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Our life is a journey... sometimes we travel physically from one location to another, and at other times our journey involves an up and down of emotions and experiences. Nevertheless, the journey comes with its challenges, its lessons, its joys, and its blessings. And sometimes (most times) a challenge will later on be discovered to have been a blessing, though unrecognized as such at the time.

This week we bring you various journeys... and invite you to travel along with the authors and discover what is waiting there for you. You may discover that the importance lays in the journey itself... not so much the destination. It's how we live (and love) that counts. 

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Marie T. Russell and Robert Jennings
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"


woman hiking on a forest trail

Take a Hike and Experience the Trail of Your Life

Author: Sydney Williams

The main thing is to move your body, somewhere outdoors, free from the distractions of this hyperconnected world we’re living in.
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Being Displaced: Its Shocking Impact on Your Health and Well-Being

Author: Richard P. Hsung

I never knew how extreme an impact reviewing one’s life can have, or writing a book about it. I’ve learned that in facing traumatic memories, it’s essential to have the support you need to proceed.
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Are Your Assets Protected? The Insurance Industry's Climate Challenge

Author: Robert Jennings,

As the world grapples with climate change, a looming crisis is unfolding in the United States housing market.
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How To Navigate Alzheimer’s Disease: A Guide for Loved Ones

Author: Jean-Pierre Willem, M.D.

The illness of a family member will overturn the entire structure of a relationship that has been woven together over the years. This disarray is even more profound when the illness is Alzheimer’s disease...
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The Risks of Eating Too Much Protein

Author: Robert Jennings,

Diet books and fitness circles commonly promote protein as a magic bullet for weight loss, muscle building, and athletic performance. But what are the unintended consequences?
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Heat Waves Are Getting More Extreme - And It's Not Just About Higher Temperatures

Author: Alex Jordan,

We've all experienced sweltering summer days that make us want to seek refuge in the air conditioning.
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a girl holding up a brightly shining lantern

The Way of the Great Physician: Transmuting Poison to Medicine

Author: Stephanie Mines, Ph.D.

The intelligence, creativity, curiosity, and vitality that motivates you now motivated you with significantly greater force when you were much smaller. Furthermore, reclaiming the awareness that infused you then is the key to personal fulfillment and also to the continuity of…
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old woman sitting by herself

The Secret Power of Need: Yes, We Need Each Other

Author: Barry Vissell

Our survival as a species depends on our interdependence. We can only survive through love and cooperation ... and acceptance of our need for one another as well as our need to give to one another.
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creating us vs them 3 25

A Guide to Political Manipulation: Decoding Authoritarian Tactics

Author: Robert Jennings,

The political boundary that separates unity from division today isn't sketched with the definitive lines of truth; rather, it is shaded with the elusive techniques of manipulation and misinformation. At the heart of authoritarian regimes lies a profound grasp of the human psyche.
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Crime in the U.S.: Separating Fact from Fiction

Author: Alex Jordan,

Reality has a funny way of clashing with the stories politicians and pundits love to spin, especially regarding hot-button issues like crime.
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The Pursuit of Happiness: What Science Says Really Works

Author: Sarah Jelbert and Bruce Hood, University of Bristol

What we learned from teaching a course on the science of happiness...
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Cataract Surgery Explained: What Patients Need to Know

Author: Allan Steigleman and Elizabeth M. Hofmeister

Are you one of the millions about to have cataract surgery? Here’s what ophthalmologists say you need to know...
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AI's Complex Brain: The Evolution of Neural Networks

Author: David Beer, University of York

AI will soon become impossible for humans to comprehend – the story of neural networks tells us why.
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Eating Chocolate: Guilty Pleasure or Healthy Choice?

Author: Dan Baumgardt, University of Bristol

Eating some chocolate really might be good for you – here’s what the research says...
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Be a Bee Ally: Why Early Spring Plants Matter

Author: Tonya Lander and Matthias Becher

Early spring brings a ‘hungry gap’ for bees – here’s how you can help...
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Navigating Life's Complexity: The Essential Role of Thoughtful Reflection

Author: Oscar Davis, Bond University

A philosopher makes the case for a thoughtful life – but life is more than a thought experiment.
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Is Moderate Drinking Really Healthy? Uncovering the Facts

Author: James M. Clay, and Tim Stockwell, University of Victoria

Cheers to health? Uncovering myths around the health benefits of moderate drinking...
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Shōgun Returns: How FX’s Series Captures the Heart of Japan’s Past

Author: Constantine Nomikos Vaporis, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

James Clavell’s ‘Shōgun’ is reimagined for a new generation of TV viewers...
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Celebrating Easter Under Occupation: Palestinian Christians' Struggle

Author: Roni Abusaad, San José State University

Easter 2024 in the Holy Land: a holiday marked by Palestinian Christian sorrow.
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Is Middle Age Crucial for Preventing Dementia Later On?

Author: Sebastian Dohm-Hansen Allard and Yvonne Nolan, University College Cork

The middle-aged brain changes a lot – and it’s key to understanding dementia.
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What's The Key to Healthier Kids?

Author: Kelley Gullo Wight and Peggy Liu

Helping children eat healthier foods may begin with getting parents to do the same, research suggests.
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How Is Your Grocery Bill Going up Due to Climate Change?

Author: Jessica Boxall and Michael Head, University of Southampton

Food prices will climb everywhere as temperatures rise due to climate change – new research...
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hands working in the soil

The Unseen Life of Soil: How Tiny Creatures Support Our World

Author: Brian Darby, University of North Dakota

What is dirt? There’s a whole wriggling world alive in the ground beneath our feet, as a soil scientist explains...
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This Week's Astrological Overview

Astrological Overview & Horoscope: April 1 - 7, 2024

Author: Pam Younghans

a colorful stone house with windows

This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart. (Audio and video version available on the article page.)
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