It's Time To Be Part of an Inspired Community

It's Time To Be Part of an Inspired Community

The famous historian Arnold Toynbee claimed that civilizations emerge and evolve when they are governed by a creative minority that inspires the people. In turn, civilizations enter decline when the dominant minority fails to inspire the rest of its people and prefers to follow a status quo of power rule. Are we being inspired?

It appears that we are in danger of our worldviews collectively stagnating and thus our individual thought processes halting; worldviews must also evolve like our social structures and our relationships. The constant rigid belief sets that claim that our present knowledge is superior to prior sets of knowledge and wisdom is not only erroneous but also misleading and damaging.

Needed: New Science with Spiritual Implications

New information needs to be introduced into our thinking patterns so that the new science will have spiritual implications (such as quantum consciousness). For example, increased knowledge about the nature and function of energy fields and how our lives and this planet are influenced to a large degree by electromagnetic waves and fluctuations will start to put matters in a different perspective.

We will then understand that the Earth carries and transmits electromagnetic energy through natural flows such as water and air movement, and that some areas of the Earth are positively charged while others are negatively charged. This will then show us how the Earth’s weather patterns depend on the attraction and flow of positive/negative electromagnetic currents. From this we will learn that some of our current technologies, and indeed our military weapons, affect this balance.

The knowledge of the Earth’s energy grid and lines and the geomagnetic properties by which the grids influence the surface of the planet needs to shift in the near future from the fringes of alternative science (where it has been relegated by the mainstream) to an important science. We may then come to realize that natural events such as hurricanes and earthquakes are not haphazard in their movements but are connected to magnetic flows and/or disturbances. Continued ignorance of such forces of nature will come at a great cost.

New Thinking Emerging as Cultural Movements

Emerging Cultural Movement: Being Part of an Inspired CommunityWith the ending of our present stage of culture and its attendant consciousness of control and containment, we see examples of new thinking emerging as cultural movements: a return to respecting energy use and natural resources, the benefits of regionalism/localism, growing our own food and/or patronizing local farmers’ markets, and moves toward local sustainability.

Returning to these more naturally balanced systems does not imply going backward to more primitive lifestyles; rather, it signifies moving forward into more fundamental ways of being. These include the development of mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness for creative and life-sustaining purposes, such as creating goals around how best to ­utilize each ­person’s individual skills and capacity, and to engage these capacities for the good of the whole. Individual lives should be based around self-development and wisdom learning, developing personal skills into useful contributions, working as part of larger communities, and working/growing in harmony with nature and natural laws.

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There is no contradiction between being a creative individual and being part of an inspired community. There is no ridicule to be a part of larger, extended families. The pressure to leave home and to “make it” in the world are consumerist patterns that have helped to destroy the family and community unit. New emerging patterns may likely see larger families increasingly being a part of growing communities. This may lead once more to the growth of community/family businesses, community gardens and self-grown food, and a rise in community self-sufficiency.

Is it really so difficult to take back our minds from the repetitious groove of our consumerist control social matrixes, where our beliefs, emotions, and desires are so blatantly manipulated? What if just being is enough? We don’t have to be the best of the best if we are comfortable with the person we are. There is no social competition if we see the social as collaborative, communicative, and sharing. Perhaps one of the great contributions we can each make is by spreading positivity and lack of fear through all our social interactions — in other words, to have our aware conscious minds functioning alongside our intuitive hearts.

Merging of the Mind and Heart

Throughout this book I have stressed the need to think for oneself and to break from old programs and conditioning. I have emphasized how important it is for a person to be consciously aware of her own thoughts and behavior, as well as the impact and unfolding of external events. This alert awareness — state of conscious activity — has a fundamental effect on the state of one’s being. It also has a primary influence on our emotions and emotional well-being. This is of particular importance since it is often through the emotions that the social matrix attempts to influence and coerce.

The human heart has been transformed, in a careful and deliberate manner, to represent base emotional signifiers. The heart now has saccharine overtones, of Valentine offerings, pursuit of desire, conquered lust, and endless similar connotations. Within our advancing technological world — our rational modernity and positivistic science — our heart qualities have largely been based on lower emotions and desires. Due to this many people often unknowingly manifest unbalanced and underdeveloped emotional energies.

Our social conditionings have erected a sense of fear over unmasking and expressing our emotional hearts. Many men fear being called feminine, and emotion has often been targeted as a female “weakness.” Human emotional energies have thus suffered a control-and-­containment process similar to that of our conscious minds. And the result of this has been the same: an underdevelopment of our human potential. After all, imagine trying to control (sorry, govern) the mass of people who are in full control and expression of their own emotional selves? The fear would roll off our backs like balls of jelly.

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The Struggle for Your Mind: Conscious Evolution and the Battle to Control How We Think by Kingsley L. Dennis.

The Struggle for Your Mind: Conscious Evolution and the Battle to Control How We Think
by Kingsley L. Dennis.

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Kingsley L. Dennis, author of the book: The Struggle for Your Mind--Conscious Evolution and the Battle to Control How We ThinkKingsley L. Dennis, PhD, is a sociologist, researcher, and writer. He co-authored 'After the Car' (Polity, 2009), which examines post-peak oil societies and mobility. He is also the author of 'The Struggle for Your Mind: Conscious Evolution & The Battle to Control How We Think' (2012). Kingsley is also a co-initiator of the Worldshift Movement and a co-founder of WorldShift International. He is the author of numerous articles on complexity theory, social technologies, new media communications, and conscious evolution. Visit his blog at: He can be contacted at his personal website:


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