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Time to Wake Up: Matching Your Thoughts and Words With Your Actions

Time to Wake Up: Matching Your Thoughts and Words With Your Actions

Many of you as teachers and healers of the spiritual path seem to think you can achieve higher states of esoteric awareness while somehow bypassing the healing of your central sun within you, your heart. This is a faulty understanding.

Many of you have your crown chakra and third eye open and connected to very high vibrational states and yet the heart remains broken, hurt, or only conditionally opened. It is of utmost importance to have a balanced opening and clearing of all your chakras in order for you not to slip backwards on the ascension spiral.

Any kind of spiritual teaching or healing that ultimately bypasses the temple of the human heart, cannot achieve the goal of the human being reawakening to the divinity within themselves and the reflection of this inner goddess self in all that is. Use your intuition and intent to attract heartfelt teachers and healers and you will step into accelerated DNA activation and awakening.

Healing Your Unresolved Aspects Of Self

Healing occurs in layers and yet a balance is required not to go over the same dramas too many times as some of you love to do in spiritual workshop after workshop. The more efficiently you heal your unresolved aspects of self the greater will be your ability to help others and Mother Earth heal to divert drastic Earth changes and instead bring heaven to Earth.

Nurturing the temple of your heart is of utmost importance in these times of accelerated change and transformation. Transcendental love beckons you to a universe of magic and mystery. It is time for human beings to rebirth themselves into the Gods and Goddesses that they always were but may have forgotten.

As you heal and also strengthen your simple spiritual practices, you move into Unity Consciousness more deeply. In this state, loving others comes naturally, as they are seen experientially as aspects of the same Divine Self.

Altruism Is The Name of the Current Divine Game

Meditation on the Infinity symbol in the Heart is a dynamic way to connect to the oneness in all living Beings and nonliving matter. Altruism is the name of the current Divine game. Here the practice of Divine Balance is imperative . You cannot help others from a state of depletion. So giving and nurturing has to begin with the self, i.e., yourself.

Once you start becoming more meditative, silent, and begin your own healing, you can take baby steps towards the nurturing and healing of others. Whenever helping yourself and others heal, remember to align your intended healing energy with God/Goddess.

Walking Your Talk: Matching Your Thoughts and Words With Your Actions

I would like to talk to you about walking your talk. You don’t have to be perfectly healed and enlightened before you start sharing and participating in the healing journey of animals, mother nature, and your fellow sisters and brothers. However, to put all your energy and focus on the healing and “fixing” of others will not work. Remember that you only act as a mirror for another being’s healing. Basically the other heals himself.

The clearer, more centered and integrated you are yourself on the issue to be healed, the more powerful will be your healing mirror for the other. Just talking about high-faluting spiritual concepts and ideals is not going to work as you step more and more into the fifth-dimensional frequencies of light and love.

In the fifth-dimension which is beyond time and space, your emotions and thoughts and intentions manifest instantaneously. Therefore you need to be very clear and have pure heartfelt channels before you move more strongly into fifth-dimensional orientation. Impeccability of intent and a high degree of integrity is now being asked of you as you step into your Goddess nature.

What does this mean? It means to begin to practice more and more strongly with each day matching your thoughts and words with your actions. As an emanation of the cosmic Christ, Sai Baba says, “the hands that work are greater than the hands that pray.” This is a time to become a spiritual warrior in action!

Ritual and ceremony, prayer and meditation are all very useful and important in this wake-up cycle. However, acting your truth, speaking it and living it is what the current game is all about. As I have said before, the manifestations are becoming more and more instantaneous. Therefore it is spiritual intelligence to begin to clean up your thoughts and actions in order not to keep slipping back into the pain and dramas, the conflict of duality.

Dropping Judgment of Self and Judgment of Others

One of the most important things to drop in this current time is judgment; judgment of yourself and judgment of others. It is time to release your guilt and the morphogenic regrets of your ancestors.

If you find yourself judging, practice laughing at your mind chatter, forgive yourself, embrace the negative thoughts and feelings and then let them go. If you are patient and wait long enough, all your negative thoughts, and particularly emotions such as anger and jealousy, will come back to the polarity, which is love. This is called converting your poisons into honey.

I, or any other aspect of the Goddess, am here to help you transmute negativity and prejudice. As Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive.” You must remember to ask, for you operate within the law of free will, and the Divine will assist you on request.

Silence and Spending Time With Yourself Without Distractions

Silence and time alone are great qualities to assist you into a manifest space of peace and serenity. It is very difficult for you to do this until you switch off your mobile phones, computers, TVs, and so on. It is a good idea to get out of the habit of always using your car and to learn to walk or cycle instead.

I observe that many of you are choosing to jump out of airplanes or jump into cars or onto roller coasters—anything to get away from spending intimate time with yourselves. Nothing wrong with these vehicles of movement, they are fine. However spending time with oneself without these distractions is important. Using wisdom and intuition to decide when to create pollution (i.e., through the use of these vehicles) and when to refrain will bring you into greater sensitivity and Grace.

Learning To Be Okay With Being By Yourself and Simply Being

Unless you learn to be okay with being by yourself and simply being, you can never learn to love others, because you don’t even know in this case who you are and how you feel. Things are speeding up and will continue to speed up at a faster pace, and therefore the key to balance is finding quality time on a regular basis to slow down and be still.

The heart begins to open more readily in peaceful, silent, still spaces. Once you become good at instilling the state of beingness, you will be able to invoke it even in loud and chaotic scenarios. During the time spent in silence and stillness you connect strongly to the realm of the unmanifest Divine Source within yourself. As Jesus the great teacher of the heart says, “Be still and know.”

Once you learn to make a strong connection and build an intimate relationship with the silent unmanifest realm, you can begin to manifest consciously. You can become the consciously co-creating God/Goddess that you are. You begin to remember and your ancient eyes of inner knowingness begin to open. Your Heart feels safe and centered. You open your heart in wise and protected spaces informed by intuition and your sense of knowingness.

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

The Goddess is here to beckon you into these wonderful new vistas of being and becoming. So I would like to ask you: what makes your heart sing? I can see many of you thinking “I don’t know,” or “It’s really hard for me to feel how I feel.” When asked how you feel or to feel something, it is a human tendency of many of you to immediately think how you feel. This is missing the boat to the river of your heart.

You can begin by breathing into your heart, sitting in quiet meditation and imagining sinking your mind into the blue light of your heart. The more powerfully you know and trust that your intention will manifest, the more strongly you will achieve this state of no mind. It requires practice. As you begin to feel comfortable focusing on the energy and love of your heart, it will slowly but surely start speaking to you in soft subtle whispers. Or instead, you may have a flash of deep knowingness.

Feeling Your Feelings, Dealing With Feeling, and Healing Through Feeling

I observe many of you have not yet realized the difference between thinking how you feel about something and actually knowing how you feel. One of the most important subjects of the Heart Mystery school of Hathor was and is, feeling your feelings, dealing with feeling, and healing through feeling. There is no question of progressing spiritually without the clearing and healing of your feeling body, your emotions. As you do this, you come to be in the present moment and the power of the Now. You become more spontaneously joyful, and co-creative as opposed to only reactive. As you combine the healing of your emotions with meditation, you come into the integration of the mind and the heart, and your heart begins to blossom into compassion, passion, and song.

By stepping deeper and deeper into this state, you begin to become as clear as a bell and then this bell can sing the melody of your heart moment-to-moment. Very easily, you can begin to move into blissful and ecstatic states of consciousness. If you ask a little child what makes their heart sing, they are spontaneous, instantaneous, and passionate; they know the answer. So learn from your children and become child-like.

Most of you, I observe, have begun to realize that blindly wanting the things and the types of relationships marketed by your media or sought after by your peers and conditioning is not making you peaceful, joyful, and happy-hearted. So a joyful heart is about the courage to, as I have said, be still and find out what your heart desires and what makes your heart sing.

©2010 by Rashmi Khilnani. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission. Publisher: Rainbow Ridge Books.
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The Divine Mother Speaks: The Healing of the Human Heart by Rashmi Khilnani.Article Source

The Divine Mother Speaks: The Healing of the Human Heart
by Rashmi Khilnani.

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Rashmi Khilnani., author of: Shiva Speaks--Conversations with Maha Avatar BabajiRashmi Khilnani was born in Chandigarh, India and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo, Egypt. She went on to study and teach with world-renowned avatars, gurus and teachers and became a specialist in energy medicine. She is on the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China, as well as the teachings of the Essenes, into current time and making these wisdoms simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi is the host of 2013 and Beyond with Jeremy McDonald heard monthly on She is the author of The Divine Mother Speaks, and Buddha Speaks. You can visit her website at

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