It's Time To Dust Off Our Flags, Pennants, and Placards

It's Now Time To Dust Off Our Flags, Penants, and Placards

Last year, I watched Canada take only 78 days in the election of a charismatic Justin Trudeau and a supportive parliament, and now I have spent 2 years watching the 2016 US election. Canada spent $453 million while the US will have spent $6 Billion or more by some estimates. Most of the US spending went to the mainstream media which I can easily say did not serve us very well. Or to be more specific, when dealing with the media's responsibility to educate Americans on the issues of the future facing the US, it was money simply down a "rat hole".

This election may have entertained those cynical or angry but now it's time to put our middle fingers to rest and really get on to making America great again. While I despise party politics, I see no choice but to vote for the Democrats as the Republicans have only shown an ability to obstruct and whine for the last 8 years. As you may or may not be aware, Congressional Republicans met the night of the Obama inaugural ball to form a "blood pact" to deny all of Obama's legislation or appointments. They are now doubling down on four more years of that behavior before the vote is even counted. Like their standard bearer Donald Trump, they are spoiled egocentric children interfering with the adults that make their participation even possible. They asked much from us and only promised a return to the unobtainable mythical Mayberry, North Carolina. Golly! that's stupid is as stupid does.It's Now Time To Dust Off Our Flags, Penants, and Placards

We live in an era that is constantly bombarded by "bullshit". It is not random or even thrown at the wall to see what sticks. It is purposely-designed propaganda to evoke our self-destructive response to benefit the rich and the powerful. After some 35 years of mostly failed Republican economic policies, it is now time to return to the proven policies of FDR with the appropriate changes from the lessons learned by impartial and serious economists. We only have to look to the 50s and 60s to see what we have squandered. It is not rocket science. We actually do know how to make America great.

It's time to throw off our self-imposed shackles of Washington lobbyists and billionaire oligarchs, of wall street greed and corporate malfeasance, and of neocons, neoliberals, and political hacks to empower our lost unified American spirit. Hillary Clinton will be our race horse and it is up to us to jockey her to the finish line of American greatness. I have no doubt that she will lead our parade, perhaps even better than Bernie Sanders might, but first we must start the parade and ask for her best participation.

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