How Riches Come to You

How Riches Come to You

by Wallace D. Wattles
& Dr. Judith Powell

When we say that you do not have to drive sharp bargains, we do not mean that you do not have to drive any bargains at all, or that you are above the need to deal with your fellow human beings. We mean that you will not need to deal with them unfairly. You do not have to get something for nothing, and you can give to every person more than you take from them.

Giving Back More

You cannot give everyone more in cash market value than you take from them, but you can give them more in use value than the cash value of the thing you get from them. Let us suppose that you own a Van Gogh painting which in any civilized community, is worth millions of dollars. You take it to the South American Rainforest and by "sales skills" induce a native to collect for you plants from the Rainforest, whose leaves contain a cancer-curing agent, (also worth millions of dollars on the open market), in exchange for the painting. You have really wronged him, for he has no use for the painting; it has no use value to him; it will not add to his life. However, suppose you give him a rifle worth $200 for his leaves; then he has made a good bargain. He has use for the rifle; it will help him get more food; it will add to his life in every way; it will make him rich.

When you rise from the competitive state to the creative plane, you can scan your business transactions very strictly, and if you are selling anyone anything which does not add more to their life than the thing they give you in exchange, you can afford to stop it!

You do not have to beat anybody in business. And if you are in a business which does beat people, get out of it at once. Give every individual more in use value than you take from them in cash value — then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction.

If you have people working for you, you must take from them more in cash value than you pay them in wages. You can so organize your business that it will be filled with the principle of advancement, so that each employee who wishes to do so may advance a little every day. You can so conduct your business that it will be a ladder, by which every employee who will make the effort may climb to riches themselves.

Riches Are In Your Mind

As you are to cause the creation of your riches from Formless Substance which permeates all your environment, it does not follow that they are to take shape from the atmosphere and come into being before your very eyes! If you want an automobile, for instance, we do not mean to tell you that you are to impress the thought of an ideal car on Thinking Substance until the driving machine is formed, in the room where you sit, or elsewhere. But if you want a car, hold the mental image of it with the most positive certainty that it is being made, or is on its way to you. After once forming the thought, have the most absolute and unquestioning faith that the car is coming. Never think of it or speak of it in any other way than as being sure to arrive! Claim it as already yours. Expect to drive it.

Once there was a little boy sitting at a piano, vainly trying to bring harmony out of the keys. He appeared to be angry and frustrated by his inability to play real music. When asked the cause of his vexation, he answered, "I can feel the music in me, but I can't make my hands go right." The music in him was the URGE of Original Substance, containing all the possibilities of all life — all that there is of music was seeking expression through the child.

God, the One Substance, is trying to live and do and enjoy things through humanity. Supreme Intelligence is saying, "I want hands to build wonderful structures, to play divine harmonies, to paint glorious pictures. I want feet to run my errands, eyes to see my beauties, tongues to tell mighty truths and to sing marvelous songs."

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All that there is of possibility is seeking expression through us. God wants those who can play music to have pianos and every other instrument, and to have the means to cultivate their talents to the fullest extent. Higher Intelligence wants those who can appreciate beauty to be able to surround themselves with beautiful things. The All wants those who can discern truth to have every opportunity to travel and observe. God wants those who can appreciate dress to be beautifully clothed, and those who can appreciate good food to be lavishly fed.

The Supreme Source wants all these things because it is the Source who enjoys and appreciates things. It is God who wants to play, and sing, and enjoy beauty, and proclaim truth, and wear fine clothes, and eat good foods. "It is God that worketh in you to will and to do", said St. Paul. The desire you feel for riches is the Infinite, seeking to express Itself in you as It sought to find expression in the little boy at the piano.

Ask And Receive

You need not hesitate to ask largely. Your part is to focus and express the desires of the Infinite. This is a difficult point with most people because they retain something of the old idea that poverty and self-sacrifice are pleasing to God. They look upon poverty as a part of the plan, a necessity of nature. They have the idea that God has finished His work, and made all that He can make, and that the majority of people must stay poor because there is not enough to go around. They hold on to so much of this erroneous thought that they feel ashamed to ask for wealth; they don't want more than a very modest competence, just enough to make them fairly comfortable.

To be rich: you can form things in your thoughts, and, by impressing your thoughts upon Formless Substance, can cause the thing you think about to be created, and be brought into your life. In order to keep abundant living flowing, always conduct your personal and business affairs with a win-win attitude. Always give people more in use value than the cash value of the thing you get from them. Thus you will be adding to the world by working on the creative dimension rather than the competitive one.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles & Dr. Judith Powell.This article was excerpted from

The Science of Getting Rich
by Wallace D. Wattles & Dr. Judith Powell.

Excerpted with permission. Published by Top of the Mountain Publishing, PO Box 2244, Pinellas Park, FL 33780-2244. (727-391-3958).

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