Leaving the Body: Death is only a Transition

Leaving the Body: Death is only a Transition

One afternoon I received a somewhat desperate call from a friend and colleague of mine. She was traveling to be with her elderly father. The plan had been for her to pick him up and transport him to another state where he would reside in an assisted living facility and spend his last days near his family.

Before she arrived, my friend’s 93-year-old dad slipped and fell and broke his neck. He had been rushed by ambulance to a hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive care ward and was failing fast.

My friend called to see if there was anything that I could do to assist her dad in not only his comfort level, but in whatever was coming next. She felt as if her dad was going to die. She knew from our conversations that sometimes healing work isn’t about fixing a problem but can also be about clearing the way so that a soul can make clear decisions to live or die with little to no effort.

The Energy Field Reveals What Is Needed

I told my friend I would do what I could. Reading his energy through his daughter, I was easily able to tap into the dad’s energy field. Accessing an unconscious or infirm person can be simple since their frequencies can be read through their connection with their loved ones. This concept may sound a bit complicated, but it is as easy as breathing once we become familiar with out of body consciousness.

I began to work with my friend’s dad very gently, waiting for the energy field to reveal to me what was needed. I quickly discovered that this was one of those times when there wasn’t anything I was supposed to fix, as this soul really was preparing to leave its body. I received the information that this session was about balancing the field and harmonizing its different layers to clear the way for this soul to do whatever was coming next.

I began to ethereally work, beginning with the area of the head. I gently worked my way through the Etheric system one step at a time. When I got to the level of the throat, an amazing thing happened. The chakra system, which is usually comprised of a series of colored pyramids, began to spontaneously change. Instead of glowing in their respective color harmonics, each was emitting a glow of golden light. I watched as a chain reaction went down the line from one chakra pyramid to the next. I was stunned. I had never seen an energy field act like this before. What was happening?

In the same instant that the question arose, it was answered. This man was in the early stages of dying. I sat back and exhaled one huge sigh. Wow. What a privilege to witness such a private moment in this soul’s life. Wow.

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The Process of Death: Changing Dimensional Realities

I asked this outgoing soul to show me what would happen throughout the process of his death.

He showed me that the rest of the chakras would convert to the golden energy and glow in unison with the others. Once this had occurred, harmonization throughout the complete system would be attained spontaneously. When full and complete harmonization was attained, an area of the external field would split open just above the heart area. As the opening progressed, the soul would release its grasp of the body, and wriggle out head first through the split in the external field. The soul would change dimensional realities.

Looking up through the split was similar to looking into the end of a tunnel with a light at the other end. The light was a field of energy where other souls awaited the arrival of their loved one. As the soul of the dying man moved closer to the light, he would be met and escorted by loved ones and other guides who would help him through his dying process.

Leaving the Body and Returning to the Light

Leaving the Body: Death is only a TransitionWhat I witnessed was painless, easy, and joyous. There was no drama, no resistance — just a shedding of a dense body that no longer worked and a return into a light body form. The light that I saw was an aspect of our source light and it was filled with positive emotion.

This dear soul gave me an education that is beyond words. His daughter knew in her heart that her dad was leaving, and she only hoped to reach him in time to share his departure. She did, by the way, and he died less than two hours after I worked with him; having been brought back into full balance, he easily left his body to return to the light.

Grief can be a powerful deterrent to the afterlife journey of a soul. It can act as an energetic magnet pulling at a soul so strongly that it is literally held back from its journey to crossing over completely. We must realize that it is important to let our loved ones go. Believe it or not, we show them our love more by letting them go than we ever could have by holding them back.

Embracing Life in Every Moment

Death is a time when those of us who are left upon the earth feel great loss. The departed soul, on the other hand, at least in a normal, healthy crossing, soon learns that all of the little things in its earthly experience weren’t that important in the overall picture and never really did matter.

What we need to realize is that in spite of generational teachings and common value systems, life isn’t about achieving or a singular purpose or even a series of purposes. It is about living, pure and simple. When we live our lives fully, we are serving our purpose. We must embrace life in every moment and give ourselves the opportunity to experience every nuance it has to offer!

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This article was adapted with permission from the book:

Touching the Light: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit by Merging with God Consciousness by Meg Blackburn LoseyTouching the Light: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit by Merging with God Consciousness by Meg Blackburn Losey.

How is it that miracles happen? Is spontaneous healing really possible? Why is it that some illnesses don't... Meg Blackburn Losey brings the reader into previously unknown worlds of healing and explains not only how energy healing is possible but how it works. This book is the quintessential instruction manual for holistic healing in the third dimension and beyond!

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Meg Blackburn, Ph.D.Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., a national and international keynote speaker, is the host of Cosmic Particles internet radio show. She is the author of the bestselling The Secret History of Consciousness, Parenting the Children of Now, Conversations with the Children of Now, the international bestseller The Children of Now, Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Star Kids, Angels on Earth and The Phenomenon of Transitional Children, Pyramids of Light, Awakening to Multi-dimensional Reality and the Online Messages. She is also a contributor to The Mystery of 2012 Anthology and a regular contributor in many magazines and other publications. Visit her website at www.spiritlite.com.


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