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Our InnerSelf welcomes your inner self.

While we may have been taught (or brainwashed) into thinking we were "not enough", not good enough, not smart enough, not powerful enough, not intuitive enough, not whatever enough... those are lies. We are enough... good, smart, powerful, intuitive, loving and lovable... We are what we claim to be. If we claim weakness, then so be it. If we claim strength, then be it so. If we claim Loving and Lovable, then so it is. 

We can be whatever we choose to be. This week, our selected articles focus on choices we can make and how they open the door for the future we desire. So let's make sure we are clear on what we desire, so that we are heading to the door that opens to the love, joy, health, and blessings, that we desire. We can make it happen. First we get clear on what we desire, then we choose the thoughts and actions that will get us there, and then we take action. 1,2,3. It's not complicated, but it does require that we make the choices that lead us in the direction of the life and world we desire. All for One, and One for All. So be it!

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Wishing you enjoyable insightful reading, and of course a wonder-full, joy-full, health-full, and loving week. 

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Marie T. Russell
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"


The Way You Respond Can Change Someone’s World -- And Yours

 Larry Thornton

a check board with black and white pieces

A well-known saying asserts “Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.” Missing from this thought philosophy is the key point that your reactions affect others in profound ways. 

How to Stop Worrying about Stuff

 Jude Bijou

man standing outside clutching a suitcase to his chest

Focusing on "what ifs," what might happen, and feeling a need to control, are classic symptoms of worry.

Make Your Dreams Come True with the Use of Mysticism

 Chris Fontanella

innerself subscribe graphic

a hand with a butterfly sitting on the thumb in front of a vibrant sky

Dreams can…and do…come true; there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Confessions of the Psychedelic Elders

 Richard Louis Miller, MA, PhD,

photo of older white man with beard and flowing long hair

Every enduring culture leans heavily on its tribal elders to nourish the younger generations with the wisdom that comes with experience. For better or for worse, the modern Western world has left many of its own traditions behind.

How Continuous Learning and Embracing Change Can Lead to Success

 Robert Jennings, InnerSelf.com

out for success 5 1

Do you need help in your personal or professional life? Do you need help keeping up with the modern world's ever-changing demands? If so, you're not alone.

Almost Losing Our VW Van --And Then A Miracle

 Barry Vissell

yellow Volkswagen van on a wet mountain terrain

We had recently had our first rain of the year, after months of no rain. Being new to California, we didn't realize what that first rain did to dirt roads in the mountains.

What's the Alternative to Pain and Pain Medications?

 Saloni Sharma, MD, LAc

 a transparent image of the body with organs and DNA

The pharmaceutical industry promotes the fantasy of zero pain: take a pill and elim­inate pain. But pills offer only temporary, superficial relief and often have adverse effects.

Food Is the Easy Way to a Healthy Life

 Robert Jennings, InnerSelf.com

med diet1

Do you want to avoid flipping through countless diet books that lead you to feel more confused than ever? Have you just been stuffing yourself with quick and easy processed fast foods?

How to Avoid Injury When Walking Your Furry Friend

 InnerSelf Staff

 walking your dog safely 5 7

Walking your furry friend can be a fantastic way to get some exercise and spend time with your four-legged companion.

Gordon Lightfoot’s Music Raised Awareness of Maritime Disasters

 Jack L. Rozdilsky

gordon lightfoot 5 3

On May 1, 2023, the 84-year-old Canadian folk music icon Gordon Lightfoot died at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital.

Is There a Growing Tiredness of Life?

 Sam Carr

no reason to live 5 3 

Molly was 88 years old and in good health. She had outlived two husbands, her siblings, most of her friends and her only son.

Even Moderate Airplane Noise Can Rob You of Sleep

 Boston University

an airplane gaining altitude in the sky

Exposure to even moderate levels of airplane noise may disrupt sleep, researchers report.

What Makes a Good Parent? Is Acting on Climate Change as Important as Love and Bedtime Stories?

 Craig Stanbury

a child sitting on the floor playing with a world globe

In her book, Parenting on Earth, philosopher and mother Elizabeth Cripps argues that to do right by their kids, parents must also attempt to do something about the problems caused by climate change.

Is Your Aging Dog Getting Enough Sleep?

 InnerSelf Staff

older dog 5 1

Sleep is essential for a healthy mind, especially in older dogs. During sleep, the brain clears out harmful substances that can lead to cognitive decline.

Are You under Digital Distress? 3 Ways Tech-Triggers May Affect Your Mental Health

 Brittany Harker Martin

a man apparently very stressed while looking at his phone

In addition to rising mental health issues, there seems to be a general malaise across normally well individuals in society.

What You Can Do about Bad Freezer Smells

 Enzo Palombo and Rosalie Hocking

food in a freezer

Most people would expect a freezer can keep perishable food fresh and safe from spoilage for many months. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

How Working in an Office Can Harm Your Health

 Jaana Halonen and Auriba Raza

people going to work in subway car (or bus)

While this is a good thing when it comes to being able to socialize with your colleagues, it may have some negative effects on your health – depending on how long your commute is.

Basic Income Could Help Create a Just and Sustainable Food System

 Kristen Lowitt and Charles Z. Levkoe

worker on vegetable farm

Canada’s food system is experiencing ongoing stresses from supply chain disruptions, price inflation and extreme weather events.

How AI Has the Potential to Revolutionise Health Care

 Mangor Pedersen

How AI Has Potential to Revolutionise Health Care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving fast and will become an important support tool in clinical care. Research suggests AI algorithms can accurately detect melanomas and predict future breast cancers.

Emotional Abuse Is a Pattern of Hurtful Messages

 Divna Haslam et al

a young boy

A key finding of our Australian Child Maltreatment Study, published in early 2023, is that emotional abuse is widespread and associated with similar harms as sexual abuse.

Why Three-Day Weekends Are Great for Wellbeing and the Economy

 Tony Syme and Maria Paola Rana

a beach with the words "3-day weekend" written in the sand

Having several three-day weekends in one month brings into focus the recent four-day working week pilots (without loss of pay) in many countries.

Why Learn to Think like a Plant

 Chris Thorogood

woman sitting on a couch staring at a very unhealthy looking house plant

I’d say most potted orchid deaths arise from drowned roots. Conversely, I’ve seen people desiccate cacti believing they don’t need water.

Can A Photograph Change The World?

 Beatriz Guerrero González-Valerio

young girl working in a factory

Portraying injustices is not something novel. From the beginning of the twentieth century to present day, many photographers have been concerned about leaving their mark. But can we try to change the world – even make it a better place – through a photograph?

Obesity in Children Has Lifelong Health Effects

 Christine Nguyen

children playing outside

In the past two decades, children have become more obese and have developed obesity at a younger age. A 2020 report found that 14.7 million children and adolescents in the U.S. live with obesity.

Science-Backed Mindfulness, Meditation and Self-Compassion Improve Mental Health

 Rachel Goldsmith Turow

a woman sitting in a chair meditating

Mindfulness and self-compassion are now buzzwords for self-improvement. But in fact, a growing body of research shows these practices can lead to real mental health benefits.

Free Speech Used to Be Honored by Both Left and Right

 Erica Goldberg

 protesting or free speech

The law school’s dean issued a public apology to the judge and explained to the public that Stanford’s speech policies do not permit coordinated efforts to shut down invited speakers.

What to Know about Arcturus, the New COVID Variant

 Manal Mohammed

 new covid strain 3

Arcturus has been classified as a variant of interest by the World Health Organization. So what do we know about this variant, and should we be worried?


This Week's Uptakes

Curated by Robert Jennings

Growing Impact of Extreme Weather on the United States

 InnerSelf Staff

weathering the future 5 6

This documentary "Weathering the Future" explores the growing impact of extreme weather events on communities across the United States.

Can AI Stop Us from Repeating Our Mistakes?

 Anders Sandberg

men - and countries - at war

It is a cliché that not knowing history makes one repeat it. As many people have also pointed out, the only thing we learn from history is that we rarely learn anything from history.

This Week's Daily Inspirations

Curated by Marie T. Russell

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Constructive Action

 Jude Bijou

a plant growing out of an eggshell in a crack between pieces of wood

May 6-7, 2023 - It's time to choose courage to embody our best selves by taking constructive action.

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Getting Rid of Excess

 Gail McMeekin

rope frayed and ready to break in the middle

May 5, 2023 - I encourage you to get rid of everything you neither need nor want in your life.

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: I Am Attentive


students in class paying attention to the teacher

May 4, 2023 - The problem is that we do everything with the mind, and we are planning continuously for the future. 

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Send Positive Energy and Non-Judgment

 Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

a person sitting in meditation with energy waves emanating

May 3, 2023 - Be joyfully generous with yourself and others, in terms of money, smiles, time, attention, and thought...

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Open to New Possibilities

 Dominique Antiglio

cat looking at an aquarium

May 2, 2023 - The practice of futurization helps us to feel confident and positive as well as opening up our brain to new possibilities.

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration: Self-Kindness and Self-Compassion

 Julie M. Simon

relaxing by the lake

May 1, 2023 - Give yourself the gift of kindness and compassion, which is at the core of any loving relationship.

This Week's Astrological Overview

Astrological Overview & Horoscope: May 8 - 14, 2023

 Pam Younghans

zoomed-in image of Uranus taken with Webb Telescope

This weekly astrological journal is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

See Video section below for the link to the Video Version of the Astrological Journal.

Videos Added to YouTube This Week


Astrological Overview: May 8 -14, 2023


Food Is the Easy Way to a Healthy Life

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration May 6-7, 2023

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration May 5, 2023

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration May 4, 2023

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration May 3, 2023

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration May 2, 2023

InnerSelf's Daily Inspiration May 1, 2023

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