A State of Peace, Bliss, Love, & Joy: Living in the 5th Dimension

A State of Peace, Bliss, Love, & Joy: Living in the 5th Dimension

*"In addition to automatically existing in a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, and joy, people who have reached 5th dimension consciousness may begin to automatically see themselves in everyone whether it be humans or animals. They may also begin to automatically feel love for everyone. Furthermore, no negative thoughts stream into the mind of a person who has reached 5th dimension consciousness. In fact, all negative thoughts are automatically filtered out of their mind. The mind is also automatically quiet without the constant chatter that flows into the 3rd dimension mind.” -- Trish LeSage, 5th Dimension Consciousness  (Editor's Note: This quote is not excerpted from the book, Birthing a New Civilization by Diana Cooper. It is included here to define the term "5th dimension".)

Treat others, as you would like them to treat you

The first practice of living in the fifth dimension* is to do as you would be done by. Constantly think how others feel and would like to be treated. So if you see someone holding back because they are shy, gently draw them into the circle. If you see a creature lost or in pain, help it.

However, it is inappropriate to be a rescuer, one who helps needy people because it covers up their own neediness by making them feel good. That is an aspect of the third dimension. At the fifth dimension you are responding to the needs of others without a personal hidden agenda. As a result the universe rewards you tenfold.

Do things that are for your highest good

If something is not for your highest good it is not for the highest good of others either. The converse is also true. If it is not for someone else’s benefit it is not going to serve your soul either. So always act with this in mind.

Keep your heart open

Act with loving kindness at all times. If someone acts unkindly towards you or hurts you, bless them with love.

Prioritize your life so that you have more leisure

You cannot be busy, busy, busy and maintain your vibration in the fifth dimension, so take time out to relax, meditate and enjoy life.

Treat things lightly so that you enjoy fun and laughter

Watch your attitude! Take things lightly. Choose laughter as a response. You will feel happier and so will people around you.

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Surround yourself with high frequency people

Take a decision about those who raise your frequency and those who bring it down. If this means walking alone or having fewer friends for a time until you attract in the new, that is a choice you have to make.

Keep your home in the vibration of the fifth dimension

Make your home as harmonious as possible. This does not mean that you become a doormat to keep people happy. It implies strength, mastery and the ability to raise the frequency of those in your household. At the same time your home needs to be clean, happy and a safe refuge. Flowers, beautiful music and colors help.

Emanate a vibration, which attracts work that satisfies you

In this higher dimension you take mastery of your life and your energy fields. So you align your frequency to that of work which suits your temperament and deeply satisfies your soul.

Live with abundance consciousness

Watch your thoughts and words. Make sure all your thoughts and statements align with the highest possibilities. Do not drag your vision down with doubts, fears and poverty consciousness. Be generous.

Live as a Master

Always act with integrity, honor and responsibility.

Connect constantly with your Earth Star Chakra through your connection with the Earth

A State of Peace, Bliss, Love, & Joy: Living in the 5th DimensionYour Earth Star Chakra, 12 inches or 30cms below your feet, is your spiritual foundation. Unless it is awake, open and active you cannot ascend. You are like a tall building, the more secure your foundations are, the higher you can grow. If you want to fulfill your highest destiny, make sure you connect with this chakra.

Any activity where you are in contact with the earth is good. Walking, climbing, playing in a meadow as you picnic, standing barefoot in the grass, growing flowers and vegetables all help you to be connected to your Earth Star Chakra. It is better to walk on ground rather than tarmac if you possibly can.

Have a symbiotic relationship with plants, trees and all of nature

When you hug a tree, you can open up to the knowledge and wisdom it holds and at the same time its roots help your roots to move down deeply into your Earth Star Chakra. Being in nature keeps you in balance and harmony and really helps you to maintain a fifth-dimensional frequency.

Walk with the elementals, angels and spirit world

When you are a fifth-dimensional being you are automatically aware of the spiritual dimensions around you. Take that extra step and walk hand-in-hand with angels in your daily life. Be aware of the work the elementals are doing all around you and also be open to those spirit visitors who have passed through the veil but still connect to Earth.

Listen to the divine promptings

Watch for signs and always listen to the promptings of the divine. This is part of fifth-dimensional attunement.

Eat appropriate food

Eat lightly the foods that have a high vibration matching your own. Fifth-dimensional foods are organically grown. Eat as many green vegetables as possible, fruits, nuts and as nutritionally balanced a diet as possible. Bless your food before you consume it. Remember that you may need some heavier food to keep you grounded and honor this. You cannot be in the fifth dimension if you are floating about like a space cadet. There must be balance.

Have a spiritual attitude to all things

Look for the highest perspective in all situations and people. Bless that which is of lower frequency to bring it up to a higher level.

Radiate wisdom from your solar plexus

Your solar plexus is a huge psychic pump, which at the third dimension seeks danger so that you can avoid it. At a higher level, its antennae reach to the energy fields of Archangel Uriel, the archangel in charge of the development of the solar plexus, and trust him to keep you safe. You can then bring forward your own wisdom and soothe the fears of others. It is really helpful to visualize this while out in nature.

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This article was adapted with permission from the book:

Birthing a New Civilization: Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032
by Diana Cooper.

Birthing a New Civilization: Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032 by Diana Cooper.This fascinating forecast highlights the new spiritual energies entering the planet and bringing shifts to economic, political, and climatic arenas. Further predictions are offered for individual countries and include a time frame for this massive transition, anticipated to last until the Earth moves fully into the fifth-dimensional frequency in 2032. From what to expect to how to prepare, this exciting exploration serves as guidance for the next 20 years, allowing readers to attune themselves to the spiritual forces on the horizon.

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About the Author

Diana Cooper, author of: Birthing a New CivilizationDiana Cooper is the author of 19 spiritual books in over 26 languages and has now started a series of children's books to empower and enchant children. Her journey started during a time of personal crisis when she received an angel visitation that changed her life. Since then the angels and her guides have taught her about the angelic realms, unicorns, fairies, Atlantis and Orbs as well as many other spiritual subjects. She teaches seminars worldwide and is the Principal of The Diana Cooper School, a not for profit organisation which offers certificated spiritual teaching courses throughout the world. You can check Diana's diary at www.dianacooper.com


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