hold the frequency of the higher dimensions.

In this dimensional descent, the masculine disconnected from and then disparaged the feminine. Without the feminine, we really had no way to go inward and access self-knowledge. It is the sacred feminine that brings us the wisdom we need to begin to ascend, and this wisdom is intricately tied to knowing who we really are.

As 3D humans, we operate from four distinct bodies: the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. To fully know ourselves, we need to understand how we function out of each of those bodies. Doing so enables us to identify what is out of balance and work to restore balance. For most of us in this culture, the emotional body is the most disrupted, which has a direct correlation to the discrediting of the feminine under patriarchy, which even in biblical symbolism gave rise to the Fall.

In classic “blame the victim” consciousness, which is a hallmark of patriarchal culture, the Bible blames Eve for creating the imbalance, but of course, we all participated, perhaps as part of a collective evolutionary agreement, to experience the imbalance in order to return to higher consciousness from a place of experience and wisdom rather than innocence.

In the process of discrediting the feminine, emotional imbalance became the norm. Since 4D is the dimension that is most sensitive to emotions, perhaps even the dimension where different emotions originate, this imbalance muddied the 4D light canopy, and we have been dealing with the havoc of this ever since.

The more we connect with our inner sacred feminine, the more fully we can embark on the process of knowing ourselves. We then not only understand and accept our emotional nature, we also heal the old wounds and create a healthy emotional field. As we do this, we open the portals to the higher-dimensional consciousness we wish to ascend to.

Thus, the collective journey of the dimensional re-ascent has begun, and in that re-ascent, we unlock the potential that has been with us for millennia but has remained untapped: to become the 5D humans we were always meant to be.

©2020 by Judith Corvin-Blackburn. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Bear & Co., a division of Inner Traditions Intl.

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Activating Your 5D Frequency: A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions
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Activating Your 5D Frequency: A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions by Judith Corvin-BlackburnWe are in a time of great transition. Higher frequency light is flooding our planet, awakening large numbers to reclaim our original nature as fifth-dimensional humans. As 5D humans, we live from our heart’s wisdom, from Unity Consciousness, unconditional love, and unbridled creativity. 5D humans have highly developed inner senses of empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairsentience--qualities that are opening for many as we go through this dimensional shift. While this journey is exciting, its demands can be overwhelming. In this hands-on guide to activating the 5D potential lying dormant in our DNA, Judith Corvin-Blackburn shows us how to navigate the Ascension process, including how to handle emotions, resistances, and fears and welcome our 5D frequencies.

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