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March 18, 2024

The focus for today is:

I let go of things that do not bring me joy.

We probably all have things in our life that do not serve us. Some of these things are things we bought, or gifts we received, and that for some reason we can't let go of -- even if we don't like them or want them.

Surrounding ourselves with things we don't love is a drain on our energy. And the opposite is true -- surrounding ourselves with things that please us, provides us joy. Look around you and see which things you might choose to let go of, and then, do so. Your energy will be lighter and you will feel much better.

Some other things we need to let go of are habits... including some of the things we don't do. Yes, not doing something can also be a habit. Do you habitually neglect to exercise? Or do you habitually "forget" to take your vitamins? ... or whatever you habitually don't do? These habits, as well as some you do, could be beneficial to let go and set free, and thus set yourself free. 

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Today's inspiration was excerpted from the article:
      Change Can Bring New Life and Energy
      Written by Marie T. Russell.
Read the article here.

This is Marie T. Russell, publisher of, wishing you a day of letting go of those things that do not bring you joy (today and every day)

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Today, I let go of things that do not bring me joy.

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