Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell

The lotus flower grows from muddy soil below the water and is connected to its source with a strong rhizome or root system anchored down into the muddy earth. And so it is with us. We grow from our "muddy" or "murky" life challenges and experiences to become a lovely creation of light. and we too are anchored strongly to our source. 

Live As A Dreamer

When we look around us, perhaps we see mostly mud or darkness. Yet, in order to create our dream world on this lovely planet, we must have faith in ourselves and our future. We must be willing to dream of better days. We must dream of possibilities. Our dreams hold the possibilities and potential of our future. 

We can hold on to our dreams, even though "reality" and people around us may seem as if they are trying to keep us from soaring and dreaming of a wonderful future. Let yourself daydream of wonderful futures... both for yourself and for the entire world.

First we dream it internally, then the energy can radiate out into the world. As within, so without. Go ahead and live in this world as a dreamer and let your dreams guide you toward the potential of a wonderful future.

 Cross The Bridge of Happiness

Our emotions guide us along the way. They are here to serve us on the path of discovering our true self and our true well-being. They shine a light on the path that leads to our happiness. Our emotions are our messengers and our servants...

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Soul Helper Oracle: Messages from Your Higher Self
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cover art for Soul Helper Oracle: Messages from Your Higher Self by Christine Arana Fader (Author), Elena Dudina (Illustrator)With evocative and inspiring images and profound spiritual messages, the 43 dreamlike cards of the Soul Helper Oracle help you to hear and understand messages from your higher self, the whispers of your soul’s wisdom. Each card features four companions to guide and support you on your soul’s path: a power animal, a healing stone, a plant essence, and a number with a corresponding rune. In the guidebook, Christine Arana Fader details the message of each card and the supportive qualities of each card’s companions. 

By immersing yourself in the guidance of these cards, the soul helpers will bring you clarity, divine light, and wisdom. They will immediately change something for the better, open gates for you, and lead you to happiness. Through these cards you will encounter your true feelings, be able to accept what is, find your heart’s goals, and experience wisdom, truth, peace, and bliss.

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