Seeking Spiritual Perfection: Faith in a Better Tomorrow

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Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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As spiritual beings, which we all are, we seek to attain perfection, to attain our fullness of being. And as with many things, the process is not always smooth and/or flawless. Gardeners know that rich soil is created out of decomposed leaves and rotted plant material, otherwise known as compost. So what looks like chaos, or utter ruination, may simply be the rotting away of the old material in order to grow the new in our life.

Thomas Edison famously said:  “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” In the same way, all our foibles are steps on the path to perfection or completion, the path to a more loving reality.

Edison also said: "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” So when things look like they're falling apart, like everything is in chaos, that's the time to hold on to the vision we have for a better tomorrow, and continue to create it.

Dark Night of the Soul

The dark night of the soul is an experience that may appear to be negative and unnecessary. Yet, is it? 

As with everything in life, the experience has a purpose. Just as the night is darkest before the dawn, our life may feel empty and meaningless, or dark and depressing, just before a breakthrough. 

As we discover and experience the dark recesses of our mind, we must love and accept ourselves, both the light and the dark expressions of our being. This acceptance allows us to let go of the old false way of being, and move into a new sense of purpose. 


One of the tools we use for attaining "spiritual perfection" is reflection. Usually, in a spiritual perspective, reflection is seen as the art of going within and reflecting on life, on self, on being here now. Reflecting on one's self through prayer or meditation is seen as the gateway to "attaining" spirituality or being spiritual.

However there are two other forms of reflection that also are helpful to attain an enlightened state of being. Utilizing all three forms of reflection can assist you greatly in attaining insights, intuition, and peace of mind.

The second method is looking at one's reflection in a mirror and really seeing the truth of who we are -- inner and outer. This allows us to see the many facets and aspects of who we have been, who we currently are, and who we can be.

An other form of reflection that brings many insights and life lessons is seeing our reflection in the people around us. In other words, realizing that everyone else is your mirror, and that their character traits and "flaws" are also yours - whether past, present, or future, potentially or actually. In this way, we see the oneness that is in everyone, and we can learn and grow from all we encounter in our daily journeys.

Mystery, Freedom, and Transmutation

So many things in life are coated in mystery. Life itself is a mystery, and it can be seemingly impossible for us to understand the meaning of what is taking place. But the signposts and guiding lights are always present. We must learn to be aware and decode the signs and symbols that appear in our daily life.

These messages, embedded in our experiences, can free us from fear, limitation, and self-doubt. Paying attention to the outer and inner messages opens the door for true freedom of expression and being.

We are not prisoners of our thoughts. Rather, we have been willing slaves to them. Our mind can be free of illusions when we choose to embrace clarity, truth, and love as our guides. We can transmute darkness, fear, doubt, hatred, etc., by choosing to listen to our heart and paying attention to the messages all around us.

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