If you choose to change the weather, you can. But why would you? Isn't there love in a storm? You see, the ego gets caught up with it. The ego judges that a storm is something bad, something not desirable. And as a result, it wants to change it. We would suggest this isn't about change as much as it is about acceptance and appreciation. This isn't about saying, "This is good, this is bad. This is right, this is wrong. Let's change the wrong and the bad, and make it good and right." Far from it.

It is about appreciation. For the storm is love energy. It can be appreciated. That it has a force, yes. There is a hurricane presently moving up the eastern coast of this particular continent. That, dear friend, is love energy. Now, some would say that that energy occurred because of lack of love energy, and we would suggest that, from one perspective, it could be observed in that fashion.

 However, if you observe even more, it will be observed that, in truth, this is love energy manifest. For the storm is clearing up a great number of toxins that exist within the planet at this point in time. From that perspective, therefore, there is a great deal of cleansing going on. There is a great deal of love going on. There's a great deal of nurturing going on. The planet is expanding; it's growing. The consciousness of mankind is expanding and growing. Therefore, it's love energy.

And we would suggest that you take it even further. There are mental blockages being shifted, emotional blockages being shifted, physical blockages being shifted. Not all the toxins are chemicals, dear friends. Some are mankind itself, often created by mankind. As a result, the planet needs to shift. This is part of the normal cycle.

Take your skin, for example. How often do you get a zit? When you do, you look at it and say, "Oh, what an ugly zit. Don't want it." We use the word "zit" because this is common knowledge. It's otherwise known as a pimple; it's otherwise known as an eruption of the skin. However, the zit occurred because the skin is ridding itself of toxins. The toxins are released, sent away from the body. The zit could be compared quite effectively to the hurricane that's existing at this point. It's a big zit, and it will erupt. But it is cleansing.

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Now, from one perspective, the ego-personality looks at a zit and says, "This is bad. I must use other chemicals to reduce the zit. It's unsightly; it is unacceptable to society. Therefore, let's put another chemical, such as an acne ointment or something like that, on the zit to reduce it, to remove it."

We assure you, this isn't about clearing or removing the zit, it's about recognizing that the toxins are erupting from the skin, and therefore, it is time to cleanse from within. Let the liver do its work, the kidneys, the pancreas, the organs of elimination. Let them all do their work. The skin is part of the organs of elimination. The same applies to the planet. The planet has its own way of cleansing itself. Earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, typhoons, and weather eruptions are all part of the planet's methodology of cleansing itself.

So if you're observing a great deal of what could be considered extreme weather on the planet right now, it's partly because there's a toxic cleanup taking place and also because, as a people, mankind desires to expand itself. And even though there is a desire to expand itself, there is also a desire to hold itself within. As a result, the only way to expand itself is through eruption, through, as you would call it, violent activity. If the choice was from the perspective of expansion without a necessity to reduce, there would be no violence.

Love energy comes from mankind, from the Earth, from the universe and from everything around you. The energy that affects the weather pattern is affected by mankind, by all of existence on the planet: animate, inanimate, the planet itself as well as aspects of what could be described as push-pulls of the universe around it.

View it from this perspective: There is no existence that lives in isolation, regardless of how you define existence. Therefore, there is no effect, there is no creation that is ever created in isolation.

One final comment, if we may: Humanity is unwilling to perceive itself as part of all of existence. Humanity needs from within itself to perceive an existence beyond itself. This is part of the human mind's needs.

Humanity is unwilling to perceive itself as part of all existence in the same way that it is unwilling to perceive the love energy. But the two are linked. They are intertwined, and they form the very fabric of all of existence.

This article is excerpted from:

The Wonders by René Gaudette with Maggie McGuffin-Gaudette.The Wonders -- The Defining Statements of Existence by RenT Gaudette with Maggie McGuffin-Gaudette.

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