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Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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Change is something we can't avoid. It is constant and it is everywhere. Our body changes all the time. Cells die and are born every second. Actually a search online just revealed that in one second, 1 million of the cells in our body die. Wow! And in one day, 330 billion cells are created in the human body. So change is definitely part of who we are, each and every moment.  

Change Brings New Life and Energy

Why are we afraid of change? Why do we resist it? I believe it is due to fear of the unknown. We fear change, because we don't know what change will bring, and because we don't trust either others,  ourselves, or the Universe.

However, we can approach change as if it is an unopened and unknown gift (which it is). We don't know what is inside the package, but it is wrapped up in pretty paper and with a beautiful bow, so we trust that it will be something wonderful.

But it's our choice. We can either be excited about the new things and people coming into our life, and see them as a gift or blessing, or we can be worried. We can choose to trust that change will bring us new life and energy, and thus we can look forward to the new experiences headed our way. One choice makes for a joyful experience, the other for a troubled one. 

Let Go Of What Does Not Serve You

We probably all have things in our life that do not serve us. Some of these things are things we bought, or gifts we received, that for some reason we can't let go of even if we don't really like them. It can be something you paid a lot for, so even though you don't use it, or even like it, you are keeping it because...well, you paid a lot for it. Or perhaps it's a gift from aunt Mildred. And each time you see it you cringe because, well, you just don't like it as it's not your style. But yet, there it is, in your living room or worse, in your bedroom. It's enough to give you nightmares.

Some other things we need to let go of are habits... including some of the things we eat habitually, or things we do, or don't do. Yes, not doing something can also be a habit. Do you habitually neglect to exercise? Or do you habitually "forget" to take your vitamins? ... or whatever you habitually don't do? These habits, as well as the ones you do, would be beneficial to let go and set free, and thus set yourself free. 

Surrounding ourselves with things we don't love is a drain on our energy. And the opposite is true -- surrounding ourselves with things that please us, provides us joy. In the same way, eating foods and doing things that support our health increases our energy and wellbeing... All these things bring us joy and inner peace.

Look around you and see which things you might choose to let go of, and then, do so. Your energy will be lighter and you will feel much better. And the more you let go, the more you will be able to receive blessings. You can't receive when your hands are clenched tight, holding on to the past.

See the Bigger Picture

We may have a tendency to get so focused on the small details of our life that we forget the big picture.  After all, when we're busy struggling with day to day problems and challenges, it's not always easy to lift our eyes and see the light on the future's horizon.

The good news is that you are not alone. You are surrounded by helpful energy, and if you don't see it at this time, then ask for help. Ask out loud to the people around you, or ask silently for the Universe to send you the help you need.

We don't need to struggle alone when the Universe is filled with exactly what we need, when we need. Remember to ask for help and be willing to see the bigger picture, the one with the happy ending. The Universe is here, willing and able, to help us create the life we desire. Believe it and go for it.

Take Good Care of Yourself

As caregivers, healers, parents, teachers, etc. we tend to take care of others first. Our own self-care comes later when, and if, we have the time, and/or the energy.

That needs to change! If we drain ourselves of energy, and don't take the time to replenish, not only will we be empty of vitality, but we will have nothing to give to others either. Definitely not a win-win situation.

In order to be able to sustain our energy, we must take the time to rest and to pamper ourselves. Treat yourself the way you would treat the person who is the most important to you. And who is that person? That person is you! Without you, you are nothing! So take some time, every day, to take care of yourself.

Welcome Opportunities to Love and Be Loved

Love is the most important energy in life -- both outgoing (loving) and incoming (being loved). Love is more than just between a couple, or a mother and child. It includes all of humanity, pets, all of nature, and Life itself.

The more we love, the more connected we are to the source of Life itself. Open your heart to everyone and everything. Everyone has something that deserves love. Even those we have a hard time dealing with.

Search for whatever is loveable in every person and thing, and focus on expanding your love in that direction. The more love you "output" the more love you will "input" as well. Love benefits all it touches as it circles between everything. Welcome all opportunities to love and be loved.

Live Life to the Fullest

There are many things to be sad about in life, and many things that are troublesome. Yet in the midst of all this, we must also remember to love, laugh, and live fully. 

In our life, we experience light and dark, sorrow and joy, pain and pleasure, love and judgment, yet we must not get stuck in one mode. We must be willing to feel the energy in the moment, and then move on to the next moment and the next experience. And that goes for the energy on both sides of the equilibrium.

Energy flows unless we hold on to it with our attitudes and emotions. So we can let go of the energies of the past, even if the past is just 5 seconds ago, and move on to live life to the fullest... finding joy, love and laughter where it lays waiting for us.

Spread Your Wings and Fly

In order to fulfill our "destiny" or life path, we must have the courage to express our truth and inner being. While society may try to "tame you" or tamp your spirit down by making you meek, submissive, and a copycat of whatever the "in" thing is, we have our own vibrant truth living inside our being, inside our heart. 

In order to create a life of fulfillment, and access our full energy potential, we must be true to ourselves. Anytime we lie to ourselves (or to others) by pretending to be other than who we are, or hold back our radiant self (or our dimmed-out self), we squelch our potential. And we also squelch the potential of others as we are not playing our part to the fullest thus allowing them to respond accordingly.

Your soul seeks to spread its wings and fly with you in a magical, mystical, wonderful world of your creation. To become empowered, we must be authentic, and willing to change as we discover new truths and new insights. Our truth, while always true to us, can evolve and change as we grow and rediscover who we truly are. It is time to be a shining beacon of light and love and spread our wings and fly.

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